Colin Craig wins $325 000 in damages against Cameron Slater 


The sprawling Colin Craig vs Dirty Politics legal saga is now at an end…

Colin Craig v Cameron Slater: Former Conservative Party leader awarded $325,000 against bankrupt blogger

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has been awarded $325,000 in damages for being defamed by Cameron Slater.

But the multi-millionaire property developer acknowledged he is unlikely to recover any of the money.

…Slater, Jordan Williams and John Stringer all thought Colin would just roll over when they launched their united front attack on him.

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But Colin didn’t.

He fought them every step of the way, regardless of how many times that dragged his former personal assistant back into the painfully humiliating spotlight.

It’s ended with mistrials, record defamation costs and Slater owing Colin Craig $325 000 in damages but it feels like everyone lost billions in this vicious and nasty event.

The only thing you can say for certain is Jordan Williams, Cameron Slater and John Stringer will never utter Colin Craig’s name ever again.

The best take on the whole infected mess?

Frank Macskasy…

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  1. The arrogant self entitled born to rule behaviour of these playground show off bullies beggars belief.
    They are junior Trumps.
    They could join the Act sect and worship seymour and semi automatic weapons.
    Actually probably have done so.

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