Covid, Climate, Housing, Hate Speech & Meth Crime Wave: The 5 domestic challenges for Jacinda – can she pull a rabbit out of the hat?


We are into 2021 and already there are 5 main domestic challenges that if Jacinda can not find solutions to, will doom her legacy as a mere shallow smile who could step up to alleviate an immediate crisis but wasn’t confident enough to solve the reasons for the crisis.

1 – Covid:

The only thing lethal enough to kill Coronovirus is bleach and Mike Hosking

I have argued that the euphoria and optimism around the launch of new vaccines is horribly misplaced and that the global infection and death rate is just beginning. We will need a global herd immunity of 75%, and it may have to be an annual vaccination alongside the flu jab.

The new mutations, the breaking point for most medical systems and the social unrest and damage pandemics always spawn 6-12months after they start, just haven’t been factored in yet.

The explosion of domestic violence is just the tip of the iceberg of the damage that is being caused by the social frictions Covid have exacerbated.

The truth is the border will be closed throughout 2021, probably 2022 and possibly 2023!

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Domestically this means the Government must be focused exclusively on keeping the virus out because if it slips through, our laid back slack track trace culture will require another lockdown. That in of itself won’t be catastrophic for the Government, but if the breach can be traced to a perceived incompetence amongst the civil service, the gratitude and good will Jacinda has amassed through her handling of the crisis will evaporate overnight.

This means almost every other domestic issue fades into insignificance, which is of itself a danger because what is the point of saving us from a pandemic if we can’t afford the rent in a burning country?


2 – Climate Crisis:

Late last year, Labour and the Greens were under immense pressure from a bewildered 60% of the electorate (who had handed them a majority and unprecedented mandate for change) to actually, you know, do some fucking change.

After watching Labour refuse to remove a racist drug law, do anything meaningful on welfare reform and ignore a wealth tax, the criticism was Labour (and the Greens) were implementing tepid nothings rather than bold visions.

To counter this criticism of tepid nothingness, Labour (and the Greens) passed a meaningless climate crisis declaration that didn’t actually trigger the emergency management powers.

That’s right, to counter claims they were tinkering, they declared more tinkering!


The point of the declaration was to provide some moral cover for the report due in February from the Climate Change Commission that will demand new cut backs in methane and co2.

The problem is that the suggestions coming back are still welded to this notion of being carbon neutral by 2050, that’s 29 fucking years away and the naked reality is that IF you actually believe the climate crisis is an existential threat to us as a species, you will know that doing something maybe in 29 years is no solution.


3 – Housing affordability:

Brendon Harre makes the devastating point that the current imbalance in home ownership will strip the poor bare in NZ.

The excruciating explosion in house prices that Labour have fuelled with billions poured into corporate banks for property speculators over the last few months will cascade down into profit maximisation of housing as a commodity.

That means evil rent rises in an over heated market that is close to boiling point.

Jacinda’s kindness means jack shit if people are thrown onto the streets because the unregulated, untaxed property speculation market has erupted AFTER her Government fed the machine AND ruled out a capital gains tax.

What’s the point of saving us from a virus if you can’t pay the rent?

The neoliberal NZ experiment has spawned a baby boomer subdivided middle class whose only illusion of wealth is the increasing property valuations generated by unfettered over seas buyers and slum lord property speculators.

Rent Rise Protests is the spark.


4 –  Meth Crime Wave:

Every day this week there has been a shooting, a gun produced at Police or gang war violence on top of rioting in a prison. The Meth Crime Wave is taking over all crime in NZ. Gang recruits are up and the 501s now have their supply chains for South American Cartel meth established alongside a stand over regime on the domestic gangs.

Expect more brain haemorrhages as older meth users smoke purer and cheaper meth and an explosion of violent crime aimed against Dairies and Bottle Stores as desperate users try to rob for cash.

Guns are pouring into the country because of the meth trade.

This alongside the economic fall out of the pandemic will see a crime wave across the country which will give National their first chance to play the law and order card. There is also growing extremism from prisoners who have served long sentences without any rehabilitation.


5- Hate Speech:

The Hate Speech legislation has the potential of igniting a debate the Left aren’t ready to argue convincingly. The backlash by the woke in social media feeds will have people fearing less for minorities exposed to hate speech and fear more being accused of hate speech.



