Surprise, surprise – Green Party complains about sleeping in the bed they made

Figuratively & literally next to useless


Green Party will continue to push for wealth tax, blast Govt for ‘not doing enough’ about housing crisis

The Green Party will continue to push for a wealth tax, with its co-leader saying she is “frustrated” at the Government’s lack of action on the housing crisis. 

Party co-leader Marama Davidson said on Tuesday growing public housing lists and skyrocketing house prices must be “urgently addressed”.

“Many homeowners are earning more on capital gains than average income earners,” she said on Wednesday.

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“Additionally, there are now 22,409 households eligible for public housing still waiting to be homed since the end of November last year.”

Davidson says the Government should be using “more of the tools in the toolbox” to fix the issue  – including taxing wealth and capital gains.

She says her party will continue to push for a “fairer tax system” which taxes wealth as well as income to stop “rampant property speculation” contributing to inequality. 

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has categorically ruled out a wealth tax.

…as I advised at the time, the Greens should not have spinelessly accepted the dead rats Labour had to offer right after the election and should have gone into opposition because they had no power and have no power OTHER THAN the threat to go into opposition.

They fucked up the negotiation process because they have crap strategists and have all the offensive capacity of slow growing moss.

In the end the Greens will be seen as simply propping up tepid nothings as policy rather anything transformative.

Which is exactly the place they find themselves in now!

Who cares what the Greens have to say about the obscene explosion in house prices, the Greens are tethered to Labour so their criticisms means jack shit!

The Greens made this bed and are now complaining about lying in it.

If they had been more tactical at the negotiation process, if they looked beyond the empty baubles they were given, they would have a a righteous place to criticise Labour from now.

They don’t.



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  1. Maybe they could have a think about environment issues now, or climate change, or consider a name change and become The Beige Party, or The Monitors of Naughty Words and Thoughts, Bike Riders of the Burning Planet.

  2. Yep, they look like gormless idiots tethered to our gormless prime minister who thinks last years massively out of date plans to build an additional 8000 state houses some time in the next 3 years, now nearly 60% too few to satisfy demand this very day, is a solution.

    They look like fools because THEIR government are so stupid they can’t work out that every day this crisis goes on many more people are thrown on the waiting list suffering.

    Are they morons or what?

    And lets not forget, announcements, even as fundamentally inadequate as the rehash just announced by our PM goes, tend to never eventuate under this Labour government.

    And worse this rehashed announcement does not address the super rapidly growing crisis that caused it.

    Everyone party to this fiasco is guilty and should be planning a career change, minimum.

    • Agreed Xray
      the green party is just a cardboard copy with no teeth to force change to lower the transport carbon emissions now increasing daily, as more trucks carry freight than before.

      We want Climate change action now,!!!!!! to get rail freight back, but Greens are asleep at the wheel on this.

  3. You smashed this one outta the park bomber, a home run. You called it months ago. They should have gone into bat for us poor renters, first home buyers and homeless when it counted. Straight after the election during negotiations even though they had nothing to negotiate with they could of stirred up Labour enough to maybe get benefits raised before Xmas. But no.
    To me this sudden wake up of the slumbering greens around housing inequality appears not much more than virtue signalling.

  4. They are the most profoundly stupid people in the country, not only in Govt. This is a prime example of their stupidity, their own policy is 100% counter-productive, again! I will explain;

    If I (or anyone) had $5million dollars in assets, and the Greens wanted to bring in their wealth tax, I would end up paying $60,000 pa in wealth tax. If I put $4million dollars of that money into housing speculation plus debt, I would pay no wealth tax. But in the process I would have at least $4million worth of property increasing in value at a ludicrous rate due to Labours pro-property speculation policies. This would be easy to do with the banks lending money for property speculation, again becasue of Labour policies. Everyone else with more than $1million assets is doing exactly the same thing, not becasue they are evil landlord scum, but because the stupid green party essentially forces them to do so (or lose everything they have worked and saved a lifetime for)!!!! Property values will go up as everyone invests more in property to avoid the wealth tax, and everyone who is already rich gets exponentially richer while anyone not already on the property ladder gets a constant kick in the teeth, kick in the arse, kick in the teeth cycle from the Govt of kindness and the policies of the loving Greens.

    Why are they so intensely stupid they cannot see the consequences of their ideas? Their policies would make all the housing issues 100X worse at least, would massively add to inequality, lead to massive homelessness, and generally make NZ a hellhole far worse than neoliberal policies have achieved so far. The Green Party is a bunch of useless imbeciles that should be removed from office for their own good, as well as the good of the nation. And I was once a keen supporter and Green voter!

