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  1. Myles ain’t that wrong on that bastion of muddle class media representation “The Spinoff”.
    I’m bloody sure he’s even got the appropriate Munster (and teacher’s pet) pondering his belly button.
    Well done Myles (sincerely).
    From the early days of ‘The Forum on the Future of Public Television” (I still have the badge) where that ‘feared’ Colin Peacock was in attendance, to the current campaign, I wish you well.

    Where to start? There’s so much bullshit to push uphill. The brand and marketing ‘influencers’; the bullshit artists that come out with gems like “it’s no longer about genre, but demographics” when it’s about both; and that oh-so ‘demographic’ that’s grown up with knowing nothing else – including the teacher and her pet; the TVNZ commercially-influenced marketers (who about now might be worrying about their loifstyles because they really aren’t needed).
    We’ve created one of the most over-managed PSB systems in the Whurl, replete with a load of highly paid and unnecessary ticket clippers whose only purpose is to convince the plebians why things can’t be done. I often wonder how efficient and effective it’s all been.
    Myles (on his Spinoff/Conversation? article), touched on just a tiny bit of it.
    Clip go the sheers boys, clip clip clip.
    In short though, (call it what you will in the neo-liberalese language – I think its a bit like Esperanto): if we downsized/”rightsiZed” – got rid of half the enterage of ticket clippers in ‘efficient and effective management’, we could ekshully afford PSB and all its imperatives – INCLUDING a diversity of voice.
    Pffft – next

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