American Carnage: Why Qanon Shaman, a military occupied Capital and a Nation suffering a needless mass death pandemic is Trump’s fitting legacy 


And so it has come to this.

The shining city on a hill is surrounded by more military than the occupying forces America has in puppet regimes like Iraq and Afghanistan.

25 000 armed paramilitary guards to protect the inauguration of the rightfully elected Biden against Trump Fascists and Qanon lunatics who believe a Satanic child sex trafficking cult stole the election and bioengineered Covid to be spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world government.

The Orange Lives Matter Insurrection has been as ludicrous as it has been chilling. Total morons manipulated into a fearful rage, urged on by Trump, his spineless Republican stooges, Fox News and Facebook’s algorithms.

This fucking idiot…

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The Barbarians and the Vandals are literally at Rome’s Gate, and they’ve brought their friends, the Incels

…alongside such heavy militarisation and a country imploding from a pandemic worsened by their lack of a public health system and Trump’s bewildering incompetence really is the American Carnage Trump promise in his inauguration speech.

The reason liberals in America hate Trump so much is because as a bloated narcissist secreting mass produced selfishness masquerading as exceptionalism, Trump actually represents America perfectly!

The grotesque fake tan, fast food gaucheness, the gleeful ignorance, the casual violence and exported malice.

Trump is America.

Boasting, wasteful, frightening and arrogant.

America is Trump.

Dangerous, self serving, intellectually barren, sexist and racist.

Trump is America.

Trump’s America is considered worse because he turned the military industrial complex violence we are so accustomed from America in upon itself.

His isolationism saved us from Free Trade nooses and he started no new wars! After George W Bush, the planet feels conflicted.

Trump’s gaining of power in 2016 was the repressed scream of a working class blighted and mutilated by Democrat/Republican Free Market neoliberalism and a toxic culture war that disfigures all it touches. Of course there were racists and white supremacists and Qanon lunatics amongst his supporters, but neoliberalism recruited more to Trump’s carnival of lies than Nazis or the KKK ever did.

After 4 years of spite and malice from Trump, the lunatic fringe he fed and cultivated didn’t have the capacity to successfully take over the Capital Building.

It’s not Trump we should fear, it is the next pretender for Villain in Chief who will have learned just how much more further American Fascism can now go.

The far darker shadows watching his demise and lusting for his rise to power, will plot more purposefully to exploit the culture war that has opened like the yawning maw of the event horizon of a Black Hole into the very soul of America.

Trump is the beginning of the end for America. He was the symptom of a much deeper economic disease that has millions in poverty and a handful of billionaires rigging the rules for their benefit.

Trump was the last chapter in late stage capitalism before the collapse.

His Presidency was the inflection point towards American entropy.

Motel money murder madness.
Let’s change the mood from glad to sadness.
Mister mojo risin’, mister mojo risin’
Mister mojo risin’, mister mojo risin’
Got to keep on risin’


In the end, Trump used Identity Politics to create class friction for never ending chaos and division. His ‘achievements’ have all the moral worth of Nazi plunder.

Make America Great Again was a call to the era of the white supremacist’s noose and the feral rabid mob. His demented followers were manipulated into self-defeating rage by an economic system that was always rigged against them.

Trump leaves America in post traumatic stress.

Weakened, frightened and self tortured.

666 migrant children taken at the border still without parents. 

30 000 lies told.

400 000 Covid dead.

An empire of orange conspiracy deceit built upon the worst angels of our nature is his malignant and broken legacy.


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  1. Yes, Martyn. All of that, plus more.

    The man the Democrats wouldn’t allow anywhere near the seat of power because of his socialist and environmentally-responsible inclinations says this:

    ‘A record-breaking 4,000 Americans are now dying each day from Covid-19, while the federal government fumbles vaccine production and distribution, testing and tracing. In the midst of the worst pandemic in 100 years, more than 90 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured and can’t afford to go to a doctor when they get sick. The isolation and anxiety caused by the pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in mental illness.

    Over half of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck, including millions of essential workers who put their lives on the line every day. More than 24 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed or have given up looking for work, while hunger in this country is at the highest level in decades.

    Because of lack of income, up to 40 million Americans face the threat of eviction, and many owe thousands in back rent. This is on top of the 500,000 who are already homeless.

    Meanwhile, the wealthiest people in this country are becoming much richer, and income and wealth inequality are soaring. Incredibly, during the pandemic, 650 billionaires in America have increased their wealth by more than $1tn.

    As a result of the pandemic education in this country, from childcare to graduate school, is in chaos. The majority of young people in this country have seen their education disrupted and it is likely that hundreds of colleges will soon cease to exist.

    Climate change is ravaging the planet with an unprecedented number of forest fires and extreme weather disturbances. Scientists tell us that we have only a very few years before irreparable damage takes place to our country and the world….’

    Needless to say, Trump didn’t manage to create the carnage on his own but had plenty of assistance, especially from billionaires and other sociopaths who represent the true America, as opposed to the widely-promoted myth.

