Minister Davis Must Take Urgent Action To Protect Human Rights For All At Waikeria – Amnesty International


Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand is calling on the Minister for Corrections Kelvin Davis to ensure all measures are taken to address the situation at Waikeria Prison to protect the human rights of all people involved.

All people, including those living and working in a prison, deserve to be treated with dignity. Any response to the events unfolding – including the use of force – must still be legal, necessary and proportionate. De-escalation techniques must be used first and foremost and must respect the life and physical integrity of both detainees and prison officers.

The protesters in detention have already raised concerns about inhumane treatment. Further denying the humanity of all involved through tactics such as using excessive force, or withholding food and water, will only escalate an already difficult situation.

This protest suggests that prisoners are becoming increasingly desperate with the Government’s inaction to protect their right to minimum standards. An unannounced inspection of Waikeria Prison released by the Chief Ombudsman in August 2020 found that most men in the high-security complex were double-bunked in cells originally designed for one, living conditions were poor and the provision and quality of clothing and bedding was problematic.

Amnesty International has been concerned about human rights standards in our prison system for some time. Over the past several months there has been a steady stream of reports outlining deeply concerning practices in prisons around the country, including a report by the Human Rights Commission which confirmed that problematic practices of seclusion and restraint were systemic across our detention system, amongst other human rights breaches.

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It is why we are calling on the Minister of Corrections, Hon Kelvin Davis, to take both immediate action to end specific dehumanising practices, and to launch an inquiry into the state of our prison system.


  1. Considering all the noise he made when in opposition, he’s starting to sound like he’s doing a “Prebble”.. Who remembers Richard Prebbles “save rail” campaign in the lead up to the 1984 election? And who remembers what he did when he became the minister responsible? He was but the first of the great traitors to show their hand in the days before we had even heard of “neo liberal” economics. If this government turns out to be just another “wolf in sheeps clothing”, or more to the point “sheep in wolfs clothing”, then I’m out of here the first chance I get.. Ain’t wasting any more time arguing with either deadhead wokeboys &girls, pseudo socialists, or “geniuses” who are content to lecture us on what should be done, by somebody else, and the willfully ignorant who have nothing but name calling as they lack both the wit, or the knowledge to do more than blowass all over anyone foolish enough to be within hearing distance… Cap that off with the, nearly half the country who simply want o get on the gravy train, without a care whatsoever about how much this behaviour is hurting their own people, and country… The nats are easily as craven and corrupt as the Australian tories, while being as brazenly dishonest… The ACT party are a sick joke on the electorate.. There will never be the maturity, or the social conscience in great enough number in the population to elect the Greens, and/or the Maori party in numbers that would have them in a dominant position in government, so we’re stuck with the Labour party as our best hope… Why does that depress me so much of late?


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