MEDIA WATCH: Labour’s cannabis cowardice & middle class party pill hypocrisy a terrible indictment for public policy 


Tuari Potiki’s column in stuff highlighting the obscenity of Labour’s cowardice to do nothing on cannabis reform despite almost 50% of the country supporting reform is worth reading…

Create a new drugs law for the modern world

In 2019-20 there were more than 3000 convictions for minor drug offences and about 40 per cent of those were Māori. Māori carry the burden of our drug laws, receiving 49 per cent of all convictions for drug possession and use, and they are more likely to go to prison for low-level offences than non-Māori.

…the middle class party pill hypocrisy while ignoring the racist element of the canabis laws is a terrible indictment for public policy.

But it is so much more worse than that.

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Jacinda’s decision to hide her vote matters but the argument put forward that the referendum was a 51% majority against reform is so disingenuous, it forces one to intellectually vomit.

What Jacinda is saying is that the tyranny of the majority rules. That if 51% wanted to criminalise the other 49%, as far as she is concerned, that’s ‘democracy’ working.

This isn’t democracy, it’s majoritarianism.

This referendum WASN’T binding, yet Jacinda has made it binding by refusing to actually do anything.

This is public policy done as poorly as possible.

The first decision of the second term of the Labour Government was choosing to keep a racist drug law.


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  1. ” The first decision of the second term of the Labour Government was choosing to keep a racist drug law ”
    And sadly despite their landslide majority the first since 1990 under FPP they will squander this golden opportunity to be brave , forthright and determined to make real changes to the problems they give lip service to.
    The cannabis result was the outcome of a vey poor public education debate on legalisation and the problems with the current law.
    The conservative vote vested interests an inept irresponsible media scuttled any chance of change on this. Yet the alcohol industry continues to supply and sell its own drug with very few restrictions. The hypocrisy is outrageous.

  2. Only a mentally sick fuck would think that legalizing narcotics is a way to uplift a race of any people.

    And you might as well say any number of laws are racist because rarely are demographic groups perfectly proportionately represented when it comes to any category of crime.

    • well they did in Portugal and it worked there why would we not try something different cause what we are doing ain’t working and only mentally sick fucks would continue to punish addicts by sending them to jail. Did you know that for an addict to get specialist help here it costs thousands and even then they get moved on back to the same environment that caused the addiction. The only sick fucks in this country are the 51% that voted no.

    • Right on the button Mark. Dropping the drinking age was meant to fix the alcoholic abuse but that has failed .. I know from experience young Maori often have their first run in with the law for driving with no licence whereas few white people are randomly stopped.

      .Racism occurs in many areas as we have seen in the prison episode.That needs attention not changing one law which will ultimately harm the Nation not help it.

    • @ mark.
      One of the many tremendous things about The Daily Blog is that it lures fools out into the open so as spherical thinkers and humanitarians can laugh in the face of stupidity, cruelty and breathless ignorance so thanks for the giggle @mark.

    • Yeah and democracy allowed all those mentally sick fucks to vote for that shyster Key to rape and pillage their own country Mark three times in a row and then again in 2017 for the double dipper from dipton.

  3. I don’t know whether Jacinda plays golf or not. It would probably be a good time to start, if she doesn’t. And if she does, she’d better get on with it. It provides the perfect excuse for doing nothing….”Sorry, I’m a bit busy at the moment, working on my swing.”

  4. Something is wrong when the architects of the war on drugs, America, are more progressive on Cannabis reform than team Jacinda. This country is going backwards

    • NZ IS and has been since 1984 a VERY backward country. Since 1984 we created the 2nd most unequal society in the world , the fastest time for any society. We are truly fucked and are governed by inept ,intellectually impoverished, self serving, avaricious vision less muppets.

  5. AO/NZ’s a funny little house at the end of a long, lonely drive way out in the country where the man about the house gets pissed then bullies his missus, slaps the kids around and is in control of the money while everyone else except him earns it.
    AO/NZ’s a deeply dysfunctional population on a few islands being manipulated and exploited by a few old rich white Scunthorpes.
    If there’s any more a country in dire need of pot, E, smack, coke, opium, heroin, schrooms, lsd, NoS etc I’d like to see it thus to avoid it like the fucking plague.

  6. I thought Matua Tuari Potiki eloquent and to the point. A cannabis conviction is a black mark on your CV that lasts forever, unlike those ‘Good Ol’ Boys & Girls’ who were caught drunk driving, got a slap on the wrist, joined the police then retired to parliament.

  7. Labour is going to struggle to win in 2023 due to the Cannabis back down…48%+ voters (mostly Labour/Green supporters) — will not forget this….

  8. No one can take seriously the cannabis laws in Gisborne after we here voted for legalisation. Only the endless supply of new cops they send up here to get experience will enforce it by the book they’ve so recently learnt. So silly and ignorant, the referendum decision, but I understand Labour having to stand by it. Some canny way round it like the 70s Abortion law would do the trick.


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