Misrepresentation of Israel’s Covid 19 vaccination programme


 It is unacceptable to have Israel’s vaccination programme constantly misrepresented in the New Zealand media.

Israel is regularly being paraded as the world leader in vaccination rates but this hides an ugly, racist truth. Israel is refusing to vaccinate 4.5 million Palestinians under its occupation and control in Gaza and the West Bank Palestinian territories.

These people are refused vaccinations because they are Palestinian while Jews living in illegal Israeli settlements nearby are vaccinated. Israel’s actual vaccination rates are much lower than claimed and reported here.

If it were Jews being denied vaccinations because they were Jews there would, quite rightly, be an international uproar. So why no uproar when it is Palestinians who are the victims of Israel’s medical apartheid?

Article 56 of the Geneva Convention makes plain the occupying power (Israel)  –

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“must adopt and supply the prophylactic and preventative measures necessary to combat the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics in cooperation with local authorities.”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu ignores this. He claims it is Palestinians’ responsibility for health services under the Oslo Accords but this is just a fig leaf for racism because, as the United Nations says, the Geneva Convention overrides any other agreements.

A United Nations special report last month makes Israel’s responsibilities clear:

“Morally and legally, differential access to necessary health care amid the worst global health crisis in a century is unacceptable…

The denial of equal access to health care, such as on the basis of ethnicity or race, is discriminatory and unlawful” 

Why is none of this being reported here?

Is it because the media implicitly accepts that the human rights for Palestinians are less important than the human rights for Jews?  Or is it the self-censorship of the media over Middle East issues because claims of anti-semitism are often fired at reporting critical of Israel (neatly summed up in this Leunig cartoon)?

Either way the media is misreporting the situation to the New Zealand public. We deserve better.

I would appreciate receiving your response to this letter.


  1. You posted on this before, and was quoted more than a few times the PA official stance being that they DO NOT want Israel to supply them vaacines and they are in the process of obtaining them themselves.
    What part of this do you not (want) understand?
    Seems YOU Mr Minto are the one not reporting the truth.

    • Im right, will you please give links to your sources to substantiate what you say is the PA official stance that they DO NOT want Israel to supply them vaccines.

    • ‘Im right’ seems to suffer from the Gaby disease. Gaby is pretty quick to make bald statements without supporting links then fails to substantiate his original claim when challenged. At other times, he provides links in support of accusations but invariably, the links trace back to thinly disguised Zionist propaganda. Usually, the Gaby’s links are to opinions and are easily discredited by objective reports from authoritative sources. This time ‘Im right’ has repeated something that as been proffered before, which from memory was never substantiated. While not stating that the commenter’s claim is a lie, as it is probable that someone from the PA may have expressed a rational distrust of Israeli supplied vaccinations, it seems unlikely that Palestinians would reject inoculations, especially since some very small stocks of Moderna and Sputnik V are reported to have got through to the West Bank and Gaza in recent days.

      Significantly, a Google search, ‘Palestinians do not want Israel to provide vaccines,’ has provided a multitude of links – none of which substantiate Im right’s claim!
      Here are a few links that undermine the dubious statement, “Seems YOU Mr Minto are the one not reporting the truth.”

      Your evidence is awaited ‘Im right’.

      • Full of it again Gaby! What does he (Im right?) understand? That not providing supporting evidence of claims is the appropriate mode for Zionist propaganda? That you are the master of disingenuousness? That if your name is Minto, any deranged insult is acceptable? When did you, or your new disciple ever prove that John is a liar?

          • Just more of Melanie’s BS Gaby. Her dubious pedigree, dishonesty and racism has been spelled out on TDB before. Blood libel? She should be charged with bloody libel. See the comment below for links to honest reporting, to dispel any doubts about your usual links to propagandist opinion pieces.

            It is really tiresome responding to your stupid comments and spelling out the obvious dishonesties you perpetrate. You are again proving you are full of it, a racist and invariably you show a complete distain for facts. Demonstrably, you are even a disgrace to the more capable and innumerable intelligent Zionist propagandists who make your attempted deceptions look very amateurish.

