Free period products at schools are great, now let’s feed the kids as well


It is outrageous that this has taken this long to implement…

Jacinda Ardern says period products will be free in all New Zealand schools from June 2021

Period products will be rolled out for free at all New Zealand schools from June in an effort to end period poverty. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the announcement on Thursday at Fairfield College in Hamilton, which took part in a free period product pilot programme. The programme has been running since term three last year in 15 schools. 

“Young people should not miss out on their education because of something that is a normal part of life for half the population,” Ardern said.

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…condoms should also be free and now we have done this, let’s go a step further than period poverty and sexual health poverty and deal with actual poverty by feeding every kid a healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch as well.

We can’t see universal provision of aid as a solution sometimes and not at other times!

Children who are fed will learn far more than hungry kids. Feeding every kid in low decile schools breakfast and lunch would do more to lift educational standards and save working parents a cost they can barely afford now more than any other social policy.

It’s time to do the decent thing by our kids living in poverty.

If this Government can give billions to the banks for property speculators to get richer, than can spend $100m a year to feed every hungry kid.

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  1. Come on now, I think we should just celebrate the fact they’ve actually delivered on a promise and in a timely manner. Shit, that is an achievement.

    And remember, this will help these young women immensely whilst they reside in a motel/garage/over crowded house with another family/families/car from week to week, not knowing where to next!

    It is like watering a very small flower bush whilst the rest of the farm is a dust bowl however.

  2. I read yesterday that we were helping the second richest man in the world to make films in NZ . The fact that we are the only country in the World with no virus should be enough of a draw card. We should be able to fed our own.

  3. Unequivocal praise from me on free period products in schools–Well done Labour Govt.–will this be the only time this year I say that? I hope not, but it sure looks like it. They only have around 6 months to do something significant for the working class on housing, rent, benefits and Fair Pay Agreements, or the timid, gutless, Caucus narrative will be locked in through to 2023.

    Andrew Little on FB this morning was celebrating the slight jiggling of abatement rates for beneficiaries with some paid employment–$18 a week extra for 62,000 people apparently–whoopee–shit!! By my count the Govt. has only implemented 3! of the 42 recommendations of the 2019 Welfare Experts Advisory Group. THREE out of 42. Shameful when they allow, and even encourage, people with 3 or more houses to rent gouge with tax free capital gains.

  4. I doubt if Jacinda is actually interested in feeding the children of poor people, helping them learn and improving their career prospects. She, and her party, have completely sold themselves to the class system.

    When New Zealand first established compulsory free education the director stated schooling was to prepare children for the workforce and working class children should not receive education in classics or other subjects which would give them ideas above their station.

    They should concentrate on useful trades and occupations. If you look at our history up to present you will see that any moves to make our education system more egalitarian have been quickly sabotaged.

    Any progress for our working class made has been in spite of, not because, our schools.

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