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  1. For those that don’t pay their MIQ bill don’t let them back into our country, no pay no stay, they have to come back here eventually or want to leave, either way they can be detained at the airport.

  2. Anyone else notice how both Little and Hipkins are succumbing to the bullshit narrative – not just that superficially expressed, but also in deed. Two of the more competent (admittedly with a big workload – pardon the use of the bracket @ Skeptical left), who both had functioning bullshit detectors. Then there’s Megan Woods we’re going to have to find excuses for.
    Any suggestions @ Bert?. I’m only asking you because it seems obvious you’ll be aware that our gorgeous Labour has its own share of dirty linen. There’s even one of its victims not too far from where I live, parked up in a state house who no longer seems to have the cheer leaders a Grunter currently has, though they mix in the same circles.
    As demographics change (at this pivotal point in the history of the Whurl – again, pardon the use of the bracket @ Skeptical left), what are your reckons as to the future of pax-Labour – in this space, going forward?
    On its current path, my reckons are that it’s pretty much munted even if it survives in brand. Comms and marketing people must, or should be hard at work.
    And they probably shudda cudda wudda put somebody else in charge of that pesky problem of ‘the media’ ‘cos there’s a load of detractors (gotcha johnalists in their midst) that are going after you – and often not without good reason)
    Dunno about youse fellas but least worst options are no longer a good option for me, especially when there was such a large mandate for kindness, transformation and hopey hopey changey stuff at the last election.
    That was an opportunity that only comes once in a while. Squandering it is probably worse than a ‘ least worst ‘ option.

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