MEDIA WATCH: Latest brain injury to NZ current affairs


Oh yay.

Our latest brain injury to NZ current affairs…

Matty McLean says A Current Affair will ‘hook New Zealanders in’

Matty McLean has landed a reporting gig on a new TVNZ 2 show.

Called A Current Affair, the show is a local version of an Australian programme comprising news, entertainment and human interest stories.

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The show, a mix of local and overseas – but mainly Australian – content, will be presented by Susie Nordqvist and aims to have a local component showcasing McLean’s on-camera skills.

McLean is familiar with Australia’s A Current Affair and thinks that when it screens on TVNZ 2, people will be talking about it the next day.

…just what we need, another Australian current affairs franchise strangling the domestic NZ market to reap some monopoly rentals like every fucking Australian trans national does.

You would have thunk after the dangerous brainwashing of people via Facebook that a ‘current affairs show’ that uses social media as its journalism source is needed like a Covid super spreader at a raw dog orgy.

I don’t want to get crass, but isn’t this type of infotainment brain injury the last thing we need as we stumble dazed into 2021?

This will be a cookie cutter franchise arrangement for branding and content with some lite weight local interview thrown in to pretend it’s relevant.

It isn’t public broadcasting just because it’s broadcast to the public.

This is why Facebook disinformation is winning.


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  1. Who the hell thought this was a good idea !!! McLean is weather reader and has all the intelligence of a National party conference.
    We really are despised by TVNZ and their exorbitantly paid celebrities.

  2. A. Who watches TVNZ, full stop? It’s a terrible advert pocked crapfest and has been for years. Add TV3 to that.

    B. Since when has local TV journalism in this country made a comeback? I thought it died years ago.

    C. When will we get a broadcasting minister under this government who has a vision past collecting their pay cheque? Or any minister actually.

  3. TVNZ really doesn’t know whether its bloody Arfa or Marfa does it. Even when there’s something half decent, I can’t watch because every 12 or so minutes, I’ll be shouted at. As good at Jesus Christ on Breakfast and his accomplices might be, you can almost guarantee that whenever you turn it on, you’ll be shouted at by some fucking marketer/advertiser hawking their un-needed wares.
    It has a serious identity crisis. Half Auntie Beebie, half CNN with a few wishing they were Bob Jazeera with tits.
    (as an aside – whatever happened to that undertaking by broadcasters that there’d not be a mismatch in volume [ fuck all the intricacies involved in digital compression differences et al – this is the 21st Century and there are ways and means ] between programme content and advertising breaks. That didn’t last long )

    The marketeers are truly in charge and they’ve captured the lowliest – the autocue readers, the journalists, johnalists, the cadets and all alike. (They’ve got mortgages and rents to pay, and ambitions to fulfil)

    ONE News (“YOUR” news) with “OUR” Max Headroom – or Peter Pan, or when Wendy is sitting in for Petie.
    Live and exclusive on the scene (because we can) “OUR” cadet-in-training – here’s its exclusive report.

    I’ll try and watch the incisive “A [shrivelled up] Raisin Affair” if I can stomach it, but I’m just as likely to vomit

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