Ongoing worker dissatisfaction shows need for fundamental change – CTU


This year’s CTU work life survey shows the need for a fundamental overhaul of New Zealand’s employment framework says CTU Secretary Melissa Ansell-Bridges.

The survey, which was answered by 1200 respondents, shows more than half of respondents reporting their income has not kept up with the cost of living in the last year, 52% stating their workload has got worse over the period, and 42.6% reporting lower job satisfaction.

The 2021 results largely mirror results from the 2020 and 2019 surveys.

Ansell-Bridges says there shouldn’t be a great deal of surprise at the results as there has been no significant change in New Zealand’s employment law for decades. “We’re still stuck with an individualised employment framework that was mostly devised in the 1990’s and that tilts the playing field against working people. Until that framework changes we’re not going to see people’s work lives get appreciably better.

“The positive changes to employment law in the last three years have been a step in the right direction when we are many kilometers from where we need to be as a nation.

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“We are expecting the introduction of Fair Pay Agreements this year to help change that alongside equal pay settlements made under the new law. But unless these changes are done properly I don’t think we’ll see working people’s satisfaction improve.

“Of course COVID-19 has had an impact, but the comments people have made on our annual survey make it pretty clear that this isn’t a pandemic-related one off problem. It is a systemic problem that needs a systemic answer.

Good intentions are not enough to fix this, we need real and substantive change.”

The 2021 Work Life Survey is here

The 2020 survey is here

The 2019 survey is here


  1. And right on cue, out comes Rimmer branding it as propaganda.
    There is hope (possibly): The Ministry for Everything’s advice to “delay the rise until October so as not to damage the economic recovery” appears to have been ignored.
    It’s a shame some of its “best practice” advice that’s caused the industrialisation of worker exploitation and trafficking (pretty much because that’s what other places do) wasn’t also ignored. But then I guess that would have meant going against a failed Zoologist and actually having to think things through properly.

  2. All right, all right, all right, … Jenny Shipley, Ruth Richardson , Jimmy Bolger and Big Roger Douglas have had their time in the sun frolicking at other peoples expense, they’ve made their millions and consolidated their plunder of NZ wealth in Swiss bank accounts, – and now they are old, grey , tired and corpulent on the backs of NEW Zealanders, – along with all the howling, braying hangers on who followed them like remoras on the treasonous sharks they are.

    I think 36, – going on 37 years, … nearly four decades, – of theft, rort and plunder is long enough to to have to put up with don’t you?

    And what were RIGHT WING people like Rimmer and his ACT and National party mates advocating?- opening the borders for trade in the height of the covid pandemic. What a collective bunch of wankers. And guess who would have copped the onslaught the most? – you guessed it, – WORKING PEOPLE !!!

    And our elderly !!!

    Yes indeed, I say we can write idiots like Rimmer off for the nasty little sack of shit he is. He is the absolute epitome of the maggot crawling under the rotten corpse of the stinking capitalist roadkill you occasionally have the misfortune to get a whiff of when you’re parked with your family while on holiday at a roadside rest area. This NOT a time for EVEN bothering to listening to these types. They’ve had nearly 40 years of the best years of many peoples working lives ripping them off, – how much more do they want?

    There’s a far better way to run this country economically and it was used before the treasonous Roger Douglas pre 1984 and it was called KEYNESINISM.

    Back in the day they would have taken these subversive dishonest shitters out and placed them in gibbets to die and rot as common pirates as a lesson and warning to all. These days they call them ‘orthodox’ and because they wear a suit, – ‘respectable business people’. Well I never called ’em anything other than the arseholes wankers and jerks they are.


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