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  1. John Banks has been chopped from his radio job for telling a caller, who described Maori as a “stone-age people with a stone-age culture”, that those same people would very soon be coming through his bathroom window. Such attitudes came as a shock to Mediaworks, and listeners, since neither parties had ever heard of the man before, and had only tuned in to hear the Susan Boyle special scheduled for noon that day.

    Personally, I only listen to the radio so I can catch any DJ playing the overtly hateful, “Iron Lion Zion”. Bob Marley needs to be put behind bars, where he belongs!

  2. Hypocrite of the week: a thief sworn to protect us from thieves

    News from a cold and wet Taranaki that a cop has been found to have stolen a large sum of money which had been found on a street and handed in to local police by a good Samaritan. It appears this dangerous hypocrisy is embedded in our most trusted agencies where good people apparently take an oath to serve and protect their community. Former cop Chester Borrows contacted the media and released a statement saying this individual does not represent the police force as a whole:

    This also sounds like hypocrisy, because brown kids are more likely to get arrested but it’s ok for him and his mates to target certain individuals because they seemingly do represent a whole population.

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