If I had 22409 desperate people waiting for social housing & had pumped billions into property speculation – I’d want Princess Bride Deep Fakes as well!


Deepfake video stars Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford in The Princess Bride

Disturbing or a love story for the ages? Whatever you think of it, there is a video in which Clarke Gayford plays Westley and Jacinda Ardern plays Buttercup in The Princess Bride.

The catch is that neither Gayford or Ardern actually had a role in it, instead a YouTuber has used deepfake technology to superimpose their faces atop a section of the original film.

Deepfakes are when video or audio is manipulated to impose another person’s likeness. The YouTube user, Genuine Fake, has been posting edited videos with New Zealand politicians for months.

If I had 22409 desperate Kiwi’s on the public housing waitlist and had just pumped billions into the pockets of property speculators which priced home ownership out of the reach of entire generations while Landlords were doing scum shit like this…

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Property management company criticised for discouraging landlords from renting to tenants with intellectual disabilities

An Auckland property management company has come under fire for publishing an article that discouraged landlords from renting homes to people with intellectual disabilities.

…I’d want a Princess Bride Deep Fakes distracting voters as well!

Could I suggest to the Labour Party that instead of attempting to even defend the cluster fuck they have made of Housing, they just put out Deep Fakes of Jacinda all the time as a response?

Titanic starring Jacinda.

Star Wars starring Jacinda.

Apocalypse Now starring Jacinda.

If only we had a Labour Government who cared about renters and the desperately homeless kiwis waiting for State houses as much as they care about the property speculators they’ve pumped $60billion to.

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  1. Some New Zealanders are building a cult-like belief system around Jacinda Ardern that is increasingly worrying. It is simply not healthy for our political system or public debate.

    • Jacinda Ardern, as it transpires, is just another politician. One who is quite motivating when communicating and who you want to believe.

      But after winning an outright majority, her words and inaction on housing, in this case and quite sadly, has damaged her credibility. Her siding with those on the property ladder whilst arrogantly pulling it away from those who aren’t is pure Paula Bennett without the malevolence. Child poverty? Never heard of it!

      The goodwill is draining fast.

      • The Minister for Child Poverty for the past three+ years apparently has no idea what skyrocketing housing costs does to child poverty.

    • Lol. The cult of (little) Aotearoa. It’s a MSM creation. There is a drive to dumb down NZ political debate. Simply put if you treat the majority of people like mushrooms they act like mushrooms.

  2. There is a lot of Maori land without any housing on it.

    There is no land cost involved building on this land – and there are many urban Maori who cannot afford to retire (cannot meet rent costs in super). There are local unemployed Maori who could do the labour work (and then move onto construction nationwide).

    Government money to the local councils for the infrastructure work and away it goes.

    This should have been PGF 101.

  3. I would like to see a break down of those waiting for social housing. Last year we had all these people including our mainstream media saying foreigners coming here weren’t taking our houses and that is not what I see on the street I live on. Now we all know that is spin, of course they are living in houses, driving on the roads, going to the toilet, using water, going to the doctors, using the hospitals, going to school. Now does this not have an impact on our over stretched infrastructure. Immigration is like a tap can we please turn it of for while at least until we address our critical infrastructural issues with housing shortages being the worst.

    • I agree with you on slowing down immigration, but fear that due to a worsening global outlook people will be selling their own mother to move in here.

  4. Could it be that the Adern government is at least better at preserving some form of stability in NZ administration than other current parties? There’s no magic wand, after all. If there’s a guaranteed effective problem solver out there, let’s hear the name. What if any is the truth of the situation? Pretty elusive I’d say.

  5. Yes there is a lot of fragmented Maori land owned by hundred sometimes thousands all part of the Native land Courts and Act and then we have a lot of Maori land locked into perpetual leases.

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