  5. Thankfully, my tomatoes and radishes and gherkins are still doing fine. Maybe they’re just living in hope for the inherent (and slogan-less) transformation and kindness promised by the party they once voted for.
    Here’s me tearing me bloody hair out, worrying they might be suffering from the same blight and “headwinds going forward” Labour has had for the past 30 plus years. It seems they might be
    If I see signs, I’ll shove ’em all on the next activist cyclist’s shopping basket and send them express down the bus lane to Garret Street. Or even to Les Mills who should be able to get them to just pull themselves together

  6. ” … all the offensive capacity of slow growing moss”

    Martyn Bradbury, how dare you equate slow-growing mosses with this bunch of ridiculous and ineffectual wokesters. How dare you!

    I’ll have you know that some slow-growing mosses are real movers and shakers. Sphagnum moss, for instance, forms peat bogs, changing the local environment slowly but radically. It’s even been described as an “ecosystem engineer” – looky here:

    I don’t much like the term myself, but that’s what people are saying about Sphagnum mosses – “hey, you’re ecosystem engineers!”.

    As for slow-growing mosses’ alleged lack of offensive capacity, well that isn’t quite true either. Sphagnum’s peat-forming ways enable it to do in its competitors by raising the water table to levels most other plants can’t tolerate. Sneaky!

    And what about this other slow-growing moss that poisons other plants:

    Plenty of offensive capacity there. So please stop slandering slow-growing mosses Martyn.

    P.S. Please consider the environment before printing this post.

    • Well said! Let’s hear more for slow growing mosses. And for fungi. Did ya know they form vast underground networks through cooperation not competition. Much to be said of that.

  7. Bomber i held my nose and voted Green in the hope that in the true meaning of MMP we would not get a majority result for a party that does not despite the smiles and team of five million crap and has the party name Labour that was named to mean the workers representatives in any government or parliament would be in a position to rule on its own despite your accurate prediction of a majority Labour government after October 17th. We voted out FPP to stop the naked aggression of the two main neoliberal twins of the free market arrogantly pursuing wealthy only policies and demanding every sector of society is exposed to free market forces.
    The Greens are irrelevant for the next three years because they are not needed to govern.
    It is all window dressing and the desperation to remain relevant ahead of 2023 which is the only card they have to play.
    And as you have pointed out many times the next generation of millennials will be casting their vote.
    The last general election was a pandemic vote nothing more nothing less.
    Labour’s re connected constituency have backed them as they did in 1987 when National were on their knees and offered a safe alternative to anyone willing to listen to Jim Andertons warnings of the coming apocalypse against the good hard working vulnerable Kiwis who would be put to the sword in the 1990’s and are still marginalised.
    Adern and Robertson are just like Key and his henchman , the only difference is COVID a killer pandemic
    that has scared the be jesus out of the population and created a temporary community spirit of care and compassion which has been removed from the neoliberal brainwashing propaganda dispensed by the governments and the corporate media for thirty years.
    The next three years will be a vacuum but watch the neoliberals sell the four year term as the only way to achieve ” progress ” in maintaining the status quo that only re enforces the free market wealthy supporters influence over every facet of our ” inclusive team of five million ” economy.
    Watch the degree of arrogance climb in the next eighteen months !! They will love their parliamentary perks and have already forgotten the many desperate they claim to represent.

  8. A wealth tax is a very bad idea. Very difficult to administer (the valuation side will be a nightmare) and essentially state sponsored repossession of people’s assets AKA theft. In the European Union it would be illegal under European human rights legislation.

    It is also totally unnecessary and not helpful. It’s only achievement will be to put the middle class off voting for the green party (the only socialist option). Just introduce capital gains (which is automatically valued at sale) on property after the nth property. Pick n to be large enough to not penalize those middle class who have bought an extra house to pay for their retirement and low enough to make a difference to the house price problem. I’m guessing 2 or 3.

    You also need to build houses and provide long term fixed rate mortgages, e.g. 3% for 30 years. The housing problem is deliberately created. It is not difficult to fix. The government just has to stop creating it. Helping to solve it is a secondary step!

  9. I’ve already said worse-than-useless [because they actively promote the wrong things] more times than I can remember over the years.

    What now? This, I suppose.

    The even-more worse-than-useless-than-before party.

    Snow White has some good suggestions, and ‘The Monitors of Naughty Words and Thoughts, Bike Riders of the Burning Planet’ has a nice ring to it, though I suspect most of the Greeds don’t actually ride bikes.


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