Cough – Forgive me but are we seriously asking questions about glacial tourism?


Glacier region pleads for Government help to overcome Covid crisis as tourism mecca fights for survival

New Zealand’s glacier region is on tenterhooks amid dire forecasts that more than 80 per cent of pre-Covid jobs and two-thirds of businesses could vanish within months, prompting calls for a multimillion-dollar bailout.

Hundreds of residents have already lost jobs and moved away since the nation’s borders closed to tourists. A new report indicates how quickly the social and economic crisis is worsening.

In a letter to Tourism Minister Stuart Nash Thursday, the heads of Development West Coast (DWC) and industry body Glacier Tourism Group say the region’s “usually vibrant communities” are fighting for survival.


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Do I have to be the guy?


How do I put this delicately.

We all get that the climate crisis is going to be really severe right?

We all get that the pandemic is just the first wave of global disruption that will rapidly become the norm right?

We all get there won’t be any fucking glacier to visit right?

I can’t take the cries of jobs seriously when there is no future in this glacier as a tourist destination.

Tourists flying thousands of kilometres creating massive amounts of Co2 to see a melting glacier is possibly the dictionary definition of ‘Doh’.

Have I woken up in a KKK rally wearing a Black live matter T-shirt here? Am I missing something?

We can’t put more money into Glacier tourism, because there won’t be a fucking Glacier!

What am I missing here?

Hyper tourism is dead and will go the way of milk and meat once synthetic milk and meat officially make them a sunset industry too.

There’s no going back to normal.

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