Dr Liz Gordon: Trump bye bye


A step too far.

And so it came to pass that, on 6 January 2021 (US Eastern time), Donald Trump revealed what many of us long suspected. He pulled the veil off his nascent army of mainly (but not only) white males. Those who had heeded his cause and prepared themselves attended his rally and prepared themselves to overthrow the existing order.

There were the Trumpists, loyally obedient to the leader (Herr Fuhrer, if you like). There were the fascists and the whiteists and the those who felt they did not have their proper share of the resources of the world. There were gun lobbyists and people with Molotov cocktails (found in a chilly bin in the Congress grounds) and pipe bombs and just guns and the like.

And it seems that some of those defending the Congress might have identified more with the insurgents than with the politicos, or otherwise they were just weak and unprepared (although they should have been very prepared). No doubt inquiries will reveal the truth.

And it was revealed that Trump intended to bring about a political coup rather than give up power, a position that several of my readers actively debunked when I suggested it in my last blog.

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And Trump overplayed his hand. He had led ‘his people’ along all sorts of paths, lied to them, promoted conspiracy theories and told them he loved them. And perhaps he did. But he did not tell them that the promised land to which he was leading them involved the complete overthrow of the leadership system of their beloved United States.

Perhaps he did not know himself. The level of delusion that he had won the election, against all evidence, all judicial counsel, all the administrations of those 50 States, is very deep. Trump is probably a paranoid schizophrenic with a delusional syndrome. He is incapable of seeing the truth. There is nothing wrong with that. He can probably be maintained quite effectively in the community, but such a condition is contraindicated for the role of President.

On 6th January, Eastern Standard time, at around midday, he took a giant step too far for even the Republican lackeys that have ridden on his coattails to bear.

What he possibly expected to be his day of triumph became instead the day that so many turned their backs on him. We now know that Trump will never be President again. If he lasts the next 12 days or so until Biden’s inauguration on the 20th, it will be because he does nothing else outrageous. He may not be able to help himself, however.

He no longer has the moral authority to set himself up into an alternative Presidency, which was one potential outcome. He, in that moment of revelation around 1.30 pm on 6 January, when he sent his army to the Congress and told them to be strong, he lost the plot and a majority of his supporters

I know that some of you who read this blog have sympathy for the ‘lost boys’ of Trump’s army. They are people who do not have very much and who live lives of disadvantage and pain. But siding with Donald Trump, following a whites first or whites only agenda and racist, fascist polices is not the answer for them.

There must be a better way. Biden has had the problem he faces in terms of political divisions laid out clearly for him. He and Kamala Harris must work to heal the harm. Everyone got a huge shock this week. It does not mean that, with Trump now destroyed, the political problems will go away.

Dr Liz Gordon is a researcher and a barrister, with interests in destroying neo-liberalism in all its forms and moving towards a socially just society.  She usually blogs on justice, social welfare and education topics.


    • Tell that to the police officer and the protestor who were killed. And to the hundreds forced down into the basement to keep safe. Sorry, you can’t just write this one of. It is a seminal moment.

            • Bert: it doesn’t matter what any of us thinks about the events in Washington.

              Nor does it matter how violent – or not – the protests were.

              In the first instance, as those of us who’ve been alive a long time can attest, this is by no means the first time in our lifetimes (and before) that there’s been violent political upheaval in the US.

              Secondly – and whether or not you like it – that was democracy in action. This is what the Yanks and the Brits tell us, when similar events happen in other countries. So NOW it’s sedition or whatever, just because it’s happened to the shining city on the hill? Bollocks to that!

              See this:


    • OW
      That you do not understand the importance of this Coup Defeat doesn’t mean that it is not important. As for “mostly peaceful”; with the death of Capitol Police Officer Sicknick (alongside the 4 others, so far, who cannot; just breathe) all who illegally invaded the Capitol building are now liable for Felony Murder charges, from associating with his as yet unknown killer:

      “At some point in the chaos — with the mob rampaging through the halls of Congress while lawmakers were forced to hide under their desks — he was struck with a fire extinguisher, according to two law enforcement officials.

      “He returned to his division office and collapsed,” the Capitol Police said in the statement. “He was taken to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries”.”

    • Wow – from your comment it seems there is a discrepancy between your views on the Waikeria 16 and what has been described as an insurrection. Should one hazard a guess as to why Off White?

        • Sincere apologies – mixed Off White and Snow White.

          Irrespective, since when was something that resembled an insurrection able to be described as, “mostly peaceful protest”. The scenes at the Capitol were more reminiscent of the likes of Tahrir Square than a protest picnic in the park with mindlessly rambling speeches and the lilting sounds of Joan Baez singing Kumbaya in the background.

  1. “He can probably be maintained quite effectively in the community”.

