The John Banks of 1919


Māori have always had to put up with jaw dropping racism in this country. The deplorable thing Banks and his caller had to say is just the latest in sad justifications by those who benefitted from colonisation shitting on those who lost the most.

Back in 1919 as the Influenza pandemic ravaged NZ, Māori who had suffered disproportionally from the virus had to put up with the John Banks of their day

At a meeting of the Canterbury Hospital and Charitable Aid Board in February 1919, in the aftermath of the epidemic, a nasty quip was made about Māori. During a discussion of the need to clean up ‘Maori pas’ to avoid another epidemic, a woman member of the board suggested, ‘Why not start by cleaning up the Maori mas?’ [Māori women].

…an Ok Karen before Karens.

This is 2021, wilful ignorance shouldn’t be celebrated.

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  1. To a narcissistic psychopath like little banks all attention is good attention. Have you not noticed? He thrives on controversy. Stop giving the really big man, I mean the really, really big little-trump-hands man energy. Deprive the weed of our sunshine and he’ll soon wither away and disappear.

  2. Not a supporter but. When banks was mayor Auckland council had no debt . now they’ve got 8 billion debt. And where’s the loan come from. Which brokers pockets get the back hander.. council family?

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