Wait – WHAT? Air NZ has been working for 8 other militaries???


What the hell?

Air New Zealand confirms it has done work for eight different navies

Air New Zealand has fronted up over its military work, confirming it has repaired engines for eight different navies over the past decade.

The national carrier came under fire after TVNZ revealed on Sunday that the airline’s subsidiary Air New Zealand Gas Turbines has been carrying out work for the Saudi navy, which had been involved in a blockade that prevented food and supplies reaching war torn Yemen. Air NZ chief executive Greg Foran told MPs at a select committee on Thursday that he was aware of five or six countries the company had military contracts with, including the United States, Australia and New Zealand. He would not name any others.

On Friday he released a statement saying that an assessment of past records had identified eight militaries the Gas Turbines business had previously carried out engine repair work for, and work currently underway for five foreign navies is under review.

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So when they aren’t ferrying military to an immoral invasion based on lies, and when they aren’t repairing military hardware for a current on going war crime, Air NZ find time between safety commercials to also service 8 other military?

My guess is that Air NZ see how little anger Rocket Labs, (who are a franchisee of the American Military Industrial Complex), get and so simply assumed Kiwis would have no problems with Air NZ fixing repressive regime navies.

If we all cheer Rocket Labs seeing up satellites for the American Military, why wouldn’t we cheer Air NZ fixing motors on boats carrying out war crimes?

If we trade with China who is engaging in terrible human rights abuses, why would we get shirty over blood drenched weaponry?

This is Nu Zilind. This is what we are. We will literally sell our fucking milk powder to anyone.

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  1. Oh dear imagine how pissed off the Chinese will be. Of course the worst of them all is the USA warmongers but then they are ‘our mates’ right!

    • America and China have important roles to play. they represent half the worlds GDP. So no matter what out strategic planners will miscalculate first simply by underestimating the costs and because the public doesn’t like military spending. America secures our trade routes for us so we can get away with spending 1% GDP on defence. Second is we just don’t have the culture or the will to be a regional power.

      So yeah, let’s go decouple from China and America without a care for the consequences to your own people.

  2. I cannot believe Foran didn’t know about these. If he didn’t then someone must.
    We need to know names and dates for the airline functionaries who signed off the deals. Name them and that includes the politicians who are complicit.

  3. As the internet grew out of ARPANET and DOD surely you wouldn’t want to use something invented by the US military. Time to return to the printed edition.

    • From another thread:
      “Brewer February 10, 2021 at 5:53 pm
      Ahhh [Frank]. Such incredible logic.
      So I’m walking down the street and I happen across a thug beating on a defenceless child/woman/youth and I intervene.
      Some bystander yells at me: “Hypocrite! There are beatings being dished out all over. Why aren’t you intervening with them? …………………… “

  4. I have been saying this elsewhere but let or rather get Air NZ to provide the signed contract(s)of the deal(s) between the Saudi Military and now others.
    I really would love to see who’s signature(s) are on those contract(s)!!!!
    If Air NZ says they cannot lay their hands on the agreements then to me that would indicate they have something to hide or are scrambling to ‘create’ a new contract that doesn’t have the signatures of the original signatories on it!
    Such large business deals would have needed the Offer and Acceptance approval of the CEO and other senior managers. Not some middle manager.
    And so Luxon claiming he knew nothing about the deal just doesn’t hold any water to me.
    US President Harry S Truman had a sign on his desk in the Oval office that said “The Buck Stops Here”. The phrase refers to the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions.
    In this instance the agreement between Air NZ and say the Saudi military must mean the current and even the former CEO of Air NZ when the deal was made must accept responsibility for that deal. No denying knowledge of the Offer and Acceptance of a contract will exclude Luxon from being held accountable.
    If the contract was verbal then that is absolutely suspicious indeed.
    So Air NZ. Show us the Contract(s) that you signed and please do make it the original and genuine article! Don’t claim you cannot find it because that would contradict you(Air NZ)telling us(the NZ Public)that the contract was signed in 2019.

    • It was only 3 million bucks in a company that turns over many billions. I doubt AirNZ even has any aircraft worth 3mill or less. It is easy to believe the CEO/Board had no idea about that contract.

    • Let’s hope this little escapade of collusion with war criminals will stick and re-surface when Luxon rolls Bride of Chucky. It should rightfully tar his reputation and credibility for a long while, especially given he’s a churchie…hypocrites all.

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