Australia vs China vs NZ


So Australian TV has a reporter jeering New Zealanders on the tarmac of the parked plane they are boarding as they are being thrown out of Australia…

NZ politicians lash out at Australia’s deportation policy and Peter Dutton’s ‘trash’ comments

New Zealand politicians have hit back fiercely at Australia’s “deplorable” deportation policy and a senior Australian politician who referred to deporting Kiwis as “taking out the trash”.

An Australian news segment featured extraordinary access given by Australia’s Border Force to hound Kiwis being led across the tarmac in handcuffs before being deported.

The 9 News report, which saw the journalist questioning deportees directly, also included incendiary comment from Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who told the channel the flights were Australia’s way of “taking the trash out”.

…being lectured to on human ‘trash’ from a country founded by convicts drenched in the genocidal blood of their indigenous peoples is like getting lectured on feminism by Donald Trump.

These human ‘trash’ have lived the vast majority of their lives in Australia, if these people have become criminals that is Australian Society who made them that way, not the country of their births responsibility!

Australian politics is rocked with scandal after scandal and the need to change the topic has driven this latest media driven whipping of Kiwis.

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The vicious public mocking of NZ citizens being renditioned from the place they call home was sick enough to overshadow the latest research showing a fully fledged genocide is occurring in China…

Xinjiang: Landmark report finds China breaching every act of UN Genocide Convention with treatment of Uighurs

A landmark independent report has found China is breaching every prohibited act of the UN Genocide Convention with its treatment of the Uighur people and bears responsibility “for committing genocide”.

…our largest trading partner is committing a genocide while our closest trading partner is publicly humiliating our citizens by perp walking them across the tarmac to be forcibly removed to New Zealand.

Fuck Australia and Fuck China.

The tipping point here is ultimately climate change.

As Australia melts in the near future, watch as those mocking Australians will try and sprint here to NZ to escape, on that day we need to close the gate and tell Australians they can’t enter.

As Genocidal China starts demanding more fresh water supplies, we need to cut off all Chinese bottled water plants and show them the door as well.

Labour are too gutless to do anything meaningful against China and Australia now, but as the climate crisis unfolds, NZers themselves will elect a hard line Government who will lock the doors to NZ.

Our tyranny of distance is rapidly becoming a strength.


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  1. Lol. Scotty from Marketing let loose his mad dog in Dutton to rub it in the government’s noses. This was Realpolitik 101 and at least the Blairite finally is starting to understand the playing field here. Of course Mahuta was slow on the uptake – nothing new there.

    Let me explain it for those (little) Aotearoans out there – Australia holds 3 aces to our pair of 3’s. Things that Australia could do very easily:

    -Rescind non-restrictive visa access to Australia
    -Change visa conditions for NZer’s currently living in Australia
    -Force change on CER meaning less economic access to Australian markets

    For a minute think of the economic and social carnage if 200,000 low paid, unskilled kiwis were forced back across the ditch and there was no prospect of relocation to Australia for low-wage families in South and West Auckland going forward. Given most would land in Auckland do you really think we would be able to cope. Clark and Key got this, the Blairite is only slowly realizing this.

    • Just sometimes not been Australia’s trash can means you take a stand.

      Do you really think they’re trading with NZ out of the goodness of their bigoted little hearts? Aussie corporations make plenty of money out of NZ, the banks just for starters.

      I want the Mickey Mouse visa arrangements scrapped. Fuck it, make it a true international visa system. I personally could not care less if all Aussie was was a land mass to fly over to go somewhere better.

      And don’t forget Kiwis in Australia pay taxes etc just like any other citizen but get sweet bugger all back and are disenfranchised to boot. All we are is exploitable labour to them. Take that away and they have to open the door to labour cost increases, loss 9f workers or worse for Aussies, other races to replace us.

      And golly gee, we’d be so much more in bed with China after that and Australia doesn’t need that expense.

      Somehow de-linking NZ from their economy will harm them plenty. But go on, for our sake!

      • You would rather be in bed politically with China that Australia – golly gee! You do make some valid points in all honesty however NZers go over there for higher wages and housing affordability. Yes they get less rights however you trade the good with the bad. You really want to remove the ability for less well off NZers to get ahead. Australia can just as easily import from Asia.

        • Must it be one or the other.
          Australia should have no influence on our relations with China as we certainly have little influence on Australia’s relation ship with China.

          We had a free trade agreement with China long before and independent of Australia.
          Oz bows to the US command and puts itself in the shit with China by following what the US tells it to do.

    • This takes the cake for the shallowest, most assumptive and pointless utterance this week.. You’re sounding like a poor man’s Duncan Gardner… The sheer volume of factors that go into this whole set of issues that have to be overlooked, discounted, or ignored in order to make these assumptions is breathtaking…
      That last paragraph is actually offensive to the vast majority of kiwis who earn good wages/salaries, and who have done their country proud in the eyes of the locals, along with a Trumpish stereotyping of kiwi immigrants to Australia…

      • It might be offensive to many sometimes the truth is. There is a whole industry of NZers that go to Australia to make their lives better. This benefits NZ far more than Australia. Australia could just as easily grab this workforce from SE Asia.

        • It’s not the truth for starters and its high tjme we got over the fantasy of Aussie being mates. Its unfriendly and unwelcoming and best avoided.

