BREAKING: Trump fanatics attempt coup – storm Capital Building

Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry - Winston Churchill

Insane images breaking right now in America as Trump fanatics storm the Capital Building and force Lawmakers from the floor.

This is unprecedented and it naked mob rule.

After Trump urged his followers to show strength at his protest, his fanatics marched to the Capital Building and stormed it.

There is an armed stand off at the front door and a 6pm Curfew has been declared.

This is nothing short of an attempted coup, it prevents the procedure of electing Biden.

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If Police open fire, there will be a bloodbath.

Shocking and unprecedented.

Updates as they come to hand.

What is happening in America right now is a fucking tragedy – Trumps Qanon conspiracy fanatics are a terrorism cancer that have been nurtured by Fox, Republicans who backed Trumps lies and Alt right Incel Nazis.

This is horror playing out in real time


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  1. Trump could defuse this madness at any time and he’s clearly choosing not to. I’m not sure what he wants out of this because I’m pretty sure outside of a hot civil war Trump will not prevail.

    • Trump invited this!
      His speech to these protestors ( not supporters)

      “We will never give up, we will never concede, we will stop the steal, our country has had enough, we will not take it anymore”

      What the hell did Trump expect to happen?
      Stand around singing kumbaya.

      Trump should be arrested immediately for inciting violence.

      • I agree he should have had more sense . The result was predictable even if it was only a peace full protest he wanted. The result has demolished what was left of his credibility and played into the hands of his opponents in all parts of the establishment.
        Without a proper exanination of the integrity of the Dec3 election though, this will not go away.
        D J S

      • And your point? Assuming you have one, that is… I’m hoping that this isn’t just another attempt to give a deeper meaning to the word “specious”… BTW, you wouldn’t have been a John Key supporter would you? You sound about as clever as most of them were..

  2. ‘Shocking and unprecedented.’

    Neither shocking nor unprecedented, Martyn.

    The US was born of violence and mob rule, and they have defined American history.

    The only questions have been; what form of violence and which mob?

    The Virginia Company mob and murder of indigenous people.
    The Guinea Company mob and abduction and murder of Africans.
    The Tea Party mob and tossing goods into the sea before taking on the Crown.
    The ‘we’re going to keep our slave in the fields’ mob and 600,000 dead fighting each other.
    The Jim Crow ‘we can still enslave blacks’ mob and incarceration of black people for no crime other than being black.
    The KKK ‘let’s lynch ’em for fun’ mob. And burn their churches while we’re at it.
    The transcontinental railway for no bid contracts and murder of anyone who disagreed mob.
    The Pilkington Detective ‘murder the socialists’ mob.
    The bankster ‘make em pay and take their land and houses [using violence] if they can’t pay’ mob.
    The white collar bankster ‘orchestrate a crisis and then save the day with money created out of thin air, and if you disagree you get annihilated’ mob.
    The ‘let’s firebomb civilians’ mob.
    The ‘let’s torture German servicemen who have surrendered’ mob. (Eisenhower’s killing fields.)
    The ‘let’s test our scare-the-Russians secret weapon on civilians’ mob….
    The ‘let’s kill Vietnamese for fun’ mob….
    …right through to ‘let’s topple any socialist government we choose’ mobs. Not forgetting the ‘we want the land so must exterminate the occupants’ mobs.

    The big lies and myths of America are unravelling fast now. And not a moment too soon.

    • Again spot on !
      What I FEEL people don’t get is that Trump isn’t the aberration, he’s the NORM. It’s just the media didn’t highlight how bad most of the other presidents were, for various reasons.

      • Kevin Brown: “What I FEEL people don’t get is that Trump isn’t the aberration, he’s the NORM. It’s just the media didn’t highlight how bad most of the other presidents were, for various reasons.”

        Yup. For all of my life, going right back to Eisenhower, US presidents have been variably awful.

        It’s worth noting that Trump’s the first president in around 40 years NOT to have started another shooting war. This has also been noted by US political commentators.

        It’s also worth noting that he’s neither a pollie nor a diplomat. And it shows.

