What Wellington Numpty didn’t see the issue with allowing Wiggles but denying brain cancer Kiwi?


It is an incredibly worrying sign that the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite who actually run the country should be so blithe in their decision making that no one thought of the optics for the Government in denying a Kiwi dying from cancer entry while allowing the Wiggles in…

Kiwi dying of brain cancer can’t get MIQ spot, yet The Wiggles can

On the same day The Wiggles were given a space in managed isolation (MIQ), Yvonne Ponting was told there was no emergency spot for her dying brother to come home to see his family.

…the millisecond this got to the media, all hell broke lose and the Minister wanted answers and immediately granted Trev Ponting a place.

It should never have gotten this far.

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The bewildering trust this Labour Party still place in the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite to give them a heads up on embarrassing information going public is made more difficult because the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite always treat Kiwis with this level of contempt.

The prisons always shit on the prisoners that’s why they were surprised anyone was concerned that they were shooting at rioting prisoners.

Oranga Tamariki always steal Māori babies, so were really surprise they got into trouble when filmed doing it

The NZDF always lies about Iraq and Afghanistan so were taken aback the public were angry they killed civilians.

Housing NZ despises their tenants and had no problem throwing a thousand of them onto the street for nothing more than fake P contamination tests.

Likewise, the blunt trauma of a faceless Wellington Bureaucracy doesn’t care if allowing the Wiggles in while denying a man dying from cancer looks bad.

At some stage, if Labour wants transformation, they are going to have to start by removing the toxic neoliberal cultures deep within the State service.


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  1. I think that of all the problems and challenges faced by the 2nd Adern government “removing the toxic neo-liberal cultures deep within the state sevice” is the first one to go in the too hard basket.

    • Not sure that’s the case. Just a lack of will.
      If you look at the number of cock ups in various Munstries /departments/agencies over the past few years, let alone acts of sheer stupidity. you’d expect responsible Ministers quietly and repeatedly ask the SSC to please explain.
      Some of them have become so bad at muddle and senior management level, they deserve a bloody good kicking.
      I gave up counting the number of times the old “operational matter” excuse has been trotted out.
      But it seems that in many cases, Labour politicians have found the status quo quite convenient and its easier than actually rocking the boat – the lack of will
      Pretty much the reason there can be no kindness or transformation

  2. Lets be honest, Labour needs Wellington’s bureaucratic elite because, as the past 3 and a bit years has proven, they are clueless without them.

    No one in Labour’s caucus appears to have any plans, original ideas, passion or fortitude to think beyond PR and being forced to react to any given situation. They exist to get reelected. They exist like a basic life form, to replicate because they can.

    Hence the mess at the Pullman. Even though there has been red flags popping up well prior to that, that our quarantine system is/was running more on dumb luck than anything else, Hipkins bumbled along quoting officials assurances everything was fine and dandy!. And guess what Chippy, it wasn’t! Who would have thought?

    And if it’s a slow burn like housing, forget it. Criminally useless.

    I’m hoping 2021 will see our government break out of its coma and set the agenda, genuinely. I won’t hold my breath however.

  3. “I’m hoping 2021 will see our government break out of its coma and set the agenda…”
    Like you say though @Xray – don’t hold your breathing passages. There’s a lack of will – and even the half-dozen or so competent Munsters – the teacher’s pets, taking most of the mother lode who probably reminisce about Labour’s rooteries and wonder what happened, appear to have been captured by the bullshit artists and disciples of neo-liberal management theory.
    They could. They won’t.
    A bit of a shame though what? I’m still a bit reluctant to put shit on JA. How do you do that knowing she’s never known anything other than knowing – more importantly – experiencing the status quo.
    Sure as shit though, for me – 2020 was the last dance at the OK Corral as far as a 2023 party vote goes.
    They’d better come up with a plan which will include substantial PS reform before I ever tick that box again.
    On the positive side, most of my frenzies and family have ‘reckons’ just the same – except the hero worshippers.
    There are existing mechanisms whereby they could effect meaningful change – IF they really wanted to, and just as quickly as the gutless arseholes that succumbed to the neo-liberal religion and the cool aid – they didn’t even have the decency to start their own party. Easier they thought to just hijack the one they were in.
    Fuk ’em

  4. The Wiggles coming will be good for the children who gets to see them. The last year as been upsetting for their young minds to work out . Months without seeing grandma or grandpa school disrupted
    it should not have come to an either or between the gentleman with brain cancer and the Wiggles common sense eems to be lacking in much of what is going on at government level..I do not usually defend Labour but these government officials are a law unto themselves which ever governemt holds the reigns

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