The growth of online gambling in New Zealand in 2021


New Zealand has become a major marketplace in the gambling world and billions of bets are placed here each year. It has attracted major players such as Goldenslot to set up shop to cater to this ever-growing market. In this article, I will talk about the current trends of the New Zealand gaming sector in 2021 and what to expect in the future.


#1 – Video Slots Lead The Way


The most popular online casino game that players from New Zealand play is video slot machines. It should not come as any surprise as in all English speaking countries this is the case for all. There are thousands available in this ever-growing gaming section and most avid players will have a casino app downloaded to the smartphone.

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#2 – eSports Gaming Huge Growth


The gambling market is experiencing the largest growth in eSports gaming and this has now become an extremely valuable marketplace. There are many popular eSports events and tournaments held in New Zealand to cater to this new type of gambler. Instead of playing games of chance such as Roulette, the next generation prefers putting their gaming skills to the test by placing wagers on them beating other players or on eSports teams.


#3 – Gambling Using Cryptocurrency Seeing Major Growth


At the end of 2020 and the start of this year, we are seeing the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies boom. The price has reached record highs and recently went over $40,000 per BTC which is double its old record of $20,000. Many people from New Zealand own bitcoin and it is also a popular place for miners of cryptocurrency which generates crypto for proving computer power to the network.


Due to this gambling using cryptos such as bitcoin has become extremely popular in New Zealand. You can find countless online casinos and gambling apps that players can access here. It means the players can enjoy the benefits of no fees, instant payouts, anonymity, and more.


#4 – Players Have Made the Switch To Online


Retail betting shops and land-based casinos used to be extremely popular but last year the industry was crippled by the pandemic. New Zealand may have copied better than most at dealing with this situation but social distancing has changed gamblers’ habits. Now nearly all bets are played online due to the pandemic and the switch is likely to be permanent.


Final Thoughts


Due to the pandemic consumer habits are going to change as social distancing is going to be around for a long-time. It is going to help fuel the growth of online gambling in New Zealand and devastate any companies with a land-based gambling model. The blockchain is also going to play a pivotal role in reshaping the industry to make it more transparent and fair. The technology is not perfected yet but expects to see big things happening in this space overall in 2021. 


Lastly, expect to see New Zealand becoming a leading force in the eSports industry. It has gained huge popularity over the last few years and it is what the next generation prefers against playing casino games like slots.



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