          • Again, you can’t answer the questions so have indulged in another ‘spray and walk away’. If you bothered to read, the supporting evidence had already been provided for Im right in the first response. God you are tiresome!

            • Gaby your bigotry. racism and zionist troll is tiresome.
              No one is listening who has an open mind and has done some investigation or study of history.
              From your point of view Gaby how many Israelis had died from Palestinian actions and how many Palestinians have died by Israeli action or don’t you do research. Go back to Nakba,
              Don’t skimp.Lets see your true colours.

      • Come on Gaby, you have again played the “He is a liar because….. and I have provided a link to prove it.” As usual for you, it is a biased opinion writers effort that has so many holes in it, it would sink if it was a cork floating on oil. For a start, who do you think would place credence on an argument regarding the whole of Israel that is refuted by unscientific observations of a few Jerusalem vaccination centres. One could go further with a critique but why bother? You would just respond with the usual tantrum and abuse instead of enlightened rebuttal.

        Try reading some more objective reports such as:
        or even The Times of Israel:
        Of course, readers of The Times of Israel will recognise the usual disclaimer that appears from paragraphs seven to eleven.

        • I don’t even bother to read your mind-numbing perorations anymore, atom ant. You’re just another PID: Person with Israel Derangement Syndrome, demented with hatred on a syphilitic scale. If your thoughts were on paper, I’d house them in the bathroom, next to the toilet. You’ll never change and Israel has nothing, but nothing to fear from you and your ilk.

        • Try to argue with this one, atom ant, from the Institute of Race Relations. You snarl and carp at everyone else and provide not a shred of evidence yourself. You love kapo Jews who betray Israel but denigrate Jews who defend Israel like respected, award-winning journalist Melanie Philips. Your antisemitism is not just transparent, it’s lit up in neon.

          • You wouldn’t know anti-semitism (anti-Jewish racism) if you fell over it – just like you can’t recognise you own virulent anti Palestinian racism. racism.

          • Another Effing opinion! When will you learn to source substantial evidence instead of presenting propaganda as fact!

            Of course, just another ‘spray and walk away’ by the usual suspect.

  2. Which group owns the bulk of the international banking system and has enormous influence over the parts it doesn’t own?

    Gosh, I ‘can’t remember’ but I think it starts with J. Definitely not the Palestinians.

    If you own the banking system you can do pretty much as you please, and tell others what to say and do.

      • And your comment @ dear Populuxe1 is known as a ‘logical fallacy’.
        Logical fallacies are essentially sugar coatings on a bullshit story, such as yours albeit a mercifully short one.
        There’s a brilliant example of that in the last episode of the first series titled “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix where her cult leader warps reality with simple bullshit to cement his arguments in his court appearance.
        This is a quick reference to logical fallacies and their deployment to gain purchase in an argument where there is no defense.
        “Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies. ”
        “You misrepresented someone’s argument to make it easier to attack.
        By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.”
        Sound familiar?
        The Israelis are murderous bastards and they make money out of that by manufacturing weapons and ordnance by using the Palestinians as training and development resources.
        @ AFKTT? Dead right. You’re absolutely correct in my opinion.

        • That’s a whole lot of apologist gibberish for paraphrasing the Protocols. How quaint. Clowns always cry “logical fallacy” because they can’t debate the facts. The problem is capitalism, not whatever ethnic group you want to blame because you lack the mental capacity to understand large structural issues.
          The reason the right wing Likudniks get away with what they do has nothing to do with banking and everything to do with the US wanting a friend in the region where all the oil is and the US government pandering to Christian fundamentalists who need the Temple rebuild for the second coming.
          Did I mention you’re a clown?

