At last! SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS since the US dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the  UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons has come into effect, having been ratified by 50 countries. 

As of 22 January this year,  those countries that have ratified, are banned from producing, testing,  acquiring, possessing or stockpiling nuclear weapons. It also outlaws the transfer of the weapons and forbids signatories from allowing any nuclear explosive device to be stationed, installed or deployed in their territory.

The  Treaty also commits member nations to provide long-neglected assistance for the victims of atomic bombs and weapon testing. It also calls for nations to clean up environments contaminated by nuclear weapons use and testing, where feasible. 

None of the nine nuclear powers: US, China, Russia, France, the UK, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea…. has  signed or ratified the Treaty. The 27 members of NATO, Australia, Japan and South Korea, have also not signed.

Yet the Treaty does offer hope. It tells the world that global public opinion demands a global moral commitment to rid the world from these extremely deadly weapons. 

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Pressure will grow. More countries will sign and ratify. Surely the Covid19 has taught the world  that we are all in this together. 

Early on the morning of 22 January , peace activists gathered on the  Brighton Pier at Christchurch. 

A most suitable gathering, Cantabrians welcoming the dawn of the beginning of an important step towards sanity.  Symbolic too, as much of the long struggle to create and promote the Treaty originated with  Cantabrians including Dr Kate Dewes. The speaker in the photo is Lucy  Stewart who with another young person, is learning to take over some of the responsibility of running the Disarmament and Security Centre that Kate Dewes and her husband Rob Green have co-directed for so many years. 

Standing near Lucy, ready to speak, is Kate Dewes.

Martin and I broadcast a Christchurch Community Radio called Earthwise. Please listen to our interview with Kate. You can find it here , type in Earthwise, look down the list of podcasts. 

I could add more but have left it to the reader to listen to Kate. She discusses Mordechai Vanunu, hated by the Israeli regime for alerting the world to Israel’s nuclear program. And she exposes the size of the Israeli nuclear arsenal..both taboo subjects.  

The legalizing of the UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons is a much-needed turning point in human history.

 Is it too late? The Doomsday Clock is closer to midnight than ever before. 





Lois Griffiths is a human rights activist. 


  1. You should be shaking your silly fist at Iran not Israel; the Iranians are the ones threatening nuclear conflagration. I guess you don’t even know about the Mullah’s’ agenda to trigger an apocalypse that will bring back the mystical Mahdi and create a new Caliphate? No? Didn’t think so. Human life means nothing to those theocratic fanatics and they have no morals when it comes to committing murder, on their own people or on others. Israel is the least of our worries regarding nuclear power as they are threatening nobody, whereas the Ayatollah threatens Israeli genocide every other day.

  2. It is only people power that will achieve a nuke weapon free world.

    No Nukes New Zealand was won street by street, Council district by Council district, in the 80s and thousands marched, rallied and attended vigils, particularly school kids of the time.

    Nuclear weapons are still a major issue for all the previous reasons, plus now in the Climate Disaster era, the likelihood of their use is actually raised due to political instability.

    • Completely dishonest garbage framing from gaby ,,, however its a good Zionist script, worthy of the most moral director in Hollywood ,,, unfortunately a hateful attack against Israels Heros has cleansed Harvey Weinstein into a prison cell ,,, preventing him from doing gods calling.,, which for Harvey was Zionist propaganda, serial raping, and money

      For facts rather than gabys Weinstein script,,, Mohammad Marandi, a nice Iranian puts a face on the real humans who Zionists would happily kill based on bullshit

      “the United States, is in bed with Saudi Arabia, which is the main ideological exporter of extremism around the world through the Wahhabi strand.”,,, and so is Israel

      6 mins 40 secs for Him describing the USA and it’s Neo-con side-kicks supporting ISIS and other extremists

      start at the 20 min mark…. for Israel being the ISIS Al-Quada air force in Syria,,, dropping hundreds of bombs onto those fighting against the extremists and head choppers ,,,,,they also provided medical treatment for injured terrorists,,,, anyone can google this information.,, even the BBC has reported it.

      ‘Harvey Weinstein Hired Israeli Spies to Silence His Victims’

      to reveal the dark forces of those who would attack Israels Hero;s ,,,, Harvey hired the most moral private spy agency in the world ,Black Cube, a firm staffed by former Mossad agents, ,,, a Israel woman was given a false, in every sense of the word, credentials as a womans rights advocate ,,,, to lie and spy against Harveys victims ,,, she offered a fake “Womans rights Hero” to one of them.

      “Weinstein used the firm on the recommendation of former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak.”,,, who undoubtedly is another one of Israels Heros


    • How stupid do you think people are Gaby? You have linked the an opinion piece written over two years ago by Daniel S Mariaschin. It is not in the least surprising that he is the CEO of B’nai B’Brith a bona fide Zionist propagandist entity. Even The Hill noted, “The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill”.

      Please stop derailing serious contributions on non-Israel matters with your pro-Zionist idiocy.

    • Which country used espionage, theft and high treason to steal Nuclear material and technology from the U.S.A ,,,, to build nuclear weapons in cooperation with Apartheid South Africa. ???

      Israel,,, and they jailed the man who proved their existence to the world. the world in conditions recognized as torture,,, for over a decade

      Zionist crave Nukes and despise the truth,,, their history with both proves it.

      Nuke loving neo-cons are trying to drag the usa down the same path and extreme example Israel took.

      If Assange loses war criminals and violence wins ,,,,,, the hands on the Nuclear clock should be moved forward to reflect what happened.

      and Thanks for reminding us all what an enemy Israel is to world peace gaby …. If Jeffery Epstein the man who ran the most moral rape pedophillia, and blackmail operation in the world for a governments security agency,,, If he were alive today you would be his Hero.

      Love War Love Israel


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