    No, he’s a predatory conman. He has ruined the lives and livelihoods of thousands before indulging in politics.
    Even his wholesale thefts from the banks and financial institutions foolish enough to advance credit to him has to be ultimately paid for by others. What he does has never been victimless.

    Let him rot in prison.

  2. Just take a look at the fallout from this. Trump is banned from Facebook and Twitter. Even his Email company has declined to allow his email mailouts to his supporters. People who supported Trump are being identified from photographs and fired or in one case a performer was dropped by her recording label. Is this the Orwellian future you want?
    Trumps tweet calling for the protesters to go home peacefully was taken down by twitter so he could be portrayed as supporting the break in of the capital building. Allmost all the protesters were peaceful.
    You have reduced the issue to black vs white which is shallow and exactly the same technique as pointed out by Martyn in the Israeli attack on Golriz Gharahman. Welcome to the new world of Big Tech censorship and the Thought Police
    Maybe you could be excused as you are so poorly served by our news media but why don’t you look into the real reasons Trump has so much support and why he is so violently opposed by the establisment.
    https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2021/01/03/how-an-austrian-and-british-malthusian-brainwashed-a-generation-of-americans/Welcome to the new world of Big Tech censorship and the Thought Police.

    PS. Where does that so called Professor Patman get off calling for Jacinda Adern to be more strident in her condemnation of Trump. What are his motives? He clearly is more interested in disinformation than education.

    • Ian Kiddle: “Trump is banned from Facebook and Twitter.”

      Indeed. That’s bizarre. Whatever happened to free speech? Whatever else is wrong with the US, at least free speech rights have been jealously guarded. Until now, it seems.

      “People who supported Trump are being identified from photographs and fired or in one case a performer was dropped by her recording label. Is this the Orwellian future you want?”

      Exactly. Were such a scenario to be playing out in one those polities characterised as “enemy du jour”, the usual Western suspects would be screaming about persecution and restrictions on personal liberties.

      “Maybe you could be excused as you are so poorly served by our news media…..”

      In my view, there’s no excuse. All of the rest of us are exposed to the same msm crap, yet many of us have used the internet to cut through the relentless propaganda, and to make ourselves better-informed. There’s no reason at all why authors and commenters here cannot do the same.

      “……why don’t you look into the real reasons Trump has so much support and why he is so violently opposed by the establisment.”

      Exactly. I recommend that people read the link that you’ve posted.

      “Where does that so called Professor Patman get off calling for Jacinda Adern to be more strident in her condemnation of Trump. What are his motives?”

      Oh no, not Patman again! I remember him from my uni days. Recently he’s also been pontificating about the Hong Kong situation. In both cases, he’s displayed either ignorance, or an uncritical acceptance of msm propaganda. It doesn’t reflect well on someone who’s supposed to be an academic.

      It was at uni, contemporaneously with the rise of the internet, that I discovered the extent to which we’d been propagandised by the msm about international affairs for all of my lifetime. There’s absolutely no reason at all why Patman would still cling to propaganda.

  3. I see trump as a vaccine to the virus that is his kind. An antibody to the very real ailments that bedevil the human mind and spirit. We now know what a trumpite looks and sounds like so we should never forget the lessons the trump virus has taught us so lets remain ever vigilant until he’s gone for good?
    A little of what may kill a human may give a human an immunity and all that.
    The only good thing about trump and his cult-like fanatics is that we will be forever vigilant should another psychopathic narcissist try it on, and at the risk of repeating myself, thanks to them
    The irony is that trump’s running in parallel to a kindred and literal virus so the poor old Americans are dealing with a double dose of the “Oh Fuck’s ! ”
    I see a long period of global harmony coming however because we can now see how close we got to Armageddon and we should pause to thank all the many Gods for the internet.
    Great Post @ Dr LG

    • You could replace the word Trump with John Key in your comment and it would be the exact same persuasion.
      Demonising their fanatical cult base is not going to achieve anything except to deepen the divide.
      I look forward to your long period of global harmony, I expect the exact opposite, and only Armageddon will bring true peace.
      We shall see who is right.

  4. Trump may no longer be President, but whatever will be done to him, he will become a kind of martyr to the political right in the US, perhaps start his own media and propaganda forum, and thus become an even greater threat to the political establishment there, than he may have been as POTUS.

  5. You folk are all in for a rude awakening, Trump is not going anywhere. have you not learnt the lesson stop following the fake news. Do we not have any journalists “worth their weight”

    • Hello Jenny. I am interested in your comment. What is this ‘rude awakening’? Trump is about to leave the Presidency – what do you mean he is not going anywhere? What is the fake news and what is the lesson? Who is counting?

