New Zealand’s Birth Rate Lowest On Record, Deaths Drop In 2020 – Statistics New Zealand


New Zealand’s total fertility rate in 2020 was down to 1.61 births per woman, its lowest recorded level, and well below the population replacement rate of 2.1, Stats NZ said today.

This means that based on birth rates in 2020, New Zealand women would average 1.61 births over their lifetime.

“Fertility rates in New Zealand were relatively stable between 1980 and 2012, but have generally decreased since then,” population estimates and projections manager Hamish Slack said.

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  1. Having declining birth rates is good for the planet… people are living longer and also require a lot more resources… China and India alone have around 3 billion people and the strategy seems to be to redistribute those nationals onto the rest of the countries and grow immense wealth on the back of the wests neoliberal strategy to make everything in the East while selling/giving away more assets to the worlds richest buyers. Funny enough this strategy seems to be driving inequality around the world and destroying the democratic system, educational system and welfare system in the west …

  2. The problem is the wealthier better educated people are having less children while the poor seem to keep having them.There should be more education to help those in poverty to control their birth rate.


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