National Party Team Building will look like a scene from The Office


Just imagine for a second, how incredibly difficult it will be for National to find any team work in 2021, or 2022 or 2023…

National to focus on team work at annual retreat

Team work and unity will be a major focus at the National Party annual retreat which starts today in Wellington.

Collins fleshed this out as​  “learn to trust and respect each other.”

Trust and respect?

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Just think about that for a second. This is a Party whose coward backbenchers were spooked by a bad poll and gutlessly backed Todd Muller’s coup because they feared losing their jobs! Muller was a leader with all the false confidence of tall man and folded barely months into the job.

National MP’s showed New Zealander’s who they were – cowards who were prepared to knife their leader Simon Bridges just for the chance to hold onto their jobs.

Once you see that kind of venal self preservation, you can’t unseen it.

Half the Caucus are cowards who will turn disloyal at the drop of a hat, Judith may as well be calling on Qanon supporters to accept an eclipse isn’t Satan eating the Sun.

I imagine Chris Bishop looking like this…

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  1. Who the fuck let the media into the retreat was a stroke of intellectual idiocy. Of course they would focus on overweight unco politicians trying to play something resembling cricket. This was a free swing for Toxic who gleefully aimed for the bleaches.

    Problem is this whole mindset is a movement of failure. Importantly if the individual members of the National caucus don’t understand already what is required following the political decapitation in October then they don’t deserve to be there at all. Some new age psycho babble and “team building” activities aren’t going to suddenly create a political epiphany. Anyone with half a brain that has been forced to experience these “retreats” as part of a corporate organization can attend to this.

  2. I remember Jenny Shipley telling us that holding and APEC meeting and importing more Japan-sourced used cars were good for the economy.

    Jabba the Hutt, on the other hand, reckoned that buying up rural land and on-selling it at a huge profit to people who had lost their homes in the earthquake was good for the economy.

    Then there was the absolute twit from way down south who knew sea level rise was not going to be a problem because he didn’t believe in science. Apparently he did believe in Noah’s Ark, though.

    Shonkey had the best idea: speculate on the NZ dollar [at the expense of all New Zealanders] and then present yourself as a financial wizard. After a period of self-enrichment in government, retire to an organisation that doesn’t need to do any real work at all because it has a licence to print money.

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