GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Freedom of Speech Hypocrisy


The point emerging appears to be: It’s okay to invade parliaments if the Main Stream Media say it’s okay

This Post is an attempt to be – OBJECTIVE.

Its not a matter of whether I’m pro Trump. I’m not and have considered him deranged since the time I was in North Korea  and he threatened “Fire and Fury”.

It’s not a matter of whether I am pro Biden.  I’m not.  Reports of his shenanigans in Ukraine while Obama’s deputy, satisfy me that he is corrupt.  

Twitter shutting down Trump – is a step too far – in my view.

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Parler goes offline as Amazon pulls the plug on the conservative social network 

Even Angie Merkle reckons, it’s a bad sign. 

It’s a bit rich I reckon, when Main Stream Media get their kicking boots on.

And tag along RNZ

It was main stream platforms which lauded attacks on the Ukraine parliament 

These are the same platforms which lauded uprising in Belarus.

The point emerging appears to be: Its okay to invade parliaments if the Main Stream Media say its okay.

Until social media rocked up and until platforms like the Daily Bog emerged, if your opinion did not conform with the cash behind the editorial policy of Main Stream media outlets; YOU had no show of contributing to public debate.

Reflect for a moment – back here in New Zilin where everything is luvly.

Dr Don Brash has a different point of view, when it comes to bi-cultural partnership apropos running this country.   But because Main Stream media apply their interpretation of statutory law pertain to what you can say without infringing criminal codes (Brash does not); he is black listed.,

Oops.  Black listed?

In my assessment, Twitter and Facebook and Amazon expose their true level of integrity – when they leave banning Trump until the last moment.  

They are no better than Main Stream Media.

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland police spies; currently Honorary consul for an African state; Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in NZ and has international business interests.


  1. Yes, Ross, and agree re Twitter. Brash being black-listed is astonishing, especially for political reasons when his views are so widely known anyway; chances are it’s the decision of another poxy old MSM hack – they tend to be tedious bores at dinner parties, as I’m sure you know- but being able to exercise this sort of censorship of others’ views, is intellectually bankrupt – as well as juvenile. So much for freedom of speech.

  2. Kia ora Ross
    Thank you for having the courage to tell it as it is.
    Some questions that the media (including TDB) should be asking:
    1. If Donald Trump was such a bad choice of President, then how is it that the particular democracy which elected him to office is deemed to be such a fine system of government? Does a good tree produce bad fruit?
    2. If the secret ballot allows fraud and allegations of fraud and gives rise to suspicion of fraud, then why do those who insist that the election result was legitimate refuse to return to the original democratic principle of an open ballot?
    3. If non-democratic institutions such as the print, broadcast and internet media corporations can prevent the President of the United States from communicating with his people then what freedom remains for the ordinary person?
    4. If the media institutions made Donald Trump into a notable public figure and political contender, then are they not accountable? The New Zealand state enterprise TVNZ actively promoted Donald Trump’s ideology through the “Apprentice” television series, and continues to do so, so how can it deny responsibility for Trumpism?
    5. If the political elite really believe that Donald Trump is immoral and dishonest, then why did they not speak out against him when he first began to violate the norms of international law? For example, why did the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern remain silent when Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, yet denounce him when he questions the authenticity of the electoral process in his own country?
    6. Are the Five Eyes, including the Realm of New Zealand, now following the practice of Stalinist Russia, where persons in power could commit all manner of crimes with impunity, until such time as they are perceived to threaten the survival of the system, at which point, and only at which point, they are denounced as traitors and insurrectionists fit only for the gulag or the firing squad?

    It is not Donald Trump who is the self-serving fraud, liar, hypocrite and bully. Or at least it is not just Donald Trump who is all those things.
    The political system in each of the Five Eyes states is corrupt and the one thing that they cannot forgive in Donald Trump is that he unleashed the power of a proletarian mob in a society where the elite lay claim to a monopoly over political power.
    The supporters of the Democratic Party and their allied Five Eyes governments are now imposing a domestic tyranny far worse than anything Trump could or would have contemplated. The “Christchurch call” which ostensibly came in reaction to the horrific acts of a rogue ASIO agent, and which was intended to prevent his background and associations coming to public knowledge is now being applied against all those who question the moral integrity of the Five Eyes system. In other words, the victims are being punished while the perpetrator, and those who aided and abetted him, are hidden away.
    If the Five Eyes media institutions have the will and ability to silence a rogue United States President, then what will they not try to do to the good folk of Aotearoa?

  3. If I remember correctly, the Vice Chancellor of Massey University, wanted to ban Brash from speaking there in case students threw eggs or tomatoes at him. Very protective of Jan I’m sure, but death by egg- or annihilated by a tomato – could be quite an interesting sort of way to go.

    Given that Brash has never been cowardly about speaking his mind, I doubt he’d be intimidated by such trifles, but even if he were, then as a principled person, he should have been permitted to live dangerously, and students not subjected to the unedifying spectacle of a Kiwi bloke apparently being protected by a possibly well-meaning Aus woman. This not the spirit which built the Commonwealth – now spear-headed by Hollywood Harry and Meghan the Markle, to whom wee flags are waved and PM’s bow – and freedom of speech may not have been the issue on the Massey campus back then…

  4. At this moment I’m watching Russian TV which announces that Russia will own its own internet infrastructure for social media before 2021 ends.

    The project commenced 2019 to protect government platforms.

    At the moment Russia has agreements with Facebook etc

    This new Russian platform will provide for Russians to interact without outside interference and censorship and Russian user data will be kept in Russia.

    The Russian program is also to have its own internet which will compete with Amazon

    As I recall the Chinese sorted the internet problem already.

  5. “Describing it as “one of the darkest days in American history,” President-elect Joe Biden denounced Wednesday’s spectacular assault on the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. as a coup attempt fomented by Donald Trump.

    “I wish we could say we couldn’t see it coming, but that isn’t true. We could see it coming,” the 78-year-old Delawarean said. ” …..

    “Yet, almost at the same time as the future president was denouncing Trump’s coup attempt, he was appointing Victoria Nuland — the driving force behind the 2014 insurrection that overthrew the Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych — as his new Under Secretary for Political Affairs. ”

    ….”Victoria Nuland was the driving force in the US-orchestrated coup in Ukraine, was caught discussing who would be installed as head of state and is the wife of Iraq war ideologue Robert Kagan.

    No matter who’s in office, Democrat or Republican, the neocons manage to stay in power.”

    Pearl harbour hype has Biden lined up for more mass surveillance and censorship laws …
    56mins 40 secs


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