  3. Sigh!

    Explaining is losing, John 😉

    Pertinent facts:
    1. Israel was the first country in the world to complete the first round of vaccinations
    2. This includes 1.5 million Arabs who are Israeli citizens
    3. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is a separate entity that has its own medical funding via the UN
    4. Seeing the PA was in a chaotic mess, the Israelis offered the PA vaccines but the PA refused
    5. Palestinians have now secured all the vaccines they need but still not all received their first injection
    6. The last time the PA had an election was 1994: It is a corrupt dictatorship that benefits only a few. Just like all the other Muslim states in the region.

    • Your as honest as a Sharpiro when it comes to facts Andrew.,,, did you notice how he kept trying to lie in the BBC interview ,,,, about his exceedingly racists ‘Arabs like to live in shit,’ opinion

      But from the 24 minute mark your latest effort is show for the con job it is… blockading vaccines is more like it https://youtu.be/xTqk3voqcOs

      Its pretty damn obvious our media is involved in Dirty Politics again.

      For a right wing racist government ,,,, again.

      Pushing a biased narritive for their new right wing Dirty Politics associates.

      The Benjamin netanyahu level of racisim behind the project is also against many jews who object to whats going on
      “Meet The Wrong Type of Jew, The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know Exists | Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi”

      Did you notice how Shapiro kept on trying to lie on the BBC interview,,, claiming he’d apologized for his racist tweet about arabs liking to live in sewage and blow things up ….

    • Since every one of your statements is incorrect, it is time you STARTED explaining! Where is your evidence, and is it any more legitimate that the propagandist links that Gaby occasionally supplies when cornered?

  4. Israel claims

    1. not to be an occupying power in Gaza, having withdrawn from it (the policy is to have this area become a Palestinian state once its government recognises Israel).

    2. they say the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states that an occupying power is required to provide vaccines to the inhabitants of the territories under its control, does not apply because it claims the West Bank is not occupied, but disputed.

    This allows them to take land (the 1949 law only prevents lands being taken off other states by war – Jordan never annexed this land while they occupied it 1948-1967). For now they want as much of this land as they can get without any Arabs on it while governnace of the Arab population areas is handed over to the Palestinian Authority “bantustan” – they do not want the Palestinian Arabs to be voters within Israel that they have any responsibility for (though they are placed in Israeli prisons via Israeli courts if they resist land theft).

  5. this is an excellent example of exactly the kind of hypocritical infantile behaviour Israel is up against with the Palestinians.

    Using Leunig’s parody of German, Martin Niemoler’s, famous poem as a banner for this tripe is an obscene travesty. He wrote the poem, “First they came…” to express regret for his antisemitism and the complicity of his countrymen in the murder of 6 million Jews. Comparing by implication Israel/Jews to Nazis and demeaning the Holocaust are egregious examples of antisemitism, as stated in the IHRA. Where are the execution pits, gas vans and gas chambers in Israel, Mr Minto? Where are the millions of murdered Arabs, including 1.5 million children? The Palestinian population has in fact increased 7 fold. Even for you, a new low.

    • Demeaning the Holocaust and saying ‘Miscegenation is a second Holocaust’ is the low and backwards extreme zionist side gaby is for…. Israel has anti-miscegenation laws.

      Would you like me to link to examples for you gaby??? ,,,,, you always run away from the facts on this subject….. as you have no shame I presume it’s embarrassment that keeps you quiet.

      Hard right Netanyahus Zionisim has the strength of a powerful army and Nuclear weapons ,,,

      And it is so weak that people knowing the truth is their main threat.

      Bennys world wide Dirty Politics operation will eventually go the same way as John Keys …

      Right wing governments and mainstream media are losing credibility like most dishonest endeavors.

      The truth is the enemy…… “Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs ”

      • There are no ‘facts’ to run away from, especially not from the likes of you. It’s because of people like you and the other sick haters on this site that Israel must preserve the Jewish character of Israel, by any means possible, to give the Jewish people a truly impregnable sanctuary where they can never again be victims of brutal racial prejudice. Don’t presume to dictate to the world’s biggest victims of racism how they should protect themselves so that NEVER AGAIN means just that. You’re like scurrying rats trying to dig dirt and failing every time.