  3. Capital Building put on Lockdown as pro-Trump mob storms complex;
    One person shot;
    Proceedings halted.

    What will Donald Trump’s next move be?

    Will Pence delay his plane flight out of the country?

    Will Pence catch his flight as planned?

    Will President Trump replace Mike Pence as Vice President before proceedings resume?

  4. If this was antifa and BLM you’d be cheering right now. People on both sides acting like they know what the hell is going on

    • Exactly, Off white.
      When it was Antifa this would be called a “mostly peaceful protest” even when they killed people.
      It sounds like it was a protestor shot here so if true this is more peaceful than the BLM riots.

      Trump and his deliberate misinformation are bad, but as bad is media and commentator incitement of anarchy and endless anti trump hysteria.

      • I think off white and Keep carrying on’s attempt at false equivalence is fucking disgraceful and should be brought up anytime they are on this blog.

        BLM and antifa are protesting against real racism and real violence, this Qanon scum are attempting a coup to over throw a legitimate democratically elected President based on conspiracy theories.

        Attempting to compare the two is intellectually disgraceful of you both.

        • Re above? Dead on the money @ MB. Well done.
          The old USA’s in a death spasm as the new USA’s birthing a different kind of wee beastie altogether.
          Post the internet the Old USA, the corrupt manipulative and shamelessly greedy one, can no longer hide behind the tide of bullshit oozing out of its all bought and paid for media. ( Is it because we’re witnessing the end of the oil baron grip on USA’s financial infrastructure? )
          The USA needed this wake up call and history will look back to show that trumps lies, narcissism, toxic ego and idiocy as being an abstract God send.
          The exact same thing could be seen here if we AO/NZ’ers were as passionate about our sovereignty as the Americans are. ( No disrespect to indigenous peoples. )
          Instead, we have two main parties, the natzo’s and neo-labour working together to maintain a status quo to perpetuate an ancient lie as to the source of our primary economy but much more importantly, the neo-labour/natzo coalition will give Kiwi-As crooks an opportunity to slither off with our money while the homeless vie for shop doorway sleeping space with hungry kids.
          A little off-topic but fuck it. Who cares?
          Once the brexit grab-all becomes the new normal for the UK and Europe, the UK certainly will come to AO/NZ with piles of money and buy up agricultural product and AO/NZ will see an extraordinary leap in profits and a quality of life previously only experienced by old fuckers like me back in the 1960’s.
          ( Farmers? Unite with your down-stream service industries and employ commercial marketing consultants to market your goods off-shore or you will get fucked by your traitorous own kind who will once again re infest ‘producer boards’ to fuck you without the kissing, as they’ve done for generations now.
          You have been warned. )

        • There is a distinction between ‘what’ you are protesting about and ‘how’ you are protesting. The end should not justify the means. Otherwise you lose the moral high ground irrespective of what you are protesting about. That’s what I read into the 2 posts.

          History is littered with examples of how armed and violent protesting doesn’t work or indeed turns into the very thing one was originally protesting about. Real and sustained political change usually comes from peaceful and reasoned political protest, not from the butt of a rifle, pipe bomb or a bit of 4×2 (Hacksaw Jim Duggan style). It also converts people to the cause as opposed to ‘cancelling’ opponents. Antifa, BLM etc as per most political ’causes’ in the last 10 years are extremely slow on the uptake. Their ‘means’ are very similar to those on the hard right even though their ‘end’ is the polar opposite. Hence it will be very difficult to bring these ideas into the mainstream consensus as compelling political ideals.

          The irony of course is as a whole humanity should have ‘evolved’ over time to have much more reasoned, rational debates around politics and society. Unfortunately the feeling I have is we have ‘devolved’ over time and most political debate now resembles how West African Chimpanzees (Bonobos being far more mature) settle male dominance issues. Don’t believe me pull out your old Attenborough Video and prove me wrong.

