The gleeful Schadenfreude of Queenstown and the crushing of venal free market capitalism


‘Would we slaughter all the cows?’: Queenstown Mayor says tourism industry won’t survive another year of closed borders

Leaving South Island tourism businesses to fend for themselves while the borders are shut has been compared to slaughtering every cow in the country. 

Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult is gutted the Government doesn’t appear to be planning any special assistance for the region, as businesses go into hibernation and threaten to close completely, unable to hold out until the threat of COVID-19 is over. 

“Queenstown businesses did not cause our borders to close, and yet we’re being asked to pay the price,” he told The AM Show on Friday, begging the Government for a new wage subsidy package and loans so tourism operators can survive until the borders reopen. 

“If we were talking about the inability to export milk powder for two years, would we slaughter all the cows then wait until new ones come along to start the business again? That’s what’s effectively being asked here.” 

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God I love it when I hear hyper tourism pimps, migrant worker exploiters and those who greedily profit from exploiting International students scream because the border is closed.

Don’t you?

Don’t you love that the hyper tourism arseholes who have profited so gleefully from price gauging our own country now beg us for tourism?

Don’t you love that the freedom campers aren’t shitting all over our country?

Don’t you love how our roads and airports are no longer clogged from hyper tourists?

Don’t you love how the unemployment rate fell because most of those involved in the tourism industry are actually other tourists who have had to go home?

Don’t you love how the exploiters of migrant labour can’t exploit so harshly because the borders are closed and that those hundreds of thousands of migrant workers aren’t competing with locals for housing?

Imagine how much more appalling the rental market would be with all those extra international students and migrant workers?

So when the Queenstown Mayor screams, we all feel a gleeful little Schadenfreude don’t we?

Our country has been so exploited by the hyper tourism bosses, the migrant worker exploiters and the International student exploiters that their cries for aid sound delicious to or ears.

Good. Suffer.

Thankfully the mutations of the virus mean these interests won’t be able to regain power for another 7 years…

Germany’s Merkel Warns Coronavirus Variants Could ‘Destroy’ Gains Against Pandemic

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her government’s decision to extend a COVID-19 lockdown into March, as she issued a stark warning that new strains of the coronavirus “may destroy any success” already achieved in keeping the pandemic in check.

Merkel’s remarks before the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, on Thursday came a day after U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson cautioned Britons that they might need to “get used to the idea of vaccinating and revaccinating” to keep up with newly emerging strains of the deadly virus.

…I don’t care about the interests of the hyper tourism bosses, the exploiters of migrant workers and those who manipulate international students.

I’m glad you are hurting.

Hurt some more because your industries are dead.

This pandemic is just the first wave of the climate crisis manifesting in real time and I love watching it break the bones of venal free market capitalism.

Scream louder.


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  1. The domestic economy is BOOMING apparently. So much money, so hard to export the money, so the money is staying in NZ and being spent locally.

    So it’s just more paid propaganda from windbags of industry combined with right wing, globalist, woke supremacy media operating as usual.

    Windbags of industry, won’t be happy and shut up, unless we all have Covid community spread in NZ!

  2. Before Covid Queenstown was the greed capital of this country bar none. Probably even Australasia. Its chief reptiles even had their own golf courses.

    Locals avoided it because you knew you would be bankrupted just driving through it. Immigrants knew it was a place where many of them shared a single bedroom and the rent still crippled so they could scrape a living. Property prices were obscene even for NZ.

    If there is one positive victim of Covid it’s this monstrous rip off!

  3. Yes, once a year (heh, or a little more often even) I permit myself a massive BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! when thinking of the “poor” exploiters our esteemed Editor has skewered.

    The neo liberal Emperor has had no clothes for so long now that it is hardly noticeable to many NZers–COVID?–put the slipper in I say.

  4. I have no sympathy for the arseholes in the rip-off capital of NZ. Especially when their activities have contributed inordinately per capita to the Planetary Meltdown we are experiencing.

  5. Lets face it, A global pandemic was the only way this exploitative, venal version of neo lib trickle down bullshit economics on roids was gunna come to an end.
    We’ve just gotta find a way to keep it down and out.
    Talk about killing birds with one stone.
    Hyper tourism, International students and exploited migrants.

  6. Visited my relatives down in Reefton recently.
    Fished a trout stream without being bustled out of the way by a fishing guide with foreign tourist clients.
    Drove down the West Coast without having to dodge bastards driving on the wrong side of the road.
    Walked in the mountains without helicopters roaring overhead all the time.
    Remembered my visit there as a teenager when it was always like that.
    I know there are people whose jobs depend on tourism. I feel sorry for them.
    There is an upside to everything and I intend enjoying it for as long as I can.

  7. I was having a similar conversation with my father.

    It would seem that a large proportion of jobs in tourism seem to be carried out by those very same workers who aren’t allowed back in across the border.

    The reality is that this is a win win….however the borders will reopen and this shit tip of an industry will rise from the ashes. The more interesting question is how to chop off the head of the Phoenix as it attempts to make a second coming….that’s more difficult.

  8. I’m looking forward to the drop in inequality then….”Yeah Right!”

    SaveNZ is fairly close to the mark in this instance…

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