This is Trump’s Amerika but Fox News, gutless Republicans & Facebook built todays insurrection


The shocking insurrection today was unprecedented.

Not since the British stormed the capital and burned it in 1812 has America seen such images.

Trump’s insane rant where he implored his Qanon fanatics to ‘fight’ and ‘never give up’ before telling them to march to the Capital Building was the spark to this event.

His weeks of lies about the theft of the election alongside his 4 years of malice, deceit and obscene cruelty built todays unprecedented scenes but it would be utterly wrong to lay all of this on Trump.

Trump was enabled, empowered and supported by Fox News, gutless Republicans and social media networks that have, via algorithms, sold conspiracy bullshit to the clueless for profit.

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Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry
– Winston Churchill







No one watching todays chaos could help but compare it to the manner in which Black Americans are treated by Police, white privilege never looked so jarring.

Here are Police taking selfies with these fanatics before all hell exploded.

In the words of Rage Against the Machine, Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses.

America’s Democracy has never looked so broken and late stage capitalism never so sick.

The horror is what else he is capable over the remaining 13 days of his toxic regime.

This is Trump’s legacy, but let us never forgive those who have enabled him.


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  1. Great stuff Donald!

    Burn America, burn!!!!!!!!!!

    These fuckers who condemn what is happening in the US, actually supported the filthy Hong Kong protesters who trashed the legislative council in Hong Kong.

    Trump was obviously robbed and he is doing the right thing asking the people to rise and take over the seat of government

    • “Trump was obviously robbed”

      I would like to debate you however given you can provide no evidence Trump was robbed I’d be wasting my breath. What do you know that the Supreme court Trump selected doesn’t? As for Trump inciting violence and ultimately the death of a woman, where do you stand?

      • When it comes to elections in other countries, none of us know anything, other than what we can glean from alternative media.

        The mainstream media are propaganda outlets geared to neuro-linguistically programming the masses into believing particular narratives.

        We do know there are plenty of opportunities to rig elections in all nations, and especially in ones that have mail-in ballots and electronic voting systems.

        Listening to Nancy Pelosi ( the geriatric with severe delusions, who should have retired a decade ago but pretends she is still in her prime) talk an absolute load of codswallop after the storming of the Capitol Building emphasised to me how utterly corrupt the US is.

        • And listening to Trump inciting mayhem and violence( remembering Trump was a television personality, not a politician) was not based on alternative media but a morally and corrupt individual, no different to your espousal of Pelosi. The difference being Trump has no filter and many of his own employees are resigned with written affidavits that it was because of Trump and Trump alone. It is easy to fool a fool.
          To make this about Pelosi is morally bankrupt.

        • Pelosi is 70, Trump 74, your comparisons on agism and sexism are embarrassing.Compared to Pelosi, Trump should be in a grave, literally.

          Donald J Trump…”A delusion is a false belief held by a person. It contradicts reality or what is commonly considered true. The strength of a delusion is based on how much the person believes it.

          Specifically, a delusion of grandeur is a person’s belief that they are someone other than who they are, such as a supernatural figure or a celebrity. A delusion of grandeur may also be a belief that they have special abilities, possessions, or powers.

  2. The Democrats also had a lot to do with it. The American working class think that the system is rigged against them. They think that it is corrupt. And they are not wrong to think that way.
    They may be wrong to believe that this particular Presidential election was rigged in the particular way that Donald Trump says it was, or they may be right to believe that. Who can say?
    If the political classes, including the Democrats, really wanted to do away with the possibility of electoral fraud or the suspicion of fraud and unfounded allegations of fraud then they would open the ballot. But they won’t do that because they wish to retain electoral fraud and as their weapon of last resort in the cold war of capital against the American working class, and because they wish to keep a clear distinction between the political elite who have a voice and the anonymous masses who merely told to vote and then shut up.
    Jacinda Ardern, in response to the Washington insurrection asserts that democracy is about the people’s right to vote and nothing more. She is so wrong. Democracy is the people’s long-denied right to self-rule, to choose their constituency and their own leaders and thus to have some power in the own lives. When it comes, it will sweep away the manipulative class of professional politicians and the exploitative rule of capital.
    This insurrection is a warning and a promise of more to come, and it cannot come too soon.

