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  1. Truer than ever we are what we eat!

    You would not think this type of research is controversial, but with so much money to be made (and lost) from phama drugs that do not work for many people and so much interest in continuing the profit of ultra-processed foods in the food industry.

    Drained brains: why nutrition could help to solve our mental health crisis

    Wellbeing is becoming about money not wellbeing!

    Evidence that nature and exercise is also important. for mental health.

    Not enough government help to control poor nutrition in NZ and the growing amount of ultra-processed foods taking up nearly 70% of mainstream supermarkets, combat the constant removal of green spaces in NZ and encouraging exercise for all as part of well being.

  2. The future of NZ under Rogernomics.

    The CEO of public assets but now unaccountable to anybody, with unaudited accounts, is not giving any of the 13.6 million in POA profits back to the ratepayers who own the ports of Auckland.

    “Tony Gibson said he’s “very disappointed” in the unaudited figures for the six months to December 31, which show a 20.8 per cent decrease in net profit after tax to $13.6 million, a 7.3 per cent fall in revenue to $114.1m, and a 12.4 per cent reduction in container volumes to 416,173 TEUs compared to the same period last year.

    Imported car volumes were down 15 per cent and total general cargo volumes were 3.15m tonnes against 3.29m for the previous corresponding period.

    The Auckland Council-owned port will not pay an interim dividend this year on account of its ongoing capital investment programme.”

    They also don’t need to let anyone know about their strategy and investments due to commercial sensitivity – but automation and removal of jobs seem to be at the forefront of the strategy.

    “Delays in implementation and a labour shortage have resulted in New Zealand’s main imports port operating a mixed manual and automation system with lower productivity at a time of global shipping congestion. Frustrated importers, freight forwarders, retailers and manufacturers have reacted angrily. Auckland Council has ordered an independent review of the automation project on implementation.

    Gibson wouldn’t reveal the cost of the automation project for commercial reasons, but said it was “way, way, way lower” than industry speculation of north of $400m.

    He said variations in productivity were to be expected with such a project.

    “That’s how you test the system and we always said it takes six months at least to fine-tune but now we are getting ready for full terminal roll out and the start of pavement remediation in early April.”

    Work shortage???? Isn’t NZ full of people laid off after Covid from places like Air NZ?????

    And should the ports be in the middle of Auckland CBD anyway, when they are removing vehicle assess everywhere?

    The future, give public assets to non transparent business owners, who don’t have to give the profits back to the public, and pursue any policy they like while the Auckland Council puts up rates because they have no money anymore! Sounds stupid and crazy, but that is where NZ has gone with COO, and not much challenge to the folly in fact they are expanding it with Panakau (also not working at building affordable housing quickly but good at having more unaccountable managers on $500k running it).

  3. Agreed we’re becoming a nation of of GOP’s, Grossly Overweight Persons mainly because we are eating the wrong food and or too much food and drink.
    This is creating a nation of people who are likely to contract life threatening situations such as Heart Problems, Diabetes , Knee and Hip joint failures and many other food associated problems.
    One of the main culprits is the increasing ingestion of sugar particularly in takeaway foods and the prevalence of Takeaways as a regular choice of food retailers. Recent tracking of Covid-19 suspects shows this constant visiting these sort of outlets is rampant.

  4. I go back to Chris Trotter for his intelligence but his ego intrudes, unsurprising. Hence my difficulty getting my comments through.

    A fifty-year-old shouldn’t look up to anyone.

  5. Yes we are what we eat and we shouldn’t be wasting money and damaging our health by eating processed food and takeaways… if you haven’t already you should avoid all grains… wheat, rice and also corn… eat meat fish eggs and dairy if you tolerate it… plus whatever vegetables you tolerate but some should be avoided due to high lectin content. Eat fruit sparingly. Eat organic if you can afford it.

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