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  1. there’s thousands of high school / uni students

    sharing the apple / fruit picking duties out for a few hours a day over the next couple months will get it done .

    profits for the people / a sense of community , all that sort of thing .

    an ” independent activist journalist – Billy TK

    guess his political dealings have finally left him high , dry out of pocket and looking for his next paycheck


    Bridges always going against the grain , smh

    national may believe theirs is the party of law and order – constantly reverting to ‘ harass prosecute and lock them up rhetoric but didn’t even bother to do their research before announcing their complete failure of a policy ‘ raptors on strike .

    Australia 12 years later and gangs are still on the loose – not every one is a nz’er , it highlights what’s been said previously – trying to deport their way out of the issue doesn’t work .

    so , they are going to make some changes but it’s starting to look like the same ole shit over again .

  2. Surprise surprise (NOT)
    Two things this morning;
    1. More Immigrant worker exploitation – as if there wasn’t enough going on generally.
    MBIE only began to give a shit when it became industrialised to the extent exploitation was more common than not, and it became a wee bit too embarrassing. Back in 2017 telling us they had enough Labour Inspectors, then the problems were systemic, then their priorities issuing inspectors with stab-proof vests and then finally starting to take it seriously.
    MBIE is a Ministry (the Ministry for Everything) that has internal conflicts of interest, and one that is completely unable to walk and chew gum at the same time. Unfortunately it’s also been pretty good at capturing its Munsters – including the more capable of those in Labour. It’s been a real laggard in doing everything it’s supposed to do – including doing anything useful about worker exploitation, or keeping up with visa and immigration processing.
    and 2:
    (I know who I believe! and it certainly isn’t Toni Gutschlag​)

    This sort of stuff is going to contribute to Labour’s downfall, but the stupid part about it is that most of the damage was done under a gNat government. More fool Labour


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