    • Trump is, in a way, a Maoist.

      His true loyalty is to the American people, and he is fully prepared to destroy the political, financial, and bureaucratic elites to achieve his ends. As Mao was prepared to do on behalf of the Chinese peop0le.

      • He is loyal to some American people and most of them are white he is an idiot not President material but it seems many Americans are guillable
        and like many Nzers they don’t know how their own political system works.

      • Trump is the playground bully that has finally met someone who stands but to him and gives him a bloody nose. In this case it is the American people. The sadest part of this story is that 75 million voted for this vile person to be their leader.
        Let us hope Biden can bring this divided country together again .Having both houses on his team could help .

        • Biden stands no chance of ‘bringing this divided country together’ because the system is a divide-and-conquer system -divide into haves and have-nots, and concentrate wealth and power in the hands of the few. And keep it that way.

          Biden is just as vile as Trump. The difference between him and Trump is that Trump is overtly vile, whereas Biden’s vileness has been kept fairly well hidden [by the system] and you have to do a little digging and think outside the corporate-controlled box to reveal it.

          Right now the game being played by the controllers is to keep the lid on all the Biden family’s corrupt deals in the Ukraine and China, as well as his numerous misdeeds in the US.

          I am no fan of Trump; right from the outset I said he would be primarily concerned with what was good for Trump.

          But to imagine Biden will fix anything is to be utterly deluded. His role is to ensure the looting-and-polluting and concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the few continue.

          Smedley Butler prevented a fascist coup in the mid-1930s, but the fascists took over America in the late 1940s without a coup. Some describe what happened in the late 1940s as a coup.

          I personally put it long before then….around 1880, when, following the release of slaves after the Civil War, smart-alec lawyers argued that corporations should have the same rights as people, and won.

    • Fuck off this is Trump and Trump alone to own. The insurrection was driven by Trump when he said we shall walk to Capitol Hill, yet he didn’t did he? Like opting out of war because a paid doctor by daddy found bone spurs. Gutless coward!

      • Bertie – Trump is a symptom as opposed to a disease. If you mutilate democracy as much as the majority of the Western world has this is the net result. Europe isn’t much better and if you look under the surface neither are the commonwealth democracies including little Aotearoa. If it wasn’t Trump it will be someone else.

        A horrific and toxic mix of incompetence, factionalism and self interest has created a ruling class that neither have the ability to run modern societies or the self awareness to acknowledge shortcomings. They have designed the ‘system’ as a warped hunger games with the major political parties as tributes where a momentary time in the sun is enough. Think of Trump as a retarded Katniss that realised the game however neither possessed the tools nor the desire to truely change. Our own Blairite – straight from district 1 or 2. A tool of the ruling class.

        And we all sit and watch the great mutilation with faux horror and shock

        • Spot on.

          ‘Europe isn’t much better and if you look under the surface neither are the commonwealth democracies including little Aotearoa.’

          Your comment made me think of Berlusconi, self-serving liar and thief. who hung around the feeding trough for decades.

          It’s actually difficult to think of any senior politician in the western world who hasn’t been a self-serving liar and saboteur of the common good; we’ve had a succession of them since the 1970s. Which is why we are in the awful mess we’re in now.

          • I like what I have read about Jose Mujica from Uruguay, not perfect of course but we could learn a lot from his policies.

        • Please Frankie, you give Trump far to much credit. Very experienced American security/war veterans have been blunt and have called a spade a spade. Trump was never a president let alone presidential. History tells us he was a bankrupted businessman, a joke, a television mogul. You would agree however how television corrupts peoples minds. I have a cousin in the States whom worships Trump, there is nothing that Trump does that is not dismissed without adulation. There is no debate, Trump is like gold and thus there is no shock as many have said this scenario was always coming. Trump IS the disease, it is only those whose minds are blank or corrupted whom don’t believe this.

    • “The Democrats also had a lot to do with it. The American working class think that the system is rigged against them.”

