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  1. Hypocrite of the week: NZ’s medical industrial complex (America wasn’t in contention; their hypocrisy of being horrified of protests at home while cheering on those abroad is to be expected)

    This from the Ministry of Health this week:
    “Medsafe will not be rushed into accepting the first vaccine that shows promise without the vaccine meeting internationally-agreed criteria for safety, efficacy and quality” (Stuff, n.d.).

    So after locking down this country in a state of pandemic panic, on a whim, with hours notice, with little if any scientific evidence, the medical industrial complex now says we must be patient, reasoned, methodical, and follow the scientific method (which usually takes months or years to come to a consensus, after which the results are always subject to scrutiny and constant updating)? After ruining the social and economic fabric of society by hungrily taking advice from every lockdown-flouting health advisor and sweater-wearing billionaire, our government now DON’T want to not take advice from these amazing superpower pharmaceutical giants, by prolonging this coronavirus campaign of death? You may as well offer ambassadors, movie makers, celebrities and sports stars the chance to pay up and isolate at their own residence if the deadly pandemic was this harmless. And the government-aligned scientists are given New Year’s honours for good measure? What, for not informing the public as trusted information source but instead shutting down debate and inquiry by labelling it conspiracy? For not following the scientific principals of problem definition, research, logic, validation, reporting, dissemination, transparency and scholarly reassessment? For instead scaring the bejesus out of the populace with their opinions and quackery and by weaponising the media (if these esteemed scientists even bothered to poke their head out of their office and push back on some of this guff)?

    Stuff. (n.d.). Covid 19 vaccines: Why NZ is waiting for more trials as US, UK rush to immunise. Retrieved from

    • “So after locking down this country in a state of pandemic panic, on a whim, with hours notice, with little if any scientific evidence”

      On a whim”?!

      Have you not been paying attention, Ethan ? There is a global pandemic in progress and 1.9 million deaths reported. The effects of Long Covid can last for months and probably longer. ICU beds in hospitals are over-whelmed in many countries. Corpses buried in mass graves in South America, others stored in refrigerated trucks in the US.

      This is not to “scare the bejeesus” out of people. The lock-down saved lives. If you cannot comprehend this, then you really are down the rabbit hole with idiot conspiracy fantasies.

    • Sweater-wearing billionaires? goddamn it, that’s communism!

      Ok but seriously, i’m thinking when you say the econommic and social fabric was destroyed, you just mean the status quo that fell apart within two weeks. Anything that easily destroyed was, and is, demonstrably crap to start with. I sympathise with the extreme discomfort that comes with partial loss of identity, coupled dissolution of ideological perspective. But as people are prone to say, life is pain, and life isn’t fair, even though neither of those things are true all the time, and definitely not an excuse to prey on the weak. Cheer up old chap, life will get better again and any real business person will start again very quickly in whatever new environment exists. It just won’t be axe-throwing cafes. In the meantime, “nasty” socialism will provide you with a nice soft landing.

  2. Who are they? What do they want? Are they kids home from school?

    I remember once I went to a Labour Party blog looking for clarifcation on covid protocol anonomlies, and was promptly told everything was fine and to fuck off. Which I did. My personality is not for everyone and I respect their decision to hold an opinion. Overall, though, it wasn’t very reassuring. What kind of reassurance do the apparent “right wing” whotnots we have here want from us? Can’t they go to Kiwiblog or similar and be told sweet nothings till they’re lulled back to sleep? Arguments seem silly. We’ve heard it all before a billion times. Free market capitalism isn’t new. We know all the angles. We know the different style people use to lie. Reluctance to engage is only because it’s waste of energy we could put to imagining what to do that’s constructive over the coming months. They aren’t here to convince us, they aren’t listening anyway, and we have our own views, too. Ohh maybe they trying to raise our blood pressure and cause early heart attacks? Nice strategy, but we’re onto you.


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