Political Caption Competition


I can’t be the leader of a crypto-fascist hard right Party if i’m on the cover of Woman’s Day wearing a white T shirt!


  1. Hi.

    Can you give me some guidance for the link to the political caption competition please?

    I’d like to be given a chance at putting my quarter in.


    • Me too.

      No formal qualifications to present, but I’ve sure played doctor to many Kiwi’s rants who believe that Aotearoa is a god zone paradise/Peter Pan set, and hence believe that they should take on the persona of gods in human form when all they really amount to are gods in the gallery of a remarkably poor stage show.

      Oh. Mamma Mia! Indeed, he is the epitome of Dr Puppy Love.

      I’ve spent much of my New Zealand “quality experience time” (often unwittingly) supporting such “adolescent child’s play antics”. I can now only look back and view both the tragedy and comedy as entertainment.

      Please don’t take these NZ political types too seriously. After all, we more or less comprise a nation of kids in a sand pit.

  2. ” I could give it all up for love.”
    Is that funny/ironic/weird coming from a narcissistic sociopath?
    If Dolly knew she was sharing the cover with that little prick she’d fly over here and kick his arse.
    Dolly and her fans rip it up.
    Dolly original.
    Darcy Clay’s cover. RIP. Darcy Clay.
    White Stripes covers Darcy Clay’s cover.
    david seymour covers roger douglas’s original.
    My name is david seymour… Ok?

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