          Being right, naturally i’m a GOP supporter (and by default Trump). Not a massive fan by any stretch and viewed the loss as an end to an every increasing madness (on all sides). We all knew he wouldn’t go quietly yet the MSM, the democrats and the left have enjoyed poking the caged lion over the past few weeks and now feign false surprise regarding what happened today. This was entirely by design going to occur today and both sides should hold their heads in shame – it takes 2 sides to tango.

          Interestingly Biden has been the most grown up of all. The cynic in me would argue its the dementia however the optimist hopes it’s a sign of a more mature approach to US politics.

          • Well all I can say @ FTT. Enjoy being wrong. Embarrassingly wrong. Did you not read and understand TDB’s remonstrations of @ keep calm and off white above? You really don’t get it do you?
            You’re victim blaming fundamentally. Yours is the same logic platform as blaming women for being too beautiful and it’s their fault then for being raped.
            Nothing surprises me for your being a self confessed trumpite or a gop fan-atic who’s long standing reputation for taking advantage of the innocence of others to make a dollar is de rigueur of your beloved GOP’s mindset.
            We live in wondrous times. The world is watching. You, your kind and your beloved GOP self indulgences-before-humanity machinations and manipulations can no longer hide in the shadows.
            Well, I guess they can in China and Russia which must surely strike you as ironic?

            • Of course the world is watching – I’m quite comfortable with myself. I don’t get your logic but hey, perhaps over 6 beers I might.

              The point I’m making is the current schism is as much the left’s fault as the right and it is the result of 2 sides as partisan as each other. Kick the dog long enough and it will bite you. If you then scream, blame the dog and take the dog to the vet to be put down because it’s a bad dog you’ve missed the point on why the dog bit in the first place.

              Trump has been pushed and pushed. The MSM and the left has been egging him on the whole way. To expect a different result than happened today is illogical. To then recoil of shock is hypocritical. This was a slow moving train wreck travelling on a turtle’s back. We all knew where this was going yet neither side truely gave a fuck.

          • “Hence it will be very difficult to bring these ideas into the mainstream consensus as compelling political ideals.”

            Or we could remove the “mainstream” as an imagined (but illusory) objective point of perspective. Then everyone stays where they are, in whatever mood they happen to be in, saying whatever they want to say almost totally freely, properly clothed, fed, housed, only occasionally bashing other people… etc etc.
            I used to love the ideas in Jungian psychology, but since life keeps happening to me, I can’t support his idea that revolutionaries need to tone it down and bring what they learn to the mainstream for peaceful integration. It isn’t realistic, sometimes not useful, and most likely not all that healthy. To borrow your analogy, we don’t bring chimps into the city to serve coffee, because they’re better off where they are. Surely it’s better to protect the parts of their environment they can’t protect, and leave them to it, check in on them from time to time, and give up the urge for analogies, which only have limited use in philosophical discussions to stimulate changes to the point of perspective, and not as evidence of absolute truths reflected in places where we can’t prove it exists.

        • Yes trying to justify this anarchy by a president anarchist is the lowest of low. Actually an anarchist like Trump should get the death penalty.

        • If you have been paying attention DB the doubts about the integrity of the past US election are not conspiracy theories but the testimony of a multitude of US citizens who were involved in numerous capacities in the running of that election.
          At least half of the population of the US will never have their belief restored in their democratic system if the concerns of these people are not properly investigated; not just ridiculed or ignored.
          D J S

  5. Aljazeera reports one death -a female Trump supporter fatally wounded by security forces during the storming of the Capitol building, who subsequently died in hospital – and now all is calm, with Nancy calling for lawmakers to return, to complete the validation of election process amid the heaviest concentration of police and national guard etc. in history.

    Tens of thousands of Trump supporters have disappeared into the night.

    TVNZ reports Coronation Street. .

  6. “This is nothing short of an attempted coup…”

    An attempted coup against Trump is what’s been happening throughout his term in office. It’s blindingly obvious to anyone observing what’s been going on in the US.

    Sauce for the goose and all that….

  7. Trump nowhere to be seen in the face of physical altercations?
    Has his bone spurs flared up again?
    Make no mistake Trump is solely responsible.


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