Political Caption Competition


COSTER: Knock. knock.

BRIDGES: Who’s there?


BRIDGES: Woke who?

COSTER: Too woke to joke sucka!

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  1. Coster: “Let me tell you what policing by consent means. When we look overseas and we see the violent clashes between communities and police – over Covid lockdowns, over Black Lives Matter – that is what it looks like when police lose the consent of their communities,”
    “It has nothing to do with whether we will deal with gangs or gang offences. We have put more pressure on gangs, taken more assets, taken more guns, in the last year, than we have in any time of our history.”

    Bridges: Yap yap yip yip yakketty yak yak wokester yak yak baaaaaa (++dog whistles and cheap shots++)

    Jacinda: “…of course we acknowledge the operational independence of the police – both political parties always have – so to have a personal attack on the commissioner in that way is a bit of a departure from convention but also unwarranted,”
    “I don’t know what the commissioner has done to be a target by the Opposition in that way. I think it’s unfair.”

    Bridges: {skulks off with his tail between his legs}

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