    There is much celebration around the world, as the worst rogue state on the planet turns on itself. Pepe Escobar doesn’t hold back in his wonder, as Washington DC got converted into a simulacrum of Baghdad at its worst.

    ‘The season opening of the Joe and Kammy Regime Change Show could not be a more appropriate roomful of mirrors reflecting the self-described US “political elite”.

    During the 2000s, I came face to face with Baghdad’s Green Zone multiple times.

    I always stayed, and worked, in the hyper-volatile Red Zone – as you may check in my 2007 book Red Zone Blues.

    We knew then that blowback would be inevitable.

    But still, we could never have imagined such a graphic simulacrum: the Green Zone fully replicated in the heart of imperial D.C. – complete with walls, barbed wire, multiple checkpoints, heavily armed guards.

    That is even more significant because it ends a full “new world order” geopolitical cycle: the empire started bombing – and cluster bombing – Iraq 30 years ago. Desert Storm was launched in January 17, 1991.

    The Blue Zone is now “protected” by a massive 26,000 plus troop surge – way more than Afghanistan and Iraq combined. The Forever Wars – which you may now relieve through my archives – have come back full circle…..’

    The saddest aspects for NZ are that our political ‘elites’ are tied to the rapidly decaying American Empire and its self-destructive systems, and there are still idiots out there who think America is a nation to be admired and emulated.

    • Could there be a problem here?

      ‘Ten percent of Americans now control 97 percent of all capital income in the country. Nearly half of the new income generated since the global financial crisis of 2008 has gone to the wealthiest one percent of U.S. citizens. The richest three Americans collectively have more wealth than the poorest 160 million Americans.’*

      Not if you’re a ‘slave’ owner, I suppose.

      Hasn’t Elon Musk set up his biggest car factory in China because he loves American capitalism so much?


      • Not sure he’s an idiot but tramping on the only American President to challenge the Deep State ( albeit in my view via the wrong road e.g. social media when he had the position to deliver the packages behind the curtains), seems inconsistent with Martyn’s loathing of deep state apparatus.

        Biden however will be ruled by the Deep State and guess who reappeared today as his ally? Mrs Clinton number one poodle of the Deep State.

        • @ RM. Yes. I noticed that also.
          “Photos Allegedly Show Bill Clinton Receiving Massage From Jeffrey Epstein Accuser”
          “Hours ahead of former President Bill Clinton’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention, the Daily Mail published photos Tuesday that show Clinton apparently receiving a neck massage from alleged Jeffrey Epstein victim Chauntae Davies following a previously-reported flight that Clinton and Epstein took to Africa together in 2002, with Davies telling the Mail that Clinton was a “perfect gentleman” on the trip.”

          400 americans have a combined wealth of 2.4 trillion dollars and since the U$A’s a capitalist democracy that’s a lot of dark depth to their deep state.
          The U$A should try a socialist democracy for a change. Tax the absolute fuck out of every vulgar, classless, seedy, pervert, rich yank wanker and feed that money to the powerless and impoverished.
          It’s my opinion that AO/NZ is owned and operated by conservative right wing Americans and our frankly pathetic attempts at pretending to be ‘democratic’ every three years is as sad as it is laughable.

        • “…tramping on the only American President to challenge the Deep State”…

          Trump didn’t challenge the deep state, if you think he did you’re deluding yourself.

          He simply challenged anybody, any branch of government, any institution that might investigate his criminal activity or threatened to get in the way of his personal enrichment.

          He had no interest in the deep state or philosophical position on it, it’s risible to think he had.

  2. US decline and fall has to be seen in relation to China’s rise and rise. The ‘communism’ that the US points to as the enemy in China is actually authoritarian state capitalism. So the US despite all bullshit to the contrary is just another dying empire looking for an authoritarian state capitalist way out. Next we will see a US dictator going to war against the Chinese dictatorship and dragging us all into it. Time to build an international socialist movement that unites US, Chinese and all other workers to overthrow their reactionary regimes and build a world socialist federation. No support for any imperialist war! The only war we have to fight is the class war!

    • Dave – Holyoake was suckered down that path: 78,000 tons of beef to America – catch? NZ send troops to Vietnam.

    • The US will never go to war with China the same way they have never gone to war with Russia or the USSR in the last 75 years.
      They will fund proxy wars in countries like Armenia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan (still) etc to rid their stocks of past used by date, depleted, or tech deficient weapons to keep the industrial war machine rolling.
      Of course politicians will use fear to control the populace, but to form such a world socialist federation under the prescription of fear is silly.
      Form it under a veil of unity and power, whether real or perceived, because that is what unity is, and the number one fear of the facist right.

  3. Scratch the surface and Europe ain’t much different and powder kegs of similar scenarios exist in Italy, France and Germany. Even relative placid democracies such as Sweden and Holland have similar movements gathering momentum. It’s overly simplistic to blame capitalism or neoliberalism because when you scratch the surface we have operated ‘bastardised’ versions we the ideology has been manipulated to serve those in power.

