MEDIA WATCH: TVNZ News tonight – repeating a filthy racist lie


TVNZ News tonight has repeated a filthy racist lie.

Israel is refusing to vaccinate 4.5 million Palestinians who are under Israeli occupation and control and these people are ignored in Israel’s figures.

Israel is implementing medical apartheid along with apartheid in every other aspect of daily life for Palestinians.

Israel says that under the Oslo accords the Palestinian Authority is responsible but this is a lie as we have repeatedly pointed out.

Even Palestinian political prisoners are being denied vaccines despite Israeli health officials saying they must be vaccinated.

As we have also pointed out, a United Nations special report last week makes Israel’s responsibilities clear:

Morally and legally, differential access to necessary health care amid the worst global health crisis in a century is unacceptable…

‘The denial of an equal access to health care, such as on the basis of ethnicity or race, is discriminatory and unlawful”

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This is junk journalism TVNZ – would you tell the same story if it were Jews being denied vaccinations?

Stop repeating racist lies – shame on you!


  1. Population of UK = roughly 67 million. Population of Israel = roughly 9 million. According to the BBC, Israel began vaccinations on 19 December and is delivering about 150,000 per day. The UK started around December 8th, though that was before their big push, and they now sit at about 400,000 per day.

    Seriously, journalism in this country is the pits. You can bet if someone tried that trick with their salaries they’d notice.

    • You could base a complaint on Standard 6, Discrimination and Denigration: for the level of the broadcaster’s absence or misuse of editorial control in the article. It’s pretty clear they are deliberately over stating and misleading with visuals in support of a racial preference. Their counter would make use of the same flaw in hate speech laws – in that hate isn’t always loud and overt. They were just presenting numbers, they’d say. Why Israel and not Spain? Well, why Spain and not Israel, they’d say. Whether or not someone sees what they’re doing depends on the individual, and the measure is mostly for someone standing up and shouting “I HATE THOSE FOLKS THEY SUCK” etc etc. However, since The Herald dropped a cartoonist for what appears to be views against Israel, we could say that a major newspaper acting on such an idea would support the view that the cultural environment in NZ is commonly known to be predominantly pro-Israel, no matter the details of each incident of dispute, therefore the discrimination has occurred because that well known trend was not taken into account by the editorial team. That style of complaint would be fun to watch being argued, even if it was dismissed.

      You would most definitely have them on Standard 8, Balance. It breaks almost all the guidelines for that. You’d also have them on several of the guidelines in Standard 9, Accuracy. Amusingly, Accuracy and Balance can be dismissed if it can be said that the article was opinion, comment, or analysis – and not portrayed as fact. It might hinge on what the expectations of the general audience was, which makes the whole thing just a whim of whoever makes decisions at the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

  2. In fact the Palestinian authority gets funded by UNESCO and is responsible for its own health care. However the massively corrupt Palestinian bureaucracy steals much of the money.

    No surprise, right?

    • And expert liars.

      “Dr Yasser Bozia, Palestinian Director-General for Public Health went further: “We haven’t asked for any vaccine from Israel. It’s our responsibility to procure and roll-out the COVID vaccine and all other vaccines. That’s been the case going back years,” he told Sky News.

      He continued: “We are part of Covax ( the part of the WHO charged with rolling out vaccines to all countries) and all nations who’ve signed up have been informed they will receive their first vaccine in first quarter of 2021.”

      • I think gabys onto something positive … and we should consider the upside he brings.

        For instance ,if NZ does not count Maori prisoners our incarceration rates, much like Israels vaccination rates ,,,, are something to be proud of as a nation .

        Lets start hearing some positive news for a change. …TV1 should start improving our standing in the world too , ,,,,,. Kiwiblog could help share the love and pride of ‘kiwis as well…. unless you’re a traitor like Hager its all a no brainer.

        100% pure creative ,,, gods people showing the path to make godzone great again ,,,

        ,,, and if the Maori people don’t like it they can fuck off back to Africa ,,, They are just like the Pals* and not even indigenous ,, there was never a recognized country called Aotearoa on any map ,,, stuff all their cheeky land claims.

        It’s time to get positive ! ,,, every body gets treated equal with them at the bottom.

        Blue-Q has a good plan and we should follow the good guys ,,, 25 mins 30 secs

    • Seeing as right wing pommy boy Andrew brought up UNESCO and funding … ” The United States has cut off funds to UNESCO as a punitive action after the Palestinian Authority was accepted into the UN agency as a full member in defiance of American, Israeli and European pressure.

      The overwhelming backing for the Palestinians’ bid to join the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation was a huge boost for their campaign for international recognition of an independent state, and a blow to Israel and the US, who had opposed the move”

      US to give Palestinians $5m in coronavirus aid – 1% of what Trump cut
      “That summer, Trump cancelled more than $200m in economic aid. Cuts included $25m earmarked for underfunded East Jerusalem hospitals that are now scrambling to prepare for the Covid-19 crisis.

