Why Trump must be impeached, why Twitter ban isn’t a blow to free speech & Qanon lunatic bloodshed vs Deep State over reach is the future


Trump must be impeached. If he is and the harshest penalty handed out can legally ban him from ever running again, and that must be the desired outcome to cut this cancer from the American political body.

And make no doubt, Trump is a fucking cancer.

The malice and spite of his Presidency has only managed to sink American politics into the lowest pits of obscenity. His lies, his toxic narcissism, his revenge fantasies they all combine to a cruel selfishness that has been exposed by his attempted Orange Lives Matter Insurrection.

For him to lie about a stolen election for 2 months and then set an angry mob into the State Capital Building while his election loss is officially being recorded is fascism.

Naked, foaming, white supremacy drenched fascism.

Trump has manipulated the resentment, ignorance and fear of the white working classes whom Democrats had turned their backs on and he used them for an attempted putsch.

That’s why banning him from Twitter and other social media platforms isn’t a free speech crisis.

Twitter are a private company and can ban anyone based on their terms and agreements and in this case, Trump’s unhinged fanatics are willing to do anything he says and right now Trump is screaming ‘fire’ in a movie theatre.

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With a Million Militia March planned for next week, blocking him and his insane followers from actively plotting a public safety threat is the exact response required.

We always say that there is a line between your opinion and incitement, Trump incited and now he’s banned. To pout and cry free speech when this example IS the exception to the rule is bullshit sophistry.

We have a deranged sociopath who has culminated his four years of malevolence with an attempted putsch, allowing him access to his lunatic army via social media would be as irresponsible as transplanting a tumour into your brain.

That’s not to say what the Tech giants have done is righteous, these pricks empowered and gave Trump oxygen for 4 years before suddenly finding a conscience?

So what does the future hold for America?

Listen to his lunatic Qanon Orange Lives Matter Insurrectionists, they honestly believe Trump has had the election stolen by a Satanic Child Sex Murder Cult who helped bioengineer a virus spread by 5G technology to bring about a Satanic one world government.

They believe that insanity.

They are armed to the teeth, have apocalyptic visions of grandeur and believe this January 20th is the moment to live out every evangelical, white supremacist neo-Nazi wet dream they can conjure up.

Trump’s fascists will be responded to by a vast Deep State over reach that will decide what increased powers the State now needs to feels safe by stamping out anyone it decides is a threat.

We might agree Qanon poses an immediate threat, but whatever powers the Deep State picks up today will be used against anyone demanding a more radical economic agenda tomorrow.

Late stage Capitalism in America never looked so ripe for collapse.

I fear this is how the Handmaid’s Tale begins.


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    • Exactly. We need to permentaly remove any and all free speech in lieu of the far superior “correct speech”! Hopefully he US doesn’t waste this opportunity and sends all white (definitely not black, asians etc, even though a lot of them voted for Trump too) Trump supporters (there are only 75 million of them) and put them in either re-education camps and if theat fails then into Austwitz style death camps. There is no place for “wrong think” in the New World order!

  1. The American empire is in the absolute latter days of death and Trump is the result of all their corruption etc.
    I’m NO Trump supporter, but look at any American president probably after Eisenhower and they’d all be hung under Nuremburg justice, it’s just that the press haven’t told you the full truth about them.
    With Trump we hear about how bad he is all the time, which we should !!!!!
    But my point is you get your info ONLY from the MSM, you are misinformed as to how bad Biden is etc.
    So IMHO there will be NO change when ‘Trump the disease’ has been removed, its just you won’t hear about it until the ‘result’ hit us square in the face.
    NOTHING will change under Biden, other than less reporting of the corruption, USA’s international mass murdering etc.

    • I dont have much time for America’s political media but it certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that Trump is simply horrid as a human being.

      • And replacing him with a guy who hss been making his bed in the Washington swamp for the past 50 years is an improvement?

        Let’s face, a Biden President is going back to the status quo. Where Washington is run and controlled by the lobbiests, no matter who is the White House, because they’re all getting pay by the same people. The US political system has been broken for decades and hate him all you want but Trump has highlighted that broken system. It’s like you’ve jumped out of a snake pit into a fire, and you’re celebrating because you’re jumping back into the snake pit.

