Conscientious abortion GPs are the worst! 


Conscientious objections increase risks from delayed abortions, court told

Women still face delays for abortions even under more liberal laws, if practitioners with conscientious objections disrupted the service, a High Court judge has been told.

For abortions to be more accessible district health boards had to be able to employ people to provide abortions.

Accommodating practitioners with conscientious objections could unreasonably disrupt the service, Crown lawyer Genevieve Taylor said in Wellington on Tuesday.

Taylor was responding to the case for the New Zealand Health Professionals Alliance which says practitioners’ rights could be infringed.

Is there anything more intolerable than a conscientious abortion GP?

Firstly we shouldn’t allow these religious fanatics to co-opt the phrase ‘conscientious objector’ because that gives them a grace and moral authority they don’t deserve!

A Conscientious abortion GP is like a dentist who won’t pull teeth because they believe the Tooth Fairy hates fillings!

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This bullshit has gone on long enough! SACK THEM ALL!

If you are a GP who won’t perform your basic duties to your patient by referring them to an abortion provider then either step aside or allow the law to bypass them with this “unreasonable disruption” provision.

That means if you are a religious arsehole stopping abortions, then your employer can simply move around you and if that costs the Conscientious abortion GPs money, who cares!

I care about the health of the women seeking an abortion, I don’t give two shits about the Conscientious abortion GPs self righteous morality nor the fact they won’t get any fees!

We have allowed these religious fanatics to block abortions for far too long in this country!

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  1. We are short of GPS and many clinics are not taking new patients and you want to sack them just because their view of the World does not fit your thoughts.
    I am for the right to abortion but I can see those against have a right to be respected . I always found it annoying that you could never argue with those against abortion as they would not listen with an open mind to the opposite side .

  2. Abortions are healthcare procedures. It makes no sense at all for GPs to be asserting conscientious objections to it.

    Do these same GPs claim conscientious objection to prescribing contraceptives, or referring women for hysterectomies, or treatment for ectopic or molar pregnancies? I’ll bet they don’t.

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