Ok, short of a revolution, what solutions could Labour look to?

Covid: The Government must look to economic nationalisation programmes because the free trade model is broken during a pandemic, especially one that has the potential to drag for 3 more years. This will take money and the Government MUST consider the Reserve Bank creating billions, lending them at zero percent interest to the Government and for the Government to use that on the social infrastructure and the physical infrastructure .

Climate: The Government must be far bolder than the Climate Commission’s recommendations and argue that we must lead the planet on climate crisis adaptation and pour billions into reseting the entire economy onto a carbon neutral model by the end of THIS decade, not 20fucking50.

Housing: Rent price controls, mass state housing rebuild and forcing speculators with more than 3 properties to stump up with 90% deposits.

Meth Crime: The Killer Bees were brought down by the older domestic gangs turning evidence over to the Police because there was agreement that they were a destabilising force. The same deal needs to be cut to shut down the 501s.

Hate Speech: Of all the issues confronting Labour, this Hate Speech one is the most likely to explode out of control as woke activists go on social media lynchings. Step back from ‘hare speech’ frame it as anti-harrasment and target the social media networks who spread this shit.



The challenges that confront the Government require serious money. If Labour refuse point blank to tax, then they must borrow and using the Reserve Bank to create money that is loaned at zero percent interest to pay for that investment MUST be the solution.

If Labour are too afraid to ‘think big’, they will fail to do anything meaningful on those challenges.


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  1. For the idiots who advocate for social housing, this is what happens when the taxpayers state houses are removed to ‘trusts’… aka sold for private profits and then the taxpayers are asked to pay for more housing NZ houses and financially support more people without homes or with more expensive homes…

    The ‘pastural care’ is a myth for social housing. There is the ability to have a social housing ‘contract’ independent of the ownership of the housing! It’s just a soft sop, that lefties fell for to support selling off government assets. Aka Kiwibuild ‘swapped’ government housing land for free to private developers in their fucked up deals.

    NZ has gone wrong with many ‘social services’ now not government owned or run and able to be changed willy nilly and have personal profits (aka money removed from lifeline and put into new ‘lifeline’ run by someone’s wife….

    Plunket, Westpac Helicopter rescue, ambulance service should all be government run as they are essential services. Charities and Trusts spend too much time fundraising and marketing not enough time on expanding their services to people and improving quality for all, which in some cases (Plunket) seem to be declining in quality.

    • Thanks for referencing Mary English Life Line – don’t know why so many didn’t know about the busy English duo. Some health and quasi health services have been privatised by stealth; to what extent former
      state provided services should be influenced by religionists in a secular country is debatable; the running down of Plunket in some regions is a total tragedy for our babies and their mothers – we once led the world there.

    • Government also need to have a plan about the small amount (but extremely damaging) amount of people who destroy state and private houses for others.

      If a person can destroy a home before eviction, they potentially they can stop about 3 houses being used by other renters a year for all their lives… there need to be much higher consequences for house damage that stops a house being re-rented straight away and much more education for tenants about doing this.

      Aka might sound wonderful (sarcasm) to have that party and destroy the house before you leave or while living there and take no care of it that results in damage, but the consequences of that damage means another house is out of action and unable to be rented.

      ‘I won’t build for Housing NZ again’: Developer

      The guy might have an axe to grind, but is it very demotivating to see housing wilfully destroyed and damaged especially during a housing crisis and if the house is brand new and so many people are waiting.

      Maybe they should think of cheaper housing that can be replaced much quicker if damaged. aka Tiny homes.

      It is also not just tenant damage but environmental damage like storms and earthquakes that are making it more important for quicker and cheaper accomodation to be supplied.

      I advocate that tiny homes should be allowed to be legal for example and more able to be used with council zoning, such as 7 year permits to the council for a small fee, for permanent living. That would be a temporary way to help homelessness and supply.

  2. Apart from some details, not a bad analysis both of the solutions and the problems – and I never thought I would say that!
    On housing I would say the govt should do a ramped up programme of social housing and better assistance for first home buyer, though means tested. A real serious effort on this.
    Don’t worry about any other part of the market. It doesn’t matter if people own multiple homes or rental units. In fact private investment is part of the solution, not a cause of the problem.
    On climate change, whatever is done can’t damage agricultural exports. It is the thing that is saving New Zealand jobs and prosperity at the moment. Investment in clean water, biodiversity and low carbon transport (a big EV programme).