        • Consistency Gaby.
          ” Israel must preserve the Jewish character of Israel, by any means possible, to give the Jewish people a truly impregnable sanctuary where they can never again be victims of brutal racial prejudice”
          Substitute the word “Palestinian” for “Israel” and “Jewish” for “Arab” then see if your consistency of support for humans exists. Don’t be scared Gaby – give it a go.

    • Gaby is re-writing history again, this time about Martin Niemöller as the he biography of Niemoller provided by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum demonstrates.(https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/martin-niemoeller-biography)

      Even Gaby’s follow-up comments are almost a total fiction. Niemoller constantly changed his “First they came…” statement which he always began with the first reference being to the Communists, followed by the Trade Unionists (Socialists). Jews were then variously placed in the order and sometimes excluded. Another aspect of his famous ‘quote’ was that it has been variously re-worded by others according to their own agendas.

      Niemoller became known for having been lied to by Adolph Hitler and then for his long incarceration for opposing the Nazi political annexation of the German protestant churches. It is correct that after the war, the Pastor apologised for his own anti-Jewish racism, then in the 1950’s he became a pacifist after his earlier militarist attitudes and service.

      The Pastor’s ideas were reflected in the 1945 and 1947 Stuttgart Confessions of Guilt which called for German apologies for ALL who were victimised by the Nazis. According to George Faithful (Oxford University Press), “Neither document made direct reference to the Holocaust or to Nazi treatment of the Jews. Only a few of their signers, such as Martin Niemöller and Hans Asmussen, actually agreed with the documents; others acted under compulsion, forced by the occupying Allied powers.”

      “First they came…” along with Niemoller’s thoughts and sermons were human rights related in that he believed that no-one should stand aside while people are abused as a result of actions of aggressive states, a message that Gaby seems to not understand.

    • Miscegenation gaby ??? —– as you have no shame I presume it’s embarrassment that keeps you quiet.

      Was Kentucky one of the last usa states to drop its slave era anti-miscegenation laws ?? in the late 1960’s.

      Looks like they are going back to their racist roots ,,,,
      ‘Israel is a Racist, Apartheid State. I should know, I grew up in one | Andrew Feinstein’ https://youtu.be/TMGQGi10Atc?list=LL

        • It has already been acted on elsewhere by those who believe human rights are universal! Don’t make fusses about things you are ignorant of.

        • Gaby your dreaming . Execution by bullet, missiles, bombing and starvation have happened at Israel hand for decades.

      • Still waiting for ONE of you to produce a comparable apartheid era sign from within Israel. Guess I’m in for a longgggggg wait.

        • Don’t respond like a dork Gaby. You have been called out on your fallacy a number of times already by numerous responders.

        • Gaby …. go read your own writing and lies about the ‘Pals’ for a example of sick haters on this site….. you’re a winner champ.

          … and is this your excuse / reason for Israels backwards anti-Miscegenation laws ?? … goby; “Israel must preserve the Jewish character of Israel, by any means possible” ,,,,

          And criticism of state laws against mixed marriages, ,,, according to you ,,, “Don’t presume to dictate to the world’s biggest victims of racism how they should protect themselves”.

          Personally I think some of North Americas tribes who were wiped off the face of the earth could claim to be equal if not bigger victims of racism than your hierarchy describes.

          Anyway here’s a jew who gaby calls a ‘kapo’ ,,, which shows up his own deranged sickness https://youtu.be/SjhHhL_15Nw?list=LL

  6. The BBC originally reported that the Oslo Accord obliged Israel to provide the vaccines (not true). Their correction was to this point, as the Oslo Accord enabled the PA self governance in this area.

    The BBC has never said, then or now, that Israel is not obliged to provide the vaccines. The claims that it is comes under a Geneva Convention as applies to occupied territories.

    As you well know Israel claims the WB is a disputed territory and not an occupied one (and Gaza is not occupied) and thus the GC does not apply. Most of the world sees the WB, as not part of Israel and therefore occupied.

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