China continues to shut down investigation into Covid



Covid 19 coronavirus: WHO investigators denied access to Wuhan by Chinese officials

World Health Organisation (WHO) investigators have been denied access to Wuhan – the city largely thought to be where the coronavirus originated in late 2019 – by Chinese authorities, as another area in Hubei province goes into “wartime” mode over a new outbreak.

…there is enough information now to show that China lied, deceived and tricked the world about the severity of Covid.

They hid the true nature of Covid to allow Chinese agents to buy up huge amounts of PPE, arrested Chinese Doctors trying to tell the truth, and lied about how bad it actually was.

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China have lied, and lied and lied about this damned virus that has killed almost 2million globally, infect tens of million more and destroyed economies.

Who the hell else could manage to get away with this kind of outrageous behaviour???

And let’s be clear for the NZ Identity Politics Woke…

…blaming China for their Covid lies, their cover ups and their deceptions IS NOT RACIST YOU FUCKING MORONS!

China is the problem here, we must not stop demanding to know where this bloody thing came from and how China’s lies made it worse!

We must decouple economically from China as soon as possible.

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  1. Well, Martyn, I am sure “Mark” will have a word or two to say on this post of yours, once he’s finished carrying out the bidding of the racist, lebensraum-seeking Han Chinses dictatorshit….

  2. Great image.

    The world is in chaos, and China has profited and helped spread the disease, while locking up their journalists trying to warn their fellow countrymen and save lives.

  3. Probably a bit late to investigate the Chinese are smart people they would have cleaned up the evidence by now surely.

    • Mark…haha

      Typical contemptible online blogger funded by the CCP….just like the other tens of thousands fulfilling the exact same role around the globe….aka 50 Cent Army

      What hole will you slide into when the arrogance and bullying of the CCP reach its inevitable conclusion?

      • “What hole will you slide into when the arrogance and bullying of the CCP reach its inevitable conclusion?”

        What ‘inevitable conclusion’?

  4. Mark
    Why is it Sinophobic to say the CCP tell lies?
    The astonishing thing is when they tell the truth.
    Mark, the next time you are getting your briefing in the Chinese Consulate, or Embassy, take a look at the English language literature about China’s Labour laws, minimum wage laws and rights guaranteed under the constitution of the People’s Republic of China( religious freedom for example).
    Then try and find anyone in China who actuallty gets the minimum wages, working conditions etc. It is all total bullshit and people who complain about it get arrested. You know it and I know it so stop talking crap.
    I was in China during the SARS epidemic. If people got ill they did not report to the authorities.
    This was because if they did report they could not go to work and put into special SARS hospitals – tents and stretchers. If they did not have SARS before they went in they were sure to catch in hospital.
    People who could not go to work were told they would eventually get compensation for their time of work.
    Most of them are still waiting.
    Good little communists like yourself pocketed their compensation secure in the knowledge that the Party will protect them.
    You will be aware of the proverb ‘ easier to change rivers and mountains than to alter human nature.’
    The thieving, lying bastards who were in charge of China then are still running it now. Why would they be telling the truth now?
    Telling the truth about China does not make someone a Sinophobe. China’s real enemy is you.

  5. For God’s Sake Mark you are defeating your own argument!
    You say Maoism and Trump mobilised against the elites. I say bullshit. They supported elites. The Chinese Communist Party continues to be an elite that benefits from trade deals with foreign countries.
    You and I know living standards in China rose after Mao’s death. They had to. The meglomanaic murderer had thrown the Chinese people backward about thirty years. Things could not get any worse they could only get better.
    Living standards rose even more in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and all countries free of the CCP. the comparison of South Korea’s prosperity with North Korea says all that is needed about the Maoist model.
    Just think about how much better China would be if the Guomindong was the government. Look at their success in Taiwan – which is now a functioning democracy.
    Both the articles you quote are about trade deals that will make more money for those elites! Not for the Chinese peasantry or working class! ( not that you have anything to do with those people)
    Unless – are you still stupid enough to still believe in trickle down economics? The party members who make shitloads of money are going to voluntarily increase wages and improve working conditions for the people on building sites? in coal mines? on production lines? Tell me where that has ever happened?
    Mark you should know that in Beijing the people who sell flowers in the market have to sell at least twenty roses in a day to have enough money to eat that night. You should know that daughters of senior cadres own pedigree cats whose food costs around fifty renminbii a day.
    As I have said before the enemies of the Chinese people are not in foreign countries. You see one when you look in a mirror.
    Ten thousand years of life to the Dalai Lama! long live the Panchen Lama! May the liberation of China from CCP come swiftly

  6. China is delaying, not preventing this investigation. If one’s house is on fire, the immediate task is to put out the fire, not welcoming a visitor to the house that is still on fire. China is now experiencing its worse COVID outbreak since July 2020, with concurrent flare-ups happening across the country. The most serious one is in the city of Shijiazhuang in Hebei province where 11 million people (same population as Wuhan) are currently under lockdown. It is sensible to prioritise the control of the new outbreak at this stage. Just like if there is a resurgence of community transmissions that threaten to re-lockdown NZ just prior to a planned inquiry into our Government’s COVID response, I am sure the inquiry would have been similarly delayed until the outbreak is again brought under control.

  7. Surprise surprise. It’s because it makes them look bad and highlights the animal abuse in that country that caused the virus to jump species. Ancient Chinese philosophy respected wildlife and non-human animals. Not in modern China. The panda is their poster animal but all other animals in China are subject to the worst horrors.

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