      You insinuate that the Democrats work for the plutocracy as much as the Republicans.
      You are correct, the Democrats fully bought into the neoliberal paradigm as did social democratic parties in many other nations including ours.
      Nevertheless you should never lose sight of the origins and prime drivers of modern neoliberalism, almost all of which which lie firmly within the right wing of the political spectrum, from Hayek in the 1930s through Friedman, Blair and beyond. Far right think tanks, media and corporations have almost totally captured the political processes by stealth and use of dark money.

      • I do wish people would use his correct name. Tony B Liar.

        Jacinda also be a liar, of course.

        You are correct about the capture of the system by stealth and ‘dark money’.

        Mixing my metaphors, they will attempt to extract blood out of a stone as the ship goes down over the next few years.

  3. Geoff you are spot on. Isaac Newton would have predicted today, 4 months of riots endorsed by the Dems, now the backlash. Im disgusted the Jacinda is so partisan in what is such an obviously corrupt polity. In a polarised world those with sense choose neither side.

  4. Now lets see. If those ‘fraudulent’ or ‘inaccurate’ votes were in favour of Donald Trump would he be making the same noises as he is now?
    Or would he suddenly find the mute button and yet say that “Democracy has spoken and that he is the Democratic(more likely Dictator)leader of America…”
    One now tends to pity America because of how well Trump has demeaned that country and its population around the world. In fact Trump has conducted a successful task of making America the Number One Joke of the World.
    I am now getting the impression Trump is also a coward. Whilst he is all loud and bolshy he is also getting others to do his dirty work for him whilst standing back and giving mis-leading, deliberately wrong lies and words.
    He also comes across as a very, very, very poor loser.
    But all in all I get the impression Trump treated his term in office as president of the united states of america(deliberate lower case used here now because Trump has ruined that once beautiful country)as something out of a reality tv show like The Apprentice.
    I am sure those pro-Trump supporters firmly believe the crap and lies Trump has told as well as believing that the sun shines out of Trump’s anus. But they are just blinded by the Village Idiot that is Donald Trump. Perhaps because, and lets quote Donald Trump’s words when it comes to some people ‘They are stupid’.
    America and the world was never safe whilst Trump was president. I doubt the Democrats will be any better and so it’s a case of wait and see.
    America needs a proper and adult leader. Not a has-been called Donald Trump who has turned Americans against fellow Americans. And that is the sad reality(show)that Trump has encouraged and allowed to happen.
    If he remained president then America would be reduced to a tin-pot regime with a dictator and lets call it a president for life in the form of Donald Trump senior.

    • Trump has ruined that once beautiful country???

      America was ruined long before Trump was even born. And it was the banks and corporations that did most of it, along with other looters-and-polluters and so-called developers.

      What we are witnessing is the late-stage collapse of industrial societies, during which madmen (and mad women) pretend they can reverse the laws of mathematics and chemistry etc. and bring back former glories.

      The path is only downwards from here, with Jacinda and company continuing the ruination of NZ that others before her orchestrated.

      Yes. America was beautiful once….before Europeans arrived. The same for NZ.

  5. “The shocking insurrection today was unprecedented.” – Why? Just because it was the United States. Why is the US different to all the other countries that have experienced dramatic political turmoil. The US has been heading in this direction since Ronald Reagan.

    “Trump was enabled, empowered and supported by Fox News, gutless Republicans and social media networks that have, via algorithms, sold conspiracy bullshit to the clueless for profit.” – You left out the Democratic Party which rigged a primary so that Bernie Sanders couldn’t be president

    • Spot on this crap as you say has been in the works and building since Regan allowed the 1% to rule the roost.

      • Sorry Bert it is called MMP so different voices can be heard. For the next 3 years we have one voice which to date is very quite on where we are heading especially if you are not a home owner

        • I’m not but can only hope that there will be an intervention. I had NO chance of home ownership under National. And no your interpretation of MMP is wrong. If it was so, National would have run a candidate in Epsom and ran candidates in the Maori seats. They did not. You may call that strategic, however the chickens have come home to roost for National.
          Tell me Trev, sorry but do you seriously believe with hand on heart that the National stronghold of Epsom would have gone the way of ACT all those years ago if National had gone for both candidate and party vote, seriously?

