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  1. When I rhetorically ask “Jacinda” why she had no plan to meet the “New Shatted World” (spelling intended) or a plan to do anything necessary here, a thought occurred to me, but still I was too polite. Now I see it in an media opinon piece this morning:

    UK disaster good for NZ business.

    Please tell me the unexpressed “stragtegy” is not this: Keep the door to NZ closed to everyone except cheap labour from the Islands so “we” can drive the agricultural machine to supply food to people dying each day by the thousands, and wail at each other about how best to protect the “middle classes” in our spare time, while our own society turns into a South Pacific version of Bolivia. Ask the maori party to buy into this rerun of colonialism, playing on their genuine scars, motivating them to vent some of their built up hatred of the oppressor and make some “compensatory cash” and populatirty. Strategy: return to all the worst times of the last 200 years. Please tell me this isn’t true, Jacinda, because that’s about as far away from kindness as I can think.

    Elsewhere on the same shitrag front page, I read that people can’t get home from the UK. It’s too difficult apparently. I tell you what. I will swap my place for yours, because I would rather risk death cleaning toilets in a NHS hospital than sit around surrounded by what are quiet clearly souless humans only interested in who will get rich off Disaster Capitalism. Someone tell me how I am supposed to forgive these people.

  2. I say I say I say, what’s the one thing my cat Hector and Donald Trump now have in common?

    Neither of them have accounts on Twitter….



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