    This is more about power and the abuse of it. The power elite (corporate business, public management class and the landed elite) have systematically taken and abused power for their own gain. Enablers in our education systems, media and governments have aided and assisted with creating this oligarchic structure. The next stage is using the supposed ‘free media’ that the internet provides against any form of opposition to this structure.

    Trump is the first person from the outside that has been elected to a position of power for a long time. A deeply flawed individual but any worse than those that constantly plotted behind his back? Is the world a safer place with him gone? We know the answers to both questions are no yet the narrative we are being fed is that now the world will be a better place. It won’t.

    The angry dynamic that Trump and the wider team around it is a legitimate problem. In order to sustain and increase returns to the elite there has to be a loser and it is the middle class. The last 25 years has seen a loss in political, economic and social rights for this group. This decay can be seen in all Western Countries even (little) Aotearoa. The problem is the free world fundamentally operates as a democracy and every one of these maligned individuals has a vote worth just as much as the elite. If you don’t believe there is a concerted effort to suppress these voters then you haven’t been watching closely enough. The rise of social media censorship is the latest attempt at this. It is everyway is wrong as the suppressing of poor voters on the other side.

    This won’t end well and won’t start or stop in America. The issue for a lot here is should the elite win this battle your mob (the traditional left) is next on their hit list. There is an active drive to remove all criticism and independent thought from the system. Remember that when they are actively recruiting for foot soldiers. We are actually in this together.

  4. The US will never go to war with China the same way they have never gone to war with Russia or the USSR in the last 75 years.
    They will fund proxy wars in countries like Armenia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan (still) etc to rid their stocks of past used by date, depleted, or tech deficient weapons to keep the industrial war machine rolling.
    Of course politicians will use fear to control the populace, but to form such a world socialist federation under the prescription of fear is silly.
    Form it under a veil of unity and power, whether real or perceived, because that is what unity is, and the number one fear of the facist right.

    • Right on SOB

      At least Auntie Helen avoid the Bush Blair unlawful -invasion of Iraqi (no WMD).

      Sanctions is the preferred weapon of America now it has lost its military superiority

      Bring on an alternative to SWIFT and it’ll be: Goodnight.

  5. It’s incredible to see the two leaders of the world that Trump seemed to admire and like was Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Putin(Russia).
    In fact it is striking how Trump seemed to eagerly jump to the defence of Putin whenever he could. His sycophantic attraction towards Putin is puzzling.
    But then when all things considered these two leaders are part of a dictatorship or have had experience in a dictatorship i.e the former USSR. Trump was a wannabe dictator and threw a childish temper tantrum in the guise of law suits galore when he couldn’t get his way.
    Trump seems to have a love of dictators and dictatorships except the Chinese and China.
    Is Trump’s hatred of China because it’s actually an industrial country which is more profitable than America can ever be? Is it because Trump just doesn’t like anyone whose skin colour is not white?
    Mind you that would put Kim Jong-un into Trump’s racist basket but for some reason Trump probably still call him a nice guy. Or is it because Trump well knows he cannot make any money in China and hence his hatred of that country?
    Trying to figure out the mind of a madman like Donald Trump is probably like counting all the stars in the night sky. Almost impossible.
    But then I got the impression Trump has the attention span of a flea but knows how to manipulate others to do his bidding. The recent riot in Washington is confirmation that the attack was pre-planned eg panic buttons had been removed from some of the offices in the Capitol before=hand and even those insurgents that rioted and broke into the Capitol had a tour around the place a day or so before.
    Trump behaved whilst watching the riot at the Capitol with the sick behaviour of the tale of Nero Fiddling Whilst Rome Burned. Trump stood there looking at the telly and perhaps had a smile on his face that he had so many maniac followers at his whim and call.
    At the end of his term Trump demanded and got a 21 gun salute and a red carpet. I feel instead of the 21 gun salute he should have had a 21 bum salute from some of the most hairy-est on the posterier male soldiers in America or the National Guard. And instead of a red carpet he deserved a blood coloured red carpet with the names and photos of the 400,000 Americans who lost their lives due to COVID under Trump’s watch. Also Trump now has more blood on his hands as he allowed 5 people to die during the insurgence that he instigated.
    But will he be held accountable for his actions? I doubt he will in this life-time but when he meets his Maker – whatever entity that Maker be – then he might have to take responsibility for his actions.
    Right now Trump’s days of being immune to any possible prosecutions whether they be for tax evasion and other not so honourable actions has finally caught up with him.
    I doubt we have seen the last of Donald Trump, his wife and his brats. He will still carry on that the election was stolen from him and rigged.
    But now that he is no longer in office I am sure he will react more irrational and unstable than ever before and probably become the laughing stock of the Trump family. Well lets hope that happens. It would also hopefully put the rest of the Donald Trump family into question.

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