  6. Actually we need the same demonstration of people’s power here in dead beat NZ. Gutsy people to invade and occupy the waste of space deadbeat waste of time and space that is the the so called Parliament which sucks relentlessly on the Public TIT! And never does anything but look after the rich scum bastards WAKE THE BASTARDS UP! Including that Blair cinda creature! Basically rubbish.

  7. Election rules were changed in many US states at short notice or no notice due to Covid and the pandemic, so postal votes that may not have passed the test in the past were accepted. The courts simply could not rule on matters that were not covered by existing laws, so the bending of rules was not covered by existing laws, but went ahead.

    It is like an offence that there is nothing provided for in the statutory books. So while it is wrong, if there is no statute covering it, it is therefore treated as ‘legal’ or at least not illegal.

    That was what Trump’s arguments were really all about.

    • The same could easily said about the Russian influence on voting in 2017. Your narrative forgets that even though Covid resulted in postal ballots you fail to offer evidence of fraudulent activity. “May not have stood the test” was debunked by legal eagles, recounted votes twice and matching signatures.
      Trump is certainly not intelligent enough to know what is legal or illegal and Gulliani has become the laughing stock among American lawyers.

  8. Trump has been kicked off Twitter now. Twitter of course loved Trump while he was president, but now they’ve dropped him like the hot potato he is since he will no longer drive traffic to the platform now he’s been dethroned.
    BTW, the stock market loves all this. Dow Jones will finish 2021 at ~40,000 and all “1st world” real estate prices (regardless of where you live) will reach new record highs. Massive increases in inequality across the planet will be heart-breaking for those that care about it. Meanwhile, owners of Amazon and Facebook stock will be grinning ear to ear.

  9. Mark before you claim Mao was a champion of the poor prepared to destroy elites you should remember his remark to the central committee.
    ‘We kill little Chiang Kai Sheks. We do not kill big Chiang Kai Sheks.’ Meaning we do not kill people from elites if they are useful to us.
    My old friend from Sichuan told me how the newly appointed communist governor of the province was the Guomindong warlord who betrayed Chiang and came over to Mao in the last days of the struggle. There is not enough space here to list all the people from the wealthy elites who joined the communists when the writing was on the wall.
    You are correct to compare Trump to Mao. Both were and are narcissists prepared to wade through blood to stay in power( the famine, the anti-rightist campaign, the cultural revolution and other savagery) and your ‘burn America burn!’ shows a similar desire to compensate for your inadequacies through mass destruction.
    A big hello from China’s democracy supporters in New Zealand and regards to your boss at the Chinese Embassy.

  10. Donald Tramp had the correct plan “to drain the Washington swamp” but the power brokers plotted again him as usual so we are seeing the first phase of a long overdue insurrection to finally drain the Washington swamp and the idle rich bastards that are forever scamming the public purse.

    Democrats will not change anything..

    • The corrupt Democrats and their corrupt on- the- take fellow usurpers ,corporate media censor hacks and technological vote fraudsters will bring in technological fascism…real fascism ( forced vaccinations) and a Chinese century and globalisation …as well as more wars ( beware NZ and Australia).

  11. Another great comment section. Those with Trump derangement still don’t get it. But act like they do by parroting the MSM.

  12. Martyn – Appears that you have a lot of those clueless blogger followers above who have been seduced by that conspiracy bullshit from YouTube, social media networks, Fox News. Cant they accept the fact that Trump is a disgraceful and lying LOSER. Surely they would now feel safer with Biden the new leader of the free-world who will represent all Americans not just the hillbillies we saw at the capitol Hill riots and Trumps political gatherings. He has been the worst President that the USA has had because of his behavior and disrespect for political leaders, people, countries, non-whites, and less fortunate people. Hope the USA gets to the 20th January without any hiccups. Good riddance to the madman and the Republicans.

  13. Did The Simpsons predict this Storming of Capitol Hill?

    Search The Simpsons Bill of Rights cartoon and wait till the final few seconds. Eerie.

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