Auckland prison conditions ‘cruel’ & ‘inhumane’ – this is what NZ State does when it doesn’t think anyone is watching 


I’ve said it once, I’ll keep saying it, the NZ State is the biggest abuser of human rights in NZ…

Judge concerned about ‘cruel’ and ‘inhumane’ treatment at Auckland Women’s Prison

Auckland Women’s Prison treated inmates in a “degrading,” “cruel” and “inhumane” manner in a “concerted effort to break their spirit,” according to a stinging ruling from a district court judge.

Corrections broke its own rules and regulations multiple times in its treatment of Mihi Bassett and Karma Cripps, who were gassed in their cells and forced to perform a humiliating ritual to be fed, Manukau District Court Judge David McNaughton says.

His ruling also confirms the women had to remove their underwear in front of male guards in order to get clean pairs and were, at times, denied toiletries and sanitary products.

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…the NZ Left have to see the Wellington bureaucracy as the problem, not the solution.

The glee with which Corrections made these women suffer reads more like 50 Shades of Grey than a secular prison service. The need to humiliate and psychologically torture the women borders on the sadomasochistic by Corrections staff who are clearly enjoying the humiliation.

Locking one of the women up in the cell her girlfriend attempted suicide in is a special kind of scumbaggery isn’t it?

We treat prisoners like animals and then are surprised when they are released and behave like animals.

This is how the NZ State treats people when they don’t think anyone is looking.


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