    • Wayne: “the govt should do a ramped up programme of social housing…”

      I agree, though I doubt that it’ll do anything pointful in that regard. I’ve given up expecting anything constructive from that lot.

      “In fact private investment is part of the solution, not a cause of the problem.”

      Yes it is, at least for a section of the populace. But it’s my view that there’s a subset of people who cannot manage private rentals. They need to be in social (state) housing. I think that failure to recognise this fact was one of the ways in which housing policy went wrong from the late 1980s.

      I own a property in an apartment building in Auckland. It was bought for a relative, who’s lived there while at uni.

      I went to considerable lengths to ensure that there were no Kainga Ora- or Council-owned apartments in that building, before I bought the apartment. This was because I knew from experience that social housing tenants could be problematic.

      Unfortunately, an absentee owner in our building has been using a property manager who lets apartments to social housing tenants. Now we have all of the associated problems: vandalism, drug-dealing and drug abuse, intimidation, and frequent police callouts. I and other owners are very angry about it: we’ve vented on the topic at the most recent body corp. meeting.

      I completely understand why landlords are unwilling to let properties to such people.

      “….whatever is done can’t damage agricultural exports. It is the thing that is saving New Zealand jobs and prosperity at the moment.”

      Precisely. We’d be well and truly in the shit economically, were it not for those agricultural exports. I fear that many citizens don’t fully understand just how important agriculture is to NZ.

  3. Things don’t look hopeful for decisive action from the terminally indecisive – scared of their own shadow Labour, much less the Greens. But if they weren’t so terrified of doing something, here is a suggestion list.

    Climate Change. Do something meaningful. Mandate and fund renewable electric public transportation in all main and lesser centres. And connect them. Dunedin for example has a rail line running it’s length. No passenger system exists. Then take a stick to cars and trucks. Both, but especially Ardern, were caught out publicly and lit up like possums in the headlights by none other than Greta Thunberg, who said it plain as day, Jacinda, you are, politely, full of shit and have nothing useful to offer. It was the truth.

    Meth. And it’s here Labour need to deal with the latest input, 501’s. Look to passing legislation to strip you of your citizenship should you leave NZ and either take up another’s residency (common elsewhere) or as in Australia, live there as a pseudo citizen for more than 2 years. And aside from a brief 30 day window to return to NZ and claim back a place here, make it retrospective! We cannot tolerate any more of these losers coming here with no life skills in the first place, being dumped with zero support. Yes it will end our travel entitlements to Aussie but who cares, it’s a burning shithole anyway. The crime wave growing in NZ because of them and the Australian government and society that created many of these arseholes needs to be stopped. Will we? Probably not, beyond the one dimensional lawyers brains dominating Labour’s MP’s.

    Covid. Close the borders properly. Goes hand in hand with citizenship changes.

    Housing. Mass public works, plain affordable outset houses, eradicate red tape, build every new subdivision with the aforementioned decent public transport. If Labour do nothing or at best, tinker, and that is all Jacinda wants to do, it will sink them. How’s that for choice guys?

  4. She looks more and more like a right wing version of Tony Blair every day, without the mass murder of innocent people in the middle east.

  5. It’s too early to say for certain that this trend will become utterly catastrophic within a year

    But it may well.

    On teh other hand, we can be quite confident that New Zealand’s CO2 emissions will rise this year…unless, the implosion of the world economy causes the US dollar trade system to collapse, and we can’t buy imported carbon-based fuel.

  6. An excellent summary. You could pin it as a permanent feature. I particularly enjoyed the flow chart. I’m pretty sure a similar one exists in the office of the Herald and on the desks of stuff journalists. Though it contains much less reasoning.
    (are you lying? Yes? NZ First. haha)

  7. If the No Zealand government and rentier class cannot adequately house the local underclass while at the same time providing lavish mansions for foreign colonists, then sedition is the only option, and the inevitable outcome… sticks and stones…

  8. If they could just get the housing right – massive imports of modules or prefabs – some other things could follow through – man in the street stuff. Housing, and homelessness, and rapacious rentals, will never ever sort themselves out.

