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  1. Government and councils seem to be one of the worst environmental polluters while apparently enforcing the standards. They need to start to lead by example! What is even worse is that the lawyers are appealing it probably via insurance agents, thus tying to reduce the council/contractor responsibility to the environment and community while wasting money on legal costs rather than focusing on cleaning up their acts!

    Council fined nearly $500,000, but contractor fighting charges over big stink

  2. CNLive! S2E25 Roger Waters & John Pilger: ASSANGE FREEDOM DENIED

    John Pilger and Roger Waters discuss the outcome of today’s bail hearing, in the wake of a ruling by UK judge, Vanessa Baraitser, not to extradite Julian Assange to the US and to discharge him. The prosecution announced that an appeal against the decision had been lodged, in response to which Judge Baraitser suggested he be kept in custody, pending that appeal. Mr Fitzgerald for the defense immediately raised the issue of bail, given the high risk to Mr Assange’s health if he remains in Belmarsh. The judge today denied bail.

    How Come?
    How Come?
    2 hours ago
    The judge denies bail because his mental health is so precarious that a US prison would send him over the edge, then sends him back to Belmarsh to be tortured some more, and denies bail. Do we need any more proof that they are slowly and deliberately murdering Julian Assange? Sadistic Murderers.

  3. Here is something for the poets lurking just outside our peripheral vision. A piece by George Bukowski, never heard of him since yesterday. But I’ve seen you when I’m out and about, waiting for the bus, and now time to go. Your hand brushing his shoulder as awkward as two boys and a summer dress. He doesn’t know but a fringe never blocked your vision. You wipe it out your eyes. I see you out there. Don’t stay silent too long.


    lonely as a dry and used orchard
    spread over the earth
    for use and surrender.

    shot down like an ex-pug selling
    dailies on the corner.
    taken by tears like
    an aging chorus girl
    who has gotten her last check.
    a hanky is in order your lord your
    the blackbirds are rough today
    ingrown toenails
    in an overnight
    wine wine whine,
    the blackbirds run around and
    fly around
    harping about
    Spanish melodies and bones.
    and everywhere is
    the dream is as bad as
    flapjacks and flat tires:
    why do we go on
    with our minds and
    pockets full of
    like a bad boy just out of
    you tell
    you who were a hero in some
    you who teach children
    you who drink with calmness
    you who own large homes
    and walk in gardens
    you who have killed a man and own a
    beautiful wife
    you tell me
    why I am on fire like old dry
    we might surely have some interesting
    it will keep the mailman busy.
    and the butterflies and ants and bridges and
    the rocket-makers and dogs and garage mechanics
    will still go on a
    until we run out of stamps
    don’t be ashamed of
    anything; I guess God meant it all
    locks on

  4. So how affordable is your rental home and ‘housing’ now under Jacinda’s rule? It was easy to slam John Key and his government’s failures, where is the criticism here re the present lazy lot’s rule, doing far too little, and giving landlords and property owners an continued nice playground to expand their capitalist property portfolios?

  5. Why is our government letting people in our country with the new covid variant. We now have eight people who have managed to get here with this. NZers need to be informed I noticed this has been kept quiet so as to not upset people but I am pissed of as this can put us at a higher risks. Stop letting people in from high risks countries without being thoroughly tested before departing. Why has our media been so hush hush on such an important issue. We can’t rely on our rundown racist unreliable public health system that is not delivering for many Nzers particularly the brown and the poor.


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