  6. Trump in his moments of delusion and most likely by now insanity has blood on his hands.
    He helped kill 5 human beings.
    I hope he is held accountable for ALL his actions even those times that he encouraged his mob of low-classed supporters to kill people.
    He has however demeaned both himself, his family and of course the US Republican Party. If the Republican Party wants to exist after Donald Trump then it’s time they cut ties with him. He is a loose cannon and he is dragging down his family Republicans with his ill-thought out actions and irrational behaviour.
    Trump is a coward. He encouraged the mob to attack through an act of terrorism the Capitol building. He stood watching the telly of them doing so and told them he loves them. He is like the tale of Nero fiddling whilst Rome was burning. He did nothing for a number of hours perhaps. And once it became knowledge that people were being killed only then did he tell his mob to “go home”. And like I said earlier this shows to me now Trump has blood on his hands. He could have done the adult thing and stopped this pure stupidity but no he didn’t. He let it happened and probably enjoyed and relished it very much.
    Trump will leave a legacy alright. He will be remembered as the nutter who showed how to try to ruin a democracy all for the sake of ego and arrogance and his inability to behave like an adult and admit defeat.
    He showed to the world how bad America had demeaned itself to. He showed little caring, compassion or empathy to those 300,000 plus Americans who have perished due to COVID19 as much as no caring for 5 people killed in the Capitol building last week.
    He may have compared himself to Jesus and thought himself as a perfect human specimen and ‘must be immune to COVID’.
    He showed all the tendencies and behaviour of someone completely and utterly unfit for the office of POUSA but also how a mentally disturbed individual like him could become a leader of a country whilst at the same time viewing the role as something out of a reality tv show.
    His hatred of anyone and everyone that either black, coloured, had a handicap and wasn’t a fan of the Donald Trump Ltd was subjected to humiliation and absolutely disgusting treatment even on Twitter.
    What will the end of Donald Trump as POUSA mean for the world? Well we can only wait and see. He is a vindictive person and most likely he will ensure his mob will cause problems at the inauguration. He will tell his mob to fight. Will praise them but in attempt to appear the Great American Hero he will later condemn their actions.
    The madman that is Donald Trump is someone that American MUST NEVER EVER have as president again. He has bought America to its knees.

  7. US echo chamber media keeps insisting Trump leads a racist movement , without offering evidence . They cannot explain however the irony that Trump scored the highest % ever for black and latino votes for a Republican Presidential candidate .
    Black vote increased from 8% to 14% , latino from 27% to 35% .

    • Trump’s a cult leader and his ‘flock’ believe every lie he utters. Classic propagandist in the mould of Goebbels and the fictional Big Brother.
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
      Big Brother’s “War is Peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength” certainly
      links with Trump ‘shining a bright light up the anus and drinking bleach to kill Covid’ and ‘the election was rigged’ pandering to the deplorable ignoratii maskless (sic.) QANON and conspiracy theorists. It’s the same tripe that aluminium foil wearing Bill Te K acolytes believed in Aotearoa.

      The mindless rabid lemmings marching on Capitol Hill, egged on by their brave cult leader POTASS Trump, who said ‘We’re gonna march up Pennsylvania Avenue, I ‘ll be with you!” reminded me of the Blackadder Goes Forth. Blackadder and his men are being sent over the top and General Melchett says “I’ll be right behind you,” and Blackadder mutters, “Yes – about 35 miles behind”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaPeFLO_KX0

      Trump’s just visited the Alamo, a last stand battle for Texans. Will all state capitals and Capitol Hill again, be Trump supporters’ last stand?

      He’s a dangerous dictator, pandering to the worst elements of society with his cultish lies. He needs to be dragged from the WH and imprisoned, pending charges of sedition and inciting insurrection. Now….. today!

      • And the 14th Amendment should be used to rid all the other Republicans who supported and fomented insurrection, told the Emperor Trump his bum didn’t look too big in his resplendent Confederate-esque uniform.

        It would be difficult for these Republican enablers to have any sort of perspective with regard to Trump’s naked narcissism, because he insists on total labia-butt-attachment fealty and kissing his ring.

        Hard to gain perspective on Trump’s lies about the election and his use of herd immunity to solve on the Covid crisis, with the minions bowing so low to their cult leading loser, Donald J Chump

  8. Careful Fanfare, because tonight 14/1/21 on One Network News, I saw Trump flags at the Beehive and “Covid is a Hoax” banners, so the rabid right and fascists in the making, are alive and well in New Zealand. It would be interesting to hear from our GCSB here in NZ, whether Kiwis are safe from these types who believe the QAnon bs. Is the fact that David Seymour’s ACT Party has grabbed the extreme conservatives and the disaffected right last election the new Republican Party in New Zealand.

    Time to beef up security at the Beehive immediately, especially given the fact that a nutjob put an axe through 5 windows there.

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