TWITTER WATCH: Reason 7 million why Lucy Lawless is such a Legend


She is such a fucking legend!

The attempt by so many enablers of Trump’s Qanon fantasy world to try and claim ‘this wasn’t us’ is the most disturbing sophistry that has come out of this madness!

Watching Fox News pretend that the Orange Lives Matter Insurrection had nothing to do with them is as credible as Trump pretending he didn’t cause this, is as credible as gutless Republicans who enabled Trump’s election theft fantasies pretending they didn’t cause this and as credible as Facebook’s weaponisation of algorithms to spread disinformation didn’t cause this.


Fox News, Trump, Republicans and social media – THEY enabled this for 4 years and they all had a hand in creating the madness we saw.

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Attempting to claim this was really Antifa and BLM activists under cover to make the Right look bad is a level of denial we shouldn’t tolerate for one second.


Fuck him and fuck his insane followers!

While there certainly was some serious and unacceptable violence meted out by a tiny proportion of BLM & Antifa activists, you could understand the provocation and righteous grievance they had when that violence erupted.

That’s not justifying the violence, but there are reasons it happened which are legitimate to take on board when passing judgment.

HOWEVER those fucking Qanon lunatics who believe a freak show-of nonsense- to even attempt to conflate BLM and Antifa violence to their Orange Lives Matter Insurrection is fucking sophistry of the highest order. You are at best being disingenuous in your comparison.


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  1. “They want him impeached again… not for some high minded purpose…”

    The man uses his obvious influence to repeatedly tell people to actively protest the election result in a dangerous way… then someone gets shot. Making it clear that sort of thing isn’t ok is a fairly high minded civic purpose. While law makers seem obessessd with thinking John and Joan Nobody are secretly plotting to overthrow the propagation of greed by giving sandwiches to homeless people, they’re completely blind to the big fucking ass on the world stage telling people night after night to go nuts. Shit, even Kanye West knows why rich powerful people go nuts – he freely admits he’s one of them! Is no one listening to anything ever?

  2. Most often called by the press and by commentators a ‘populist’ or an ‘authoritarian’, Trump should actually be called a ‘fascist’, since he represents and has brought to the surface in clear view the underlying fascism of the capitalist system. Capitalism is inherently fascist because its natural tendency is monopolisation of power and the domination of one ideology over everything else, an all pervasive culture that captures and arrests everybody and all living things…it is a totalising system. As Anne Salmond suggests, Trump might not be an aberration because the corporate world is in fact populated by narcissistic gangsters, bullies and psychopaths posing as responsible citizens. This is the essential contradiction between capitalism and democracy. Democracy demands a sense of responsibility and citizenship. But Trump has failed on an epic level because he didn’t have the smarts of most corporate gangsters. He set himself outside of the system, cleverly appealing to a demographic left behind by global capitalism and tried to operate like a Feudal Lord or a two-bit dictator. Too stupid to appeal to the wider public, he alienated the press with his ‘enemy of the people’ nonsense, while his sexism and his racism limited his appeal to pre-modern, mostly rural, uneducated and disaffected demographics. His inciting of an insurgent riot was the end point of his absurdity and buffoonish ignorance. He had no idea what he was doing, or unleashing. It was beyond him. He now wimpers and backtreads in the wake of the outrage it has caused. My guess is he will get away with it. He may be pursued for his financial crimes but he won’t be charged with sedition as the elites will be too fearful of the unpredictable mob, armed as they are with their military style assault weapons, sold to them by the gangsters in the capitalist corporations who in turn give huge political donations to people like Trump who refuse to change the gun laws. The American brand of fascism is a peculiar beast, as it is fueled by the nation’s history, the frontier, the Wild West, the gangster capitalists of the 19th century and that curious hangover from the revolutionary period, the 2nd amendment.

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