      Trump also cut funding to the UNRWA, a UN body that supports more than 5 million Palestinian refugees, not only in the Palestinian territories but also war-torn Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.”

  3. Welcome to our world on the right hand side of politics!!! Despite their left wing bias, most MSM are more importantly lazy and feckless. Cut and paste from social media is soooo much easier than doing some research.

    • Come on Frankie you know damn well MSM and most media outlets favour centre right politics., Hosking, Plunkett, Du Plesis Allan, John Banks, Duncan Garner, Peter William’s, N Z Herald, etc etc.

      • Point in case…

        “A number of former employees have told Stuff, Magic lurched hard to the right to consolidate a more conservative older audience and to outflank rival NewstalkZB.”

  4. TVNZ is to real news reporting as Josef Stalin was to kindness and compassion… This mediocre rabble owes their career success to kissing up to the colonial power base.. To tell the truth is death to their future. It’s times like this that I’m thankful I don’t own a tv… I couldn’t deal with the disgust and loathing these cretins stir in me…

    • Don’t be so deceptive Gaby. You have already been called out on this! The deception arises from the fact that the governing body in Israeli occupied West Bank is the IDF not the democratically elected government of Israel. As an entity of occupation, The Office for Coordination of Government Activity in the Territories does not permit Palestinians to build structures on their own land so does not provide building permits and demolishes building on whim.

      For an accessible honest account, read: of course, it doesn’t contain the disingenuous information that Gaby doesn’t want you to see. That will be why he links to a paywalled site!

      For new readers, one needs to treat much of the information that Gaby provides with a grain of salt as it has been repeatedly established that he is a Zionist propagandist.

    • Whose narrative you are envisaging Iain H? To clarify, the Palestinian population has so far received some 2000 or 5000 vaccines, depending on who is reporting. There are two parts of the report you have linked to that are salient. The first is, “Even if those deliveries materialize….” which is a massive qualifier. The final sentence of the same paragraph says, “Israel is on track to vaccinate its entire adult population by the end of March.” This does not include Palestinians, only what Israel regards as ‘its adult population’.

      To clarify, 2 -5000 people will receive the first injection, possibly of the two being required to be effective. The remainder of the 4.5 million Palestinians in the occupied territories might receive vaccines but this will be at the discretion of the Israeli Government even if they are provided by non-Israeli Government sources.

          • Grow up Gaby. Your responses to being called out on your disingenuous comments are becoming more inept by the day. If you were a bit more adult, one would expect you to back up your accusation of lying by producing credible evidence and intelligent explanations so substantiate your accusation. Of course, people have come to realise that is beyond the abilities of dedicated shill and Zionist propagandist.

            • i know more than enough to bury all of you, but it’s more fun abusing silly little bigots like you who never change their evil spots anyway, no matter how often the truth is presented to them. Heh heh.

  5. ” TVNZ News tonight has repeated a filthy racist lie ”
    John they are talking only to the brainwashed privileged section of the community who lap up this utter crap.
    The tragedy is that our corporate media mouth pieces spew out this garbage show’s you just how compromised the media is in Aotearoa with it’s inherent right wing bias we have had to endure for the last 35 years. The same people destroyed Meteria Turei for her fronting up over her benefit irregularities while rich businessmen and woman rape this countries people by exploitation and cruelty.

    • Here’s a link that might interest you mosa given your comment about “corporate media mouth pieces”:

      The first thing of note is that it was written by Auckland’s Pasifika affairs reporter Torika Tokalau. It highlights the activities of the racist neo-Nazi Durward Colin King-Ansell and his anti-semitic printing and distribution of pamphlets, but only mentions in passing, his equal virulent racial hatred of Maori and Pacific Islanders. To fit the anti-semitism brief, there was the usual highlighting of holocaust survivors who were seemingly not numerous in Auckland at the time if one reads: Of course, that is not to imply that the couple were not seriously concerned for their security on hearing about the pamphlets. However, the featured Bob Narev was quoted as saying, “I was aware of King-Ansell and his activities and what his attitude was to the Jewish people and to the Holocaust, and it didn’t entirely surprise me that he took this action”. If King-Ansell was generally regarded as more than a mouthy racist attention-seeking neo-Nazi, one would have expected reference to a reaction or response to the mailbox drop from the Mayor of the time who was Jewish.

      The story then moves on to include comment from David Cumin, the ever present Zionist ‘go-to’ commentator. He seems to be more concerned about the 1990 attack in Auckland when four children at a Jewish school were stabbed by a woman who is reported to have screamed anti-Jewish slogans. Of course, he omitted to mention that the woman had history of psychiatric illness. If one wants to read a more nuanced account of the incident, one can be found at:

      As an observation, the Stuff story has the end-note, ‘A previous version of this story said the 1990 attack on schoolchildren occurred in Wellington. It actually occurred in Auckland, at Kadimah School.’ It would seem that Mr. Cumin may have caught himself out on detail while upping the anti whilewhen he had the attention of a reporter.

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