    Sunlight soap. Lord Leverhulme. Built one of the first model workers’ villages. Great amenities. Rental no more than one fifth of one’s income. Broad expansive generous thinking which probably helped secure him a title without being a dodgy slippery sycophant the way Kiwis salivating for Her Majesty’s honours often are, soap being basically a cleansing agent.

    Censorship of free speech is much easier. Can be useful. Could provide a whole new employment opportunity for ghastly persons with degrees or portions thereof, from the Univ of Waikato, or with celestial connections.

  9. The Coalition won the covid battle by luck and our relative isolation . This luck and the fact that the Opposition was in disarray lead to Labour getting a resounding victory. It is early days yet but nothing gives me any feeling that they are the correct government for this time in our history where we need strong inovative leadership . Even the condemnation of Trump was weak from our leader who fair to say has risen to the occasion over the past internal crises . Perhaps her speach writers are on holiday.

    • “The Coalition won the covid battle by luck and our relative isolation”

      You make your own luck Tev, come on even you know that.
      You are quite welcome to return to the U.K, they weren’t so lucky.
      I don’t believe Labour to be the panacea of all things however this dogmatic approach to our governments approach to covid is quite frankly insulting and boring.
      Think about the over 4000 deaths alone in America today, N.Z. has none. If Labour had done nothing where do you believe we as a Nation would be today with open borders, unchecked immigration, heard immunity? Is that luck or good management? We have 8 from the U.K. alone today with the new strain of covid in isolation. Is it luck they are in isolation or is that good management?

      • Bert when you say I should go back to UK you sound like the racists that tell Muslims to go home.
        My hope is and thoughts are that you say it with a smile .
        The luck I talk of is that we survived with no serious outbreak despite the lies on testing staff at isolation venues and the slack control at the quarantine centres. Look what happened in Melbourne.
        Re your condemnation of the Key years after 3 years of power except for some teacher and nurses that received well deserved pay rises few have benefited and those that suffered under Key are still suffering. Huge lines at food banks show the need 175000 children in poverty shows there is much to do and I see no action of note to date like a raise in benefits or a big push to build homes .

  10. Jacinda is just another example of how socialism destroys a country.

    I’ll vote Act if I have to. Very sad for NZ that we have 3 years of Ardern driving us to hell in a handbasket.

    Australia sends us 501s.. WE send them our best a brightest. If u can secure a job in Oz – ur set for life.

      • The flow chart is accurate: National voter blames poor people, and Lefties, will vote ACT (if he has to). He’s probably old enough to remember how socialism built NZ into a place that was too tempting for our elected thieves to not sell off.

      • Typical socialist, always disowning your failures, taking no responsibility for those you have promoted. You may call it gibberish Frank, I call it the truth.

        • The truth is for 9 years Key and neoliberalism failed at every corner, yet he took no responsibility, in fact he ran away as fast as he could, so much for ownership.

  11. “forcing speculators with more than 3 properties to stump up with 90% deposits”.
    So how many houses does Bradbury own?
    A serious housing policy would require banks to lend only to owner-occupiers for a family home. Investors should be able to borrow only to build new houses and increase the national housing stock. If they want to buy existing houses and be landlords, let them pay cash.

    • Now that would be a simple solution and if ‘used’ it would show that J.A actually does want to do something about this multidecade problem

    • Capital gains tax, LVRs, more social housing, foreign buyers have to build not buy existing homes, control immigration until infrastructure can cope, build smaller sustainable efficient homes, plan for excess houses after baby bombers are gone as what will become of all the elderly homes built.

      • Foreigners should not be able to buy any NZ property unless they live in NZ for more than 50% of the year every year and pay their worldwide taxes in NZ…. if they change from this they should have to sell their property the next year……

        NZ likes to emulate the UK for housing going from state housing to Thatcher sell offs in the 1980’s to market driven globalism being the mechanism to build and supply housing.

        “More than 500 high-rise developments are in progress across the city of London. For a nation in the grip of a housing crisis, this should be good news. But in reality, this will bring hardly any benefit for many of those seeking a decent home. Almost none of the new homes are reserved for people with no or low incomes and, although house prices in London are falling – particularly at the upper end of the market – construction for wealthy people and international buyers continues.

        Much of this building is actually intensifying the stress on the affordable housing market, as developers grab cheap land and resources that can be converted into expensive, for-profit housing construction. Many public housing estates have been demolished, while others threatened with demolition may be replaced by expensive rented housing and units for sale at eye-watering prices.