          But knowing their contempt of anyone not pure and white like real Australians, and God knows I’ve met many an Australian like that, that’s going to be a tough ask.
          And going to Aus for a better life is and has always been very subjective especially nowadays with bush fires, water shortages and heatwaves.

          They can have their burnt paradise.

          And isn’t it all the more ironic that on the day their PM was insisting us and them open a travel bubble immediately his racist anti NZ Home Minister Peter Dutton calls us their rubbish dump.

          I’m fairly sure Morrison needs NZ just a bit more than you think.

    • Actually Dutton reminds me of Australia’s history from January 1788, when the First Fleet of convicts arrived at Botany Bay, to the end of convict transportation 80 years later, over 160,000 convicts were transported to Australia. The hypocrisy of Dutton exporting criminals when in fact his heritage shows he was one.

  2. There is not a lot we can do being so small but we can speak up. And when we do speak up we need to be mindful of our own shortcomings in our own country its not like we are squeaky clean.

  3. There is not a lot we can do being so small but we can speak up. And when we do speak up we need to be mindful of our own shortcomings in our own country its not like we are squeaky clean.

  4. Fuck Australia. Who needs the fake, racist, quasi-yank, roasting sandpit for angry little white people anyway?
    Oh? Wait? Our Kiwi criminal elite do. What’s ron brierly up to these days?
    If AO/NZ is agricultural and AU is agricultural and so we compete for the same markets then what’s CER about then?
    This from NZ Foreign Affairs and Trade.
    “New Zealand and Australia’s economic and trading relationship is recognised as one of the closest, broadest and mutually compatible in the world.”
    Now this from me.
    What a load of crap. What an unabashed stack of bullshit
    drafted to hide a deplorable swindle which has crushed our farmers under flat greedy feet spanning decades. NZ foreign affairs and trade are fucking liars.
    Aye Boys?

  5. 2 points:
    1. It’s not necessarily fair to blame Oz for “these people [who] have become criminals that is Australian Society who made them that way”. The greatest influence on how children turn out is their parents; in this case, Kiwi parents who moved to Oz.
    Although probably can’t blame Mr and Mrs Brierley snr. for their beknighted son’s looming 501 status; that would have been all his own doing.
    2. Quite agree that we should not be basically giving away our pure water to China. What was Eugenie Sage thinking?

    • To be honest I can’t blame Aussie for deporting them and yes it is a fair point that these deportees returning to NZ had Kiwi parents who in many cases would have been less than the positive influence on them that they should have been (we in return should deport Tarrant) . . and yup exporting our water to China essentially for free is fucked in the extreme.

  6. Weird how our government seems in love with overseas based criminals who get come to NZ while not really interested in helping prevent people from becoming criminals who are already here aka our 13% gang growth.

    We give so many foreign babies and people NZ residency who don’t even live here but can come and do what every they like in NZ, and NZ citizenship. Having NZ residency then can be used to go on to places like OZ. Funny enough other countries are fed up with it and the NZ passport.

    When you start selling passports for money to criminals and people of questionable character and means, terror and corruption comes to your country.
    We have Tarrant, Malta selling EU passports now have residents blowing up journalists

    • …” Funnily enough other countries are fed up with it and the NZ passport.

      When you start selling passports for money to criminals and people of questionable character and means, terror and corruption comes to your country”…



      And just so the woke don’t get too precious, my heritage is Scots / Norse. And fuck you too. Don’t try to rewrite history , wimps. Clann Gunn is the Clann, and there’s no apologetics here, kids. We did what what we did to survive as farmers and traders.

      Your disgusting rewriting of history is an anathema to me.

      Danheim – Valhal

  7. A bit rich from Dutton. From the country that murders civilians in non combat abroad and desecrates historic cultural sites to make a quick buck at home comes the most recent news that an Australian investment firm was behind Griddy, the energy company behind predatory pricing during the Texas blizzard. You can’t reason with people like this.

  8. While I agree with a reasonably hard line to those that offend in other people’s countries, (there seems to be little worry about the victims of crime in wokeville NZ as the individualism of criminal rights takes precedent), the phrase ‘putting out the trash’ is not an acceptable way to talk about other human beings – especially if they are being deported for minor offences.

    BUT I get the frustration that many victims are feeling around the world, when someone comes into someone else country and then takes advantage of it.

    It is a bit like offering a guest hospitality only to find out that not only did they steal from you or worse, but actually feel entitled to do so and would do it again if they got any opportunity. We should treat visitors to a country the same way you would treat a guest in your house, at the first sign of trouble ask them to leave and have the right to do so before you invite them in or if it is not working out.

  9. > latest research showing a fully fledged genocide is occurring in China…

    This report only shows that if the considered evidence is true, they would violate the UN genocide convention. It does not present any new evidence beyond those already known, which are mostly allegations that cannot be independently verified. There are also reports from people of Xinjiang themselves that counter the genocide claim. Below is a compilation of 900 videos from the folks there urging to stop the Xinjiang rumours:

  10. From the agricultural to the industrial revolution it was always primarily about economics. The present wealth and power determined the future goals. But now it’s the end, so ideas of reality matter the most now but are up against it amid present plenty.

    Democracy had a good moment in 1940 and we’ve been dining out on that for many years. The victory of British Labour in 1945 represented the reinvigoration of rule for the people and represents the wave that went around the world. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if all four of my siblings went for fascism — candy-coated of course in ‘Stop the Steal’ sort of syrup.

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