The Daily Blog Open Mic – Tuesday – 2nd March 2021


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  1. This:
    Unfortunately, it’s not limited to the Polis. Indeed some of our PS institutions have been staffed by members of the Polis as part of their retirement plan. Once ensconced, they begin to replicate the same kulcha – even down to the stab proof vests – such a necessary part of kit in order to portray the “respect my authority” attitude.
    Normally, like Idiot/Savant I’d think except that it’s gone on so long, it’s rubbed off on a few women as well. Thankfully not too many

    • Indeed.
      There are probably one or two that read it but can’t bring themselves to acknowledge it in that thing we call the ‘MSM’ – preferring to take their tips from something far more acceptable from the TS website.
      ( think I’m banned from there. I ‘spose I should check sometime – yea, but nah – I can’t really be fucked. I hear it was something to do with a comment I made about Parekura Horomia who’d personally made it to me when a pilot was trying to balance one of those ‘pencil planes’ )
      In its defence though – it does have the vey best ITC programmer in the Whurl. And I’m glad it’s there.
      But yeah, but nah – too much effort – I’m kind if over people making assumptions and trying to be offended on someone else’s behalf outside of what should be part of the way human beings relate to one another.
      I think I’ll stick with this tribe. It’s contributors actually seem to do stuff

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