Ballance Agri-Nutrients Continue Importing Plunder From A War Zone – Western Sahara Campaign


After Morocco’s flagrant violation of the terms of the ceasefire in Western Sahara on Friday 13 November 2020 war broke out between the two sides. In the midst of this war Tauranga based Ballance Agri-Nutrients has decided to carry on importing phosphate rock plundered by Morocco from occupied Western Sahara. A new cargo of phosphate rock is on its way to New Zealand and is due at the port in Tauranga on the 23rd of February 2021. This rock belongs to Western Sahara but is mined and exported by the Moroccan occupation. By choosing to carry on as normal with the trade Western Sahara Campaign-NZ believes that Ballance Agri-Nutrients has chosen to side with the aggressor Morocco.

This trade continues to shame both Ballance Agri-Nutrients and New Zealand. Western Sahara Campaign-NZ calls on New Zealanders to contact their political representatives and tell them it is time to end this trade. Western Sahara Campaign-NZ also calls on both the board of Ballance Agri-Nutrients, and its shareholders, to take immediate steps in halting this immoral trade from a war zone.


  1. There is more to this story.
    As a REWARD for becoming mates with Israel ie ‘normalizing’ its relationship with Israel , ie throwing the Palestinians under the bus..Morocco has been ‘granted’ the US and I assume the West, possession of Western, Western Sahara is decreed as ‘not occupied’ ..throwing the Sahrawi under the bus..

  2. This appears to be an argument over who gets to profit from the “plunder”. It certainly doesn’t appear to be about the uncontrolled exploitation of a finite resource.

    • I’m not arguing “over who gets to profit”.
      I’m pointing out..warning about ..the political reality. ..Western Sahara is sometimes called the last colonized land in Africa..and the powerful are on the side of the colonizers

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