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  1. Back before the first lockdown, I was in what you could call a rural service town. Ironically, it was named something that turned out to be the exact opposite of this particular encounter. It was a week day, around 5pm, and once I’d sorted my stuff out I wandered into town for something to eat. So there I was strolling along looking at things and this ute came into town and a guy stuck his head out the window and shouted, “Fucking Faggot!”
    What did he mean by that? Did he mean,
    “I’ve noticed you’re not from around here. Hello, how are you?”
    or did he mean,
    “You don’t look like me or anyone I know, and the only other type of person I don’t know is gay!” or did he mean,
    “We don’t have too many gays here so I feel obliged to enquire as to your orientation because, to be honest, the pickings are a bit slim. Gay pride is my life and exuberance is my style!”
    Or maybe he meant,
    “The problem with NZ is that people who look like you all dressed up in jeans and button down shirt take too much of the rewards of our hard work.” Or did he mean,
    “I see you there with your girl. I wish I had a girl, and I kinda wish you hadn’t reminded me that I don’t, because I would be a nice guy to the right girl.” Or did he mean,

    It’s important to know exactly what he meant because in view of everyone being concerned about hate speech and hate crimes, and now our Race Relations Comissioner is happy more victims can come to our angry shores, I wonder what would’ve happened if a muslim woman and her sisters were walking the main street and he leant out the window and barked “NICE AFTERNOON WE’RE HAVING IS IT NOT?”

    There is a slim possibility that they might think, “If had my AK right now he’d be swiss cheese…” but most likely it’d freek them out, and unlike me, once they went down the list of possible options, they might not be confident in choosing one that didn’t leave them worse off. I wonder though if they’d consider that the tourism brochure they read about the place had been misleading.
    I wonder if the local council and population would be concerned that tourists had figured out they just wanted their money. Would the government take responsibility for demanding that people come to NZ for a better life that they knew didn’t actually exist, and then drop them in an obviously hostile town? I mean, people might not be shooting at them, but they might get beaten to death. What a relief to not be shot! Would they ask themselves why they had been deceived, and what the motivations were of all the people who had deceived them? Would they go online and find the messages from people who came here, and then left, spellng out these obvious problems?

    Would anyone at any time spend any time at all on Mr. Rural Town and how he arrived at his predicament, and how they played a part? Or would they quickly tweet the Human Rights Commission from their villa in Mt.Eden, and demand he be brought to justice?

    Apparently in NZ we have the idea that we are something we aren’t, that the economic and social beliefs we hold don’t play any part in the making of local monsters. But hey don’t think about that. We are clean, green, diverse, gay friendly, vegan inspired, animal activists and open-armed unarmed munchkins. Don’t think about the fact we’ve being going down a destructive social route for 40 years now, and only made believe weren’t doing it for a hundred and forty years prior to that. We’re at each other’s throats every day of the year, in our families and workplaces. Forget about how the mongrel mob came about. Forget our psychotic national sport of bashing immigrants, the poor, and beneficiaries. Don’t think about the fact that our attitude to land, money and possessions, and fascination with power and violence, is driving these nitwits.
    Don’t think about the fact that now no one can get in or out of NZ we have the perfect opportunity to sort these problems out before a hundred thousand more people flood in. Do nothing to solve the cause. Blame the monster, not your own values and beliefs. Tie a gag round the monster’s mouth so no one can hear him sneaking up, so instead of hearing his gormless noise, they go to the local pub for a meal and get the shit kicked out of them in the toilet. Quietly. Quiet is good. Quiet means no problems. Do nothing.


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