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  1. Multiple stories on bullying and toxic kulcha in the NZ Police – RNZ, Idiot/Savant and elsewhere.
    An OK place to start:
    And then Chris Cahill’s take on it all:
    To get rid of the culprits or not to get rid of the culprits? That is the question.

    The culprits don’t really have to worry. There are always opportunities elsewhere in the public service.
    They MUST have integrity with an exceptional code of conduct – because, because, because, after all, they’re from the Police Force.
    How about a few more in the Ministry for Everything, or maybe MSD, or even OT or NZTA
    They could even score a little number somewhere on a Council even. We need more enforcers equipped with that old-boy network type attitude.

  2. Strange, The Standard, run by a Rogernome, is more popular than this social-democratic site. The dash means the emphasis is on people power, as per my great grandfather’s Social-Democratic Federation, the first socialist organisation in Britain.

    But my main point, since I can’t find a recent American post here to comment on, is their conservative elite recognising they need popular Fascism to maintain power at the recent CPAC conference. 1930s Germany repeated, like the stinkingest cliche ever. Except they have an inbuilt advantage, since their republic is modelled on ancient Rome they can keep all the forms while hollowing them out for dictatorship like Augustus.

    Next election I think they will possibly be up to corrupting the actual process.

    The only real response is to restore the content to democracy but the Democrats get their money from rich-fuck donors like the Republicans. America was always skewed for the powerful. It was always meant to go to fascism, over social democracy even, which every other western country has accepted.

    Of course this wouldn’t matter except the dying blue whale of America matters.

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