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  1. Life is cheap in NZ. Killing someone (even by accident) seems to mean nothing and little consequence to the killer who gets to resume their life and support their family in Malaysia, while the victim and their family get zero justice.

    Judith Collins is calling for the OZ Covid denier to be deported – apparently that needs deportation but actually killing someone in NZ while working here is fine. No deportation calls for taking another’s life, and the perpetrator doesn’t even get their pathetic sentence of disqualification for 18 months driving upheld by our pathetic courts.

    Also the ruling supports the use of public transport (NOT) aka you can’t even kill someone, be disqualified to drive and our courts think waiting 18 months before driving, is extreme hardship! Disgusting!

    Police are ignored and the slow wheels of NZ justice/police are filled up with more and more of these types of cases with less and less resources for everyone else to get faster justice outcomes. Meanwhile an honest citizen is dead, his family lost their loved one and another professional gone from the NZ workforce by some accident that is allowed to be minimised in NZ by our courts.

    “A distracted driver who admitted hitting and killing a cyclist north of Wellington has received his licence back for work purposes.

    Khing Tiang Wong had gone to court to try to get back behind the wheel, a little more than a year after the crash.

    Wong’s​ vehicle struck Brent Norriss’​ bike on State Highway 2 near Horokiwi while Norriss was riding to Petone on February 3, 2020. Wong had used his phone to check GPS co-ordinates moments earlier. Norriss died at the scene.

    Wong later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death and was sentenced at Hutt Valley District Court in November to six months of community detention. Judge Quentin Hix also banned Wong from driving for 18 months and ordered him to pay $11,000 in reparation.”

    We probably still haven’t deported this guy who helped sell fake drivers licenses and then laughed at NZ with videos of guns and violence glorifying his actions to more than 8 million viewers. He did the crime in 2018 and still in NZ 2021 no doubt taking up more legal time and housing from others here!

    Bribes for driver licences: Deportation order issued for star witness

    I’m sure Sroubek is also still in NZ too. Another quality ‘NZ’ resident and citizen, known gang member, convicted drug importer, traffic offences, immigration offences….

  2. Oh Christ. Here we go.
    Simon Bridges accuses the new Polis Commisar of being woke.
    In the spirit of incrementalism, HE’s a fucking sight better than his predecessor and gaining various learnings in his space going forward.
    Careful Soimun! Don’t overdo it. You’ll get an egging on that tie if you’re not very careful, and then you’ll end up having to aspire to being the Slez Patterson NuZull quivver-lint (in this space, going forward)
    Better to stick with the ummmmidge of being a street fighter, despite what your re-imaged dear leader “The Jude” thinks.
    Soimun: YOU – yes, that’s YOU could become the face of the new GNatsies – and think about it – that’d be truly aspirational. Your Cuntry NEEDS YOU. You could be prosecutor-in-Chief.

  3. Just have to say -getting this off my chestiebonds, and as a one-timeardent defender of the NuZul Labour Party, Tre continual sight of a massive set of crockery, equipped with its enterage of hangers-on, PR and spin merchants (probabky recruited on the level of their ticked-boxed bums on seats degrees – preferably in comms and marketing) – is really starting to grate ( as in annoy – as in grate – in this space).
    JA should consider that she may very well die in a ditch of over-exposure. But then I guess, as a bit of a stubborn control freak, she’s maybe a bit worried about what might eventuate, and she rides on the notion that Koiwois gave HER a mandate.
    I’m starting to gain learnings as to why my father-in-law – who was once one of Labour’s most ardent suppotas ditched it around ’87.
    History does indeed repeat sometimes, as opposed to merely rhyming


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