Judith Collins tells Simon Bridges off for tough on crime rhetoric, then steals his tough on crime rhetoric to outflank his leadership move

Yes I have 101 Dalmatians

As Judith Collins suddenly realises that Simon’s attack on the Police Commissioner is so that he can build popular support for a leadership challenge, she tells him off for calling Coster a ‘wokester’ and then promptly starts pushing the tough on crime barrow Simon had  targeted…

‘Raid their premises:’ Judith Collins call for tougher action on gangs

National Party leader Judith Collins has blamed the Government for a “huge” and “frightening” increase in the number of gang members.

…the writing is on the wall, a leadership challenge against Judith will simply build throughout this year, destabilising any attempt she makes to lead the narrative.


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  1. National vetoing the Maori wards and yet saying they will stand candidates in the Maori seats shows despite there huge rejection at the last election they will still carry on with there Maori bashing divisive policies.
    And Nationals gang rhetoric is the same old shit they bark out like a angry dog. To make matters worse they continue to use outdated information to inflame gang issues and damage social cohesion trying to stay relevant. If only they would spend their time on helping people struggling in this covid environment to put food on the table, earn a decent wage and pay less taxes unlike the wealthy in our country who are getting away with paying less taxes than the lowest wage/paye earners in NZ according to Inland revenue.

    • As the saying goes with National “same shit different day”.
      The irony with Bridges is that he purports to be Maori!
      The other irony with this whole woke claim is that Bridges continues to perform like he’s a prosecution lawyer, his performance theatrical and requires an audience and he is getting the attention he so dearly requires.
      But there are two chances of him becoming leader again. If he so desires the attention he needs ,perhaps retiring from politics and returning to law is a far better option.
      He has openly admitted he takes no notice of the telling off Collins and only takes it from his wife.

  2. As a life-long enemy of the Right I enjoy the thought of vicious knife fights among the National leadership but I fear two things.
    (1) Lack of a credible oppositionand an overwhelming majority in parliament will encourage Labour to do nothing but pocket their salaries while in office.
    (2) ‘ Whatever does not kill us makes us stronger’. What if National purges its ranks and becomes organised under new leadership? When the next election is due there will be inevitable disillusionment with ‘She-of-the-kind-smile-but-fuck-all-result’.
    The most disillusioned will not vote at all. Converted National voters will return to a clone of the ‘Great-Smirking-hair-fetish-one’ who will hold an auction at a holiday resort on Great Barrier ( portions of Aotearoa and its serfs to be sold to overseas bidders) and fly off into the sunset on his private jet.
    Still Corona epidemics and climate change might kill us all off before that happens.
    Something to look forward to.

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