        London hosts the highest number of super-rich individuals per capita of any city globally: around 3,100 residents are ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) – those with assets, not including property, of £20m or more. And a further 6,100 UHNWIs have second homes in the city. The 2018 Sunday Times rich list suggested there were 92 billionaires in London.”

        and you get this

        “UK housing crisis: Influx of foreign cash boosted average property prices by a quarter, research finds
        ‘Significant’ proportion of price growth down to overseas investment – much of it through anonymous shell companies registered in secretive tax havens”

        Foreign money creates ‘luxury’ apartments in the best locations including NZ. In NZ this has quickly overwhelmed local supply and takes NZ resources for construction away from projects for locals while bringing in cheap workers who need housing themselves to build the new apartments. The apartments in key locations are those that many locals can not afford.

        In NZ it is even worse, as foreign buyers can use buying up property as a way to become a NZ citizenship for their entire family and leave their satellite family in NZ accessing welfare – health, schools, infrastructure at the expense of the Kiwi’s while often not even working and paying tax in NZ going forward. These are both rich and middle class foreigners who should be paying for services in NZ, but get them for free in NZ, and then drive up property prices creating more poverty.

        Anyone from overseas who has a NZ degree or laughable NZ essential job like a labourer or chef, is suddenly is not counted as a ‘foreign buyer’ but NZ resident … so we like to delude ourselves in statistics to keep the NZ property Ponzi going.

        Keep blaming NZ investors who actually rent the properties, lefties, and then once they are gone, ‘enjoy’ the social and emergency housing that is left run by quasi offshore business that is expanding everywhere in NZ…

      • It is bizarre that a Labour government and a Reserve Bank that talk a big game on their social responsibilities and sustainability are choosing to pump up to $150 billion into increasing housing market valuations for the richest half of New Zealanders who own homes, but don’t think they can afford increasing benefits at a cost of $5.2 billion for the hundreds of thousands of kids and their parents living in poverty.”

        Hows all that promised transformational change going?

    • “If they want to buy existing houses and be landlords, let them pay cash.”

      I am inclined to agree with that. All investment in rental property should deemed to have come from the landlord’s own resources and, if borrowed, the interest should therefore be non deductible for tax purposes.

  12. Martyn
    Your Point No3 – Housing affordability – it’s all about lack of supply, you know that!
    I think we can all agree that Govt can’t build the accommodation NZ needs – Labour sure as shit can’t build anything, even if they were builders themselves, they’d probably build slogans.
    So instead of hating on property investors or speculators (they have money, they can get it done) just dangle them a carrot. Like: “Anyone who invests can do so, and we’ll make it worth your while. BUT it has ‘increase the country’s housing stock’ – eg. you’ll get a consent, but only if you build 4 affordable ones on that site, instead of doing up 1 ‘expensive’ house”.
    Basically, encourage mass development amongst mum and dad investors.

    • We would have had more homes if National had not sold them off to investors, go figure!

      “Basically, encourage mass development amongst mum and dad investors.”

      Mum and dad investors, well that narrows it right down. National are the party of slogans, even when they steal them off musicians. Here’s one “strong Team” Bahahahahahahaha!

  13. Capitalism!s cancer, will control home ownership and value, wait for the crash,and capitalism exploit always crashes. In our Prime Ministers term, may not, yet the cat sitting left of our P.m. knows this will occur hoping not in our time, yet Covid 19 and this plus stuff shall power race capitalism and its invest in our market, their invest of exploit of your home mortgage, my vanish as your home with a sign,Mortgage sale. Else outside your home not really yours,your labour cost of service, your job security, when capitalist exploitation markets crash and all exploit markets capitalism god profit ceases, they dig trenches,they retrench,and those who have done their best like the rest get let go,without these days recogintion of service by way of redundent payment.Hows this lot now, knowing this only possible mabye our last term, compulsory Union!ism is the memory.

  14. More confirmation that many (most?) Kiwis are ignorant and stupid.

    ‘….Scientists predict that our sea level will rise by at least 10cm and likely even more over the next 20 years or so, which will increase the frequency and severity of coastal flooding in this country and could possibly even lead to more than 10,000 homes becoming uninsurable by 2050.

