The Million Militia March Coup: The case to immediately remove Trump


The Alt Right and QAnon Fanatics have gone to another level of paranoia and manipulated fear with the backlash against their Orange Lives Matter Insurrection.

The darker elements of neo-Nazi Proud Boy fascism are becoming feral online.

They are whipping up their own insane narratives and those wounded white egos that swarmed the Capital Building are already filling with more cultural pus.

Their present is composed of a toxic revenge fantasy landscape where existential wars to the death against absolute evil are the only perspective.

ISIS has more of a working philosophy and intellectual framework than QAnon.

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The Orange Lives Matter Insurrectionists are now wildly promoting ‘The Million Militia March’ where they are calling for all armed patriots to descend upon the State Building Capital again PLUS every other State Capital.

Trump must be removed from Office as soon as possible and blocked on any social media because he represents a legitimate and immediate public health risk.

He’s going to try and other throw the US Government.

That’s what a million militia march represents.

An armed militia is about to descend upon every state capital an the same day Biden is sworn in.

Now some will say that this Million Militia March is just the fetid imagination of nutters online.

At any other day of the week you could legitimately hold that opinion, but after what we’ve seen, why take the risk?

These armed lunatics mustn’t be allowed any where near that momentum and Trump must be impeached so that he can never run again.

America is under an immediate domestic terrorist threat.


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  1. Or hopefully the rumor that “Special Forces” were amongst the Antifa crowd, (the double down deception); AND have Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, is correct!
    I don’t know if all these people are Satanist Pedophiles but I’m sure as shit they are not the sort of people who should have any influence on world affairs.
    And stop worrying about Trump Martyn.
    It is the man who maintains the “immaculate stance” and you haven’t yet become aware of who will shake your world view to it’s core.
    Personally I can’t wait.

  2. Trump or his militia’s will be a force to reckon with for the next corrupt American government which is only ten days away from bring sworn in.
    The most obscene fact in all of this nonsense is that the real enemies that threaten their right not to live in poverty and hold unfettered power over their country are the vested interests and the neo liberal economy which is geared not for them and their kin but the wealthy top twenty and corporations that exact misery from a huge population of Americans and fellow patriots.
    Bernie Sanders was prepared to mount an offence with many behind him against the real threat to these lunatics and their families and fellow Americans.
    They have allowed this billionaire who could not be further removed from the challenges they face to incite them to put themselves at risk all for his own twisted agenda.
    Wall st has surged not declined off the back of this and the evils of the system will survive as Biden , Harris and their government including the very people who cauterised the Sanders progressive movement will make sure it is business as usual with the same elegant window dressing.

  3. Biden is going to revive and unleash a horde of Uighur rainbow unicorns that will spread a tsunami of love to all corners of the globe and into space and there will be no more wars and Trump and white males (not Biden himself though… he’s actually black) and pangolins and shark fins will all be evaporated… hallelujah!

  4. “Remove orange man immediately”, this is laughable, what do you think it will accomplish remove Trump now? What did accomplish removing him from Twitter? Only emboldened the opposition on other social media networks. This is an unstoppable movement now, with or without Trump, Patriots will march on DC and depose this regime, sooner or later.

    • “Patriots will march on DC and depose this regime,”

      In a perverse way that may be the fastest solution. Your ‘patriots’ are, by and large, fantasists fuelled by an adolescent consumption of gun magazines, on-line forums and Rambo movies.
      Let them arm themselves and march on the establishment, the outcome is assured.
      Beards and beer-guts will be no match against professionally equipped National Guard and/or US Armed Forces.

      • I wonder if the security forces in America are any less divided than any other section of American society. I see they are investigating some of the cops from the Capitol Hill riot for being in the Trump camp.

    • When Biden and Haris get sworn in America will become everything these so called good white folk love to detest. The democrats will have to govern for all like nothing before in America. Given half a chance these good white folk may very well reelect Trump. A successful impeachment would put a stop to that and that’s that.

    • Meh. Trumps been completely neutered. The only potential alternative platform with sufficient reach for Trump’s “message” is Parler, and that’s been banned by both Apple and Android, and then nuked from orbit by Amazon (that hosted the platform).
      The Republican Party won’t ever allow Trump to run under their banner (so at best he’ll guarantee Democrat wins by splitting the vote). He’s done. And if he’s impeached he’s doubly done, since an impeached President can’t constitutionally run fot another term.

      • The Democrats are also in the process of splitting in 2 , so there should be 4 main contenders at the 2022 elections . The party has only been united by its anti Trump campaign .
        Gallup polls found Trump was America’s most admired person for 2020 , putting him 1st placed at 18% of the votes. . Joe Biden got only 3%. Few expect much of him , but he has the media & social media on his side .
        America’s at the point New Zealand was 30 years ago in rejecting the 2 party system . Thge USA will be destabilised for quite a time while it reinvents its democracy .

  5. You’ve got to check this out. A Netflix original.
    ” Take a look back at the mad glory of the year 2020 in this comedic retrospective. ”
    ‘Death to 2020’ by the creators of ‘Black Mirror’
    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll beg the first Alien you meet to take you away.
    If we stop looking at 2020 in gob smacked horror we’ll see it as an hilarious aberration of a parallel reality.
    Who’d a thought trump ten years ago? Who’d a thought a pandemic virus ? Global Heating…. !? I mean what the fuck? Who’d a thought The End Times would be so hilarious?

  6. An election stolen from the Republicans by fake voting and manipulated voting software (70,000,000 )or the displacement of a fair election and the makings of the 1st America a dictatorship( 80,000,000) ?

    Let the games begin .

    Welcome to the Nonunited states of America.

  7. Hate or love Trump, at present we get judgment by media and the establishment and their liberal political servants. He gets accused of sedition and so forth, but it would rather seem his Save America Rally was in the end seized by radical forces that he has flirted with now and then, but who went much further than Trump ever expected and wanted. It was the spirits that felt called by him that took over, while the bulk of protesters were and remained peaceful.

    The actual videos of the event, and Trump’s speech, they do not contain any call for insurgency and violence or revolution. About 1 hour and 20 minutes into the video, and after that, again 5hours 15 minutes, Trump talks only of the protestors to go to the Capitol and express themselves peacefully. There was NO call for insurgency or anything else. The accused meanwhile is silenced, while media and others have already accused him of all sorts of misdeeds.

    Talk about BIAS and propaganda. Trump has been good at it, Biden et al, and especially the so called main stream media are experts at showing bias and producing propaganda. Of course NZ MSM follow the larger players in the US and elsewhere, as per usual.

    Watch and hear for yourselves, what Trump actually said during the speech held before the storm on the Capitol on 6 Jan. 2021:

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