New Zealand should offer Assange AND Dotcom asylum 


Julian Assange’s father calls on New Zealand to offer his son asylum

The father of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, wants his son to be sent to New Zealand to live while his ongoing legal battles continue.

When you consider the attempted coup by Trump Qanon fanatics today, NZ should offer Assange asylum and we should also consider offering it to Kim Dotcom as well.
What has happened today in America clearly shows a dysfunctional state of madness that can’t be trusted.

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  1. “….NZ should offer Assange asylum and we should also consider offering it to Kim Dotcom as well.”

    Well, Kim Dotcom is already here, so he has little choice in the matter.

    But Assange would be safer in Russia. Edward Snowdon is still there, and remains un-extradited.

    I wouldn’t trust our government as far as I could spit: it’ll cave in to uncle Sam’s demands, just as soon as the whip is cracked.

    What’s happening in Washington at present will make no difference at all. And if you think that a Biden administration would act differently, you haven’t been paying attention.

    It’s the Washington Establishment which runs the show, and which makes decisions about extraditions. The presidents have little to no power in that regard. As Trump has found out….

  2. Yes we should, absolutely because we all know the persecution of these two men is WRONG and the US elite, state, govt those Americans that have imposed tyranny on this world are only doing this to set an example. I would totally support Assange coming here he is a fucking hero for alerting us all to the war mongering Americans.

  3. Of course they should be offered asylum! Maybe if they were real criminals like Sroubek et al. and bring in fruit juice to rot kids teeth with a bit of drugs on the side, or are an exploited fruit picker, they would get more help from government.

    In stead they are famous social justice advocates (Assange) or talented to create new well paid jobs in NZ via Internet Startups (Dotcom).

    Hey NZ does not need them, like the drugs lord, exploited workers picking fruit and basic businessmen. Sarcasm.

  4. My appreciation for dark humour went right off the scale with that suggestion! We absolutely should because my popcorn is running out waiting for covid to force Jacinda’s hand on… well… anything really. Boy-o-boy that would be the funniest start to the most passive aggressive revolution in World history.

  5. Some excellent comments here, I would be 100% in favour of Assange and Dotcom to have asylum here. However as others have said, I wouldn’t trust our weasly odious politicians one bit. They both would be better off in Russia like Snowden.


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