    Despite that ominous warning – which was most recently reiterated by Belinda Storey for the Deep South National Science Challenge last month – coastal property remains amongst the “hottest of hot commodities”, according to Quotable Value (QV) general manager David Nagel, who expected it to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

    “We Kiwis love the ocean. We want to be in it, on it, and near it – especially this time of year. But it seems that we have failed to heed the warnings for far too long now and I still don’t think that the message is getting through to most people yet. The sea level will rise and the odds of more extreme weather events is set to rise alongside it.”

    In Wellington, for instance, a 12cm rise in sea level could make a 1-in-100 year flood up to five times more likely to occur. “As a local property owner, that particular statistic does concern me quite a bit,” Mr Nagel admitted, “and yet we Kiwis continue to snap up coastal property at a rapid rate.”….

    And, of course, the government is doing next-to-nothing, to inform the populace about rapidly-increasing risks or to deter inappropriate development.

    • Another aspect of the crazy fad for living close to the sea is that corrosion follows something akin to an inverse square law, i.e. double the distance from the sea and the corrosion rate will be 1/4. Double it again and the corrosion rate will be 1/16. This is reflected in the guarantees offered by roofing companies for their installations. Less than 1 kilometre from the sea: no guarantee.

      Also, most plant species are not salt-tolerant.

      So, it you want a dwelling that is going to suffer rapid corrosion, have restricted planting potential and suffer dirty windows much of the time, whilst living with the potential of property being damaged by increasingly powerful storms, and fall to pieces over a few decades, build close to the shoreline.

      Of course city and district councils love all this crazy development because high-density, overvalued housing provides a bigger teat for councils to suck on via development fees and rates.

      Needless to say, most sewage systems will not cope at all well with the multi-metre sea level rise that will accompany the meltdown of the ice on Greenland (potentially 7 metres), or the collapse of the major coastal Antarctic ice-sheets. But I doubt we will have city/district councils or sewage systems or reticulated water when that occurs [in the 2040s?]

      When the bullshit economy that has been foisted on us over the past four decades implodes, as it surely will quite soon, NZ will discover the degree of mal-investment and squandering of resources that has accompanied neoliberalism. And NZ won’t have the energy supply nor resources needed to repair the extensive damage done by neoliberalism.

      In the meantime, Jacinda and company will make everything that matters worse.

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  21. Foreigners responsible for $68.5m of debt written off by New Zealand District Health Boards

    Charity does not start at home in NZ!

    More than 2300 Northlanders on hospital waiting list

    $22k surgery, or months of pain: Public surgery wait times prompt patients in agony to go private

  22. You would think that NZ citizens would be the first priority for Covid quarantine places to come back to NZ.

    But nope.

    Our quarantine system sounds like a market driven free for all… business and sports and overseas citizens seem to be given equal or greater priority, by our screwed up Neoliberal systems who favour those with more money and cheats than NZ citizens coming back to NZ first.

    You wonder who legal it is, when apparently citizens are supposed to get the right to return to NZ. How can they when any man and his dog can come to NZ before them as long as they have more $$$ to pay and can rout the system with flights and vouchers.

    From the foreign Russian Fishers and Pakistani cricket teams (all with Covid), to foreign students and foreign graduates coming back to NZ after holidaying away, foreigners seem to get priority for quarantine places and flights to NZ before NZ citizens get a place in the fight for a flight (and voucher).

    Must be the famed NeoKindness, where charity does not start at home in NZ.

  23. “The same deal needs to be cut to shut down the 501s.”

    This may help to some extent, but I doubt that it’ll completely solve the problem of meth and associated crime.

    The arrival of meth in NZ dates from the very early years of the 21st century: a long time before the deportation of the 501s began.

    Meth use has become normalised in parts of NZ society, and crime goes with it. We see evidence of that crime in burglary rates, even in (some might say especially in) suburbs such as this one, where citizens aren’t poor.

    I do wonder whether we’re a bit late with any solutions, even were this government disposed to do anything about it.

    “…..Hate Speech one is the most likely to explode out of control as woke activists go on social media lynchings.”

    Oh Christ, yes. I completely agree. Our only hope is if advisors and party hangers-on manage to persuade the government to sit this one out.

    It’s truly bizarre, watching a so-called “left-wing” government fall into this trap. It will not end well.

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