  2. The evil empire has never really accepted his election as president. Right from the start they tried to get rid of him with ‘russiagate’. He was an outsider, with no experience in politics, but one who seemed more attuned to traditional American values of non interference with other nations, protectionism and industrialism. However he lacked the political ‘smarts’ to achieve much. Nevertheless, despite his incompetence and buffoonery, he has always seemed pretty harmless. The attempt to impeach him seem more a reflection of Democratic Party vindictiveness than anything else.

    It looks as though the empire has strucken back

    • You must be bloody joking! How about the millions who have suffered or died as a result of the endless sanctions, which should be called what they are – war crimes. add to that, the way he has held countries to ransom with threats to financially cripple them. Add to that the way Trump and his side-kicks have given away other peoples lands and homes on endless ‘deals’, been complicit in extra-judicial killings and attempts to overthrow legitimate Governments. We are talking about way more than incompetence, buffoonery and ‘far from harmless’ doesn’t even start to measure the many multiples of evil! Trump makes the most malign of leaders look like choristers.

    • Wrong on all counts mikesh as the fact that 10 Republicans also voted to impeach and the only American values he knows are the value of how much money he loses and makes.
      He will go down as the worst leader in the history of the free world.

  3. Have I missed something? Because I’m fucked if I know why we’re so concerned with the U$A and what dipshit president presides over the poor hapless bastard U$A general public ???
    Yapping yanks bore me almost as much as Australians do and that’s only because Australia is more like America than America is.
    If the rest of the world, and yes, there is a world beyond America, ignored them would they exist at all?
    I think we should close our borders and call ourselves Aotearoa and the U$A would soon forget about us. Or invade us I suppose. I sometimes think they already have.
    trump is there because he was democratically elected to be so. He’s a reflection of the general population’s wishes. It’d pay to remember that and plan accordingly.
    This explains it well.
    “Psychopaths favor right-wing authoritarianism, finds study”
    And this guy courtesy The Guardian.
    “Why the Democrats should not impeach Donald Trump”
    Simon Jenkins
    The other term for a capitalist democracy is fascism.

    • “Have I missed something? Because I’m fucked if I know why we’re so concerned with the U$A…”

      1. They have nukes. This leads onto every possible post-apocalypse WWIII sf novel I ever read.

      2. Like it or not, they are one of the planet’s top two economies and so many Kiwi jobs are predicated on a stable global economy led by the US and China.

      3. Because Trump and Trumpism is just plain wrong.

      • 1, So does France, and I don’t us obsessing over them, despite them being the country that actually committed a terrorist attack here. Trump has de-escalated many existing US tensions (North Korea and Russia), but has stoked some new ones (Iran and China). I’d say it’s same old on balance (i.e. the US needs to remain in potential perma-war situation).

        2. Agreed. Which is why we need to decouple economically from both of them.

        3. In your opinion. Can’t have anything that challenges “right think” (i.e. what YOU think is right). If Biden’s war hawk cabinet is anything to go by, the chances of your point 1. becoming a thing just got higher. https://jacobinmag.com/2020/11/joe-biden-administration-cabinet-picks-pro-war-hawks

      • There have been many balanced comments based not on the MSM narrative of the last four years but a more informed narrative. Maybe some education is required. Hillary paid for a dossier that was used as the basis spying on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. An officer of the FBI has pleaded guilty to forging documents for a FISA warrant. This is the real news. Ever heard of Michael Flynn, do you understand how the court was used to discredit Flynn as part of a mis information campaign. you will most definitely be aware that the MSM narrative that the hunter Biden story was Russian mis information was a complete lie

        • It always intriques me, ACG, that when you have to point to another human being as “worse”, that it somehow mitigates the corruption of the person you support.

          I can’t think of any aspect of the justice system that works quite that way.

  4. Qanon are almost rational compared to the Evangelicals. At least the great conspiracy could theoretically (if it exists) be one day revealed, and the USA return to (somebody’s definition of) normal. Some of the apocalyptic death cultists actually want to bring on the world to speed their way to heaven!
    Apart from Schwarzenegger’s speech, few Republicans have done more than preform concern. I can’t think of any USAn religious leaders who have done even that much. Though, I don’t visit Christian websites either, so may have missed that.

  5. “Twitter are a private company and can ban anyone based on their terms and agreements and in this case, Trump’s unhinged fanatics are willing to do anything he says and right now Trump is screaming ‘fire’ in a movie theatre.”


