GUEST BLOG: Patrick John O’Dea – Erebus memorial controversy


On the completely inappropriate erection of an Erebus remembrance monolith at the Parnell Rose Gardens…

“An orchestrated litany of lies”

Lest we remember;

For decades Air New Zealand has resisted any rememberance of the ill fated Air New Zealand joy ride that took 257 lives.

Now they want to dump it on historic Ngāti Whātua o Ōrākei land with no links to the disaster.

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Dame Naida Glavish says the 95-square-metre “monstrosity” will strip away Māori history at an old pa she knows as Mataharehare.

In my opinion a more proper memorial to mark the terrible and needless loss of life from the Erebus disaster, needs to be outside the offices of Air New Zealand, or overlooking the airfield that these poor lost souls departed this world from, not as far away from the scene of the crime as possible.

Lest we forget:

Air NZ’s missing flight path evidence confirms ‘orchestrated litany of lies’ over Erebus


Comrade Patrick John O’Dea is a fierce fighter for worker rights.


  1. So why have they picked this particular site for the memorial? Is there no connection at all? Why not the southern most point of mainland South Island where the plane flew over on it’s sad and fateful trip.

    • Absolutely agree. And on a clear night, that memorial should face the iconic Southern Cross stars, part of our flag, and indicative of the direction of their ill-fated journey.
      If you are going to make a monument, make it appropriate – not facing North.

    • Iain – My exact thought too – the southernmost tip of the South Island – the last land our dearest family and friends left behind as they headed towards Erebus, and their tragic premature deaths.

      This is a memorial, and it will always be a memorial. Some will want to visit, and some will not, but foremost it must forever be a memorial, and not just another tourist attraction. We owe the dead dignity and respect, and it would be singular, if just for once, this country could rise to the occasion with the solemnity which it deserves.

      A physical distance between our remembrance of the beloved dead, and tawdry Air New Zealand, must also be maintained – Air N Z have cast their shadow, and they cast it shamefully.

  2. Welcome to the new and improved Air NZ, courtesy of Little Jonnie Sparkles protege Big Jonnie Luxon.. His predecessors were content to just try to forget it happened.. Not Big Jonnie.. His “new and improved” management team have had the bright idea of making some political capital out of the tragedy.. The rose gardens, to these children of our colonial forebears, consider this a much better use of “wasted” maori land, as all they’ve done is grown a few bloody flowers on it.. Wait for them to claim that it will attract tourists in the thousands every year.. let’s face it, pretending to have a social conscience is second nature to the colonial power brokers.. Why are we surprised that they so casually shit on the Gnati Whatua? It’s all they’ve ever done..

  3. ” In my opinion a more proper memorial to mark the terrible and needless loss of life from the Erebus disaster, needs to be outside the offices of Air New Zealand ”

    There is no justice for the avoidable loss of human life>

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