    And as RWNJs like to lecture us Lefties when we complain about a biased media: “If you don’t like it, set one up yourself”.

    These are indeed dangerous times we live in. 2020 may have been prelude to social/political unrest fomented by a deranged narcissist and throwing fuel onto the fire of conspiracy fantasists and far-right fanatics.

    This will be America’s greatest test since 7 December 1941. But this time, the enemy is within and looks like us.

  6. My twitter account was suspended this morning. Most of my posts were about sustainable agriculture and diversified forestry. I have never posted Qanon crap (hardly even know what it is). I can’t recall saying anything political since the election, and certainly never made any comments that were abusive or even far off centre politically. The only reason I can think of was that I was following Donald Trump, but also following a heap of other world leaders including Joe Biden and other countries leaders, so I can hear what they have to say. Seems we live in a world where we can’t hear what people say directly, we are only trusted to be told how bad other people are by our ‘dear leaders’. This sounds a bit familiar… Anyone remember reading Tarrants manifesto? If you read it now, you go to jail. You need to trust our great Government about what Tarrant said, not think for yourself. This is the modern world of ‘kindness’ politics. Easily recognisable to countless generations of people kept ignorant ‘for their own good’ throughout the ages.

    Cancel culture has gone totally nuts. This scares the hell out of me for the future with the potential for ‘hate speech’ legislation to turn very nasty. Left wing fascism is no more pleasant than right wing fascism. It’s pretty hard to see a Democrat-run USA being less fascist than a Republican-led one at the moment.

    Not going back to twitter, almost hope they go broke.

    • Seriously if you are hurting after having your Twitter account suspended you really need to reassess your life choices.

      • People like Sam…”.Oh, just give it up – all your time and contribution, it is meaningless because, well, it is.” Sorry fucking Sam- we were goaded and driven into the twitter platform to promote our businesses you idiot. We were told by everyone, everywhere this is where it is. How dare you humiliate this poster.SHAME. YOU BULLY

        • Hi Angie, cheers for the defence! But actually it was not really needed, I certainly was not humiliated by the comment from Sam. My twitter account being suspended is actually very amusing right up to the point where I wonder what it signifies for the future, which would appear to be a desire by some very powerful forces for us to all live in a world full of people holding identical views on everything, and believing only what we are told. Or put it another way, a modern world equivalent to the pre-reformation days where everyone KNOWS the earth is flat, the sun revolves around the earth, and the Catholic Church is the mouthpiece of God on earth, and no one questions it. This scares me. At this stage it does not appear certain that the new elite forming who will control the thought patterns masses will be of a left or right wing persuasion, but I’m not sure that anyone living in a totalitarian society would be able to distinguish the difference between far right and far left anyway. Alternatively, they may be just too stupid to see the overtones in what they are doing.

          The fact that my twitter account was suspended…. why? Is it really that revolutionary to discuss organic farming and growing trees? Is this stuff really so challenging to the status quo that it needs to get banned under the guise of being ‘far right’? If I’m ‘far right’, then so is at least 90% of the NZ population, and certainly everyone who thought of themselves as being in any way centrist.

          Sam is funny. Ironically I was following him too. Sorry bro, you just lost a follower. Hey Sam, you had ‘far right’ followers, what does that say about you? Hope you’re not next on the chopping block mate.

          My once or twice a week brief glance at the garbage on twitter is no more, woe is me! What purpose is there to life now??? This silicon valley idiots really need to grow up, or at least grow a brain. The one thing I can’t decide on is are they just woke fools, or are they genuinely sinister in their motivation?

          • First thing get yourself some goals, stay positive and keep hustling. I was about to Tweet that but because it might have offended one person in the whole World I refrained because I might be put in the digital Gulag along with you.

            Social Media is now a joke. Trump has two thirds of all Twitter accounts following him. He was keeping Twitter active. Engagements and social medias value to advertisers will now plummet across all platforms.

            Now we have to make miracles. To keep active Twitter accounts happy there is no limits. Don’t see how I could be blamed for any of this, it was the algorithm.

            • Of course you’re not to blame Sam, neither am I, that’s the point. I always enjoy reading your stuff. My slight interest in twitter is now all gone, I will not miss it. All the best.

  7. Trump, will be impeached, NOT by his own Party, and sitting congress, but by the landslide victors not only in the house, but also in the congress, and yes those some, not many, who did, and have always harbor indignation to the Trump, ego mania, in the house and congress, of the G.O.P.did add their names to impeachment, now those slithering also now understand best to add our name to that for their political survival.
    25, is the number going to be told to the Vice President, gone by lunch time, or, and yes, impeachment, is for sure of this deranged President. What it mean, second time no more he can lie rant bully, no more he can be a runner for the top job, don!t stop him from being at the hidden capitalist top table, better a prison although Federal.
    Is he his deranged supporters, whom the authorities are spending bribes for information about these desperadoes, these insurgent rebels who dared to Usurp a legal election massive victory, these what does America call these terrorists, they call them what softer words can our news call these people, this is America, this does not happen here, our news words for other lands Dictator, Terrorist,Despot, not here in this our land of freedom.
    How no need for boy Trump, sister Trump, and Giuliani, no need for the reward for arresting them, their guilt is televised for all to see who dares look.
    The Donald, being deranged, he and his collection of sycophants have left the White House bunker and have arrived at the lone Stare State, Texas, to visit the wall, that he said Mexico was going to be paying for, his first great lie to the American people, and then preceded to the Alamo,and if you understand American history, you can see the political relevance.
    He should under 25 be gone now, only in America.

  8. Trump has completely and utterly lost all grasp of reality. He blames everyone else but himself for HIS ACTIONS. He is a complete lunatic. An insane person who has never admitted to making mistakes and probably has never grown up to be a real adult.
    The awful reality too is so many of his supporters take whatever codswallop and bullshit he says as absolute and unquestioned Gospel according to St Donald.
    He has created a population, a following that is, that believes in lies, bullshit and everything that is wrong that spews from his mouth as truth and that he is the best president of the united states(deliberate lower case here) of America that it has ever had since the first President. How he has fooled so many of his followers and the is just incredible. It’s almost like a reminder of the dark days of NAZI-ism in Europe during WW2.
    Trump has become the Minister of Propaganda like Joseph Goebbels with his: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it….”
    Sadly in 2016 and now here in 2020 America got what they voted for. They allowed a despotic lunatic with the attention span of a flea to be their leader. And in return Trump massaged the egos and vulnerabilities of those who are lowly classed, poorly educated, naive and easily misled. Those very people are part of the groups Trump encourages and courts eg the Proud Boys.
    We must now notice when it comes to Donald Trump he will encourage his followers to partake of acts of violence but will later condemn those acts because he wants to give the misleading image he is a Great American Hero. He is a coward and probably has been all his entire life. His cowardice has been a a part of him for decades and not for the past 4 years or last two months.

    • Well said JustMe. Like Goebbels and Hitler himself did to their population, Trump deceived and lied to the population in the USA. Unfortunately, many millions chose to be brainwashed by his toxic rhetoric. There are some like that also in New Zealand who see him as the Messiah – that he can do no wrong. In supporting him they display their intellectual inability to see through the lies.

    • There have been many well many well informed and balanced comments about trump over the last few days unfortunately this is not one of them. the democrats talked about impeaching DJT even before he moved into the Whitehouse. maybe a bit of education may help, the Russian collusion investigation was based on a fabricated dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.
      The Obama administration spied on the Trump presidential campaign using the FBI and members of the investigation team falsified documents to support the FISA warrants that allowed this to happen. Michael Flynn was politically prosecuted for stuff that is much less of a threat to national security than many thing Biden has done. if you don’t believe any of this look up Kevin Kleinsmith

  9. If Twitter continues to make decisions like this which have affected not just the likes of Trump but other right of centre actors then surely that means they are exercising editorial judgement? The obvious follow on from that is that they are a young as publishers and should then be responsible for their content which they have resisted firmly.

  10. Twitter is done…Twitter cannot have this amount of power in politics…so, ban Twitter in NZ…let’s face it, USA via Twitter, will try to influence the world’s political systems to benefit the USA…solution? Ban Twitter

  11. Twitter is done…Twitter cannot have this amount of power in politics…so, ban Twitter in NZ…let’s face it, USA via Twitter, will try to influence the world’s political systems to